Devotions Delivered Review + Coupon – April 2017

Devotions Delivered Review + Coupon – April 2017

Welcome to Devotions Delivered, where Christian prints & postcards from around the world travel to your mailbox.

Devotions Delivered brings you 4 exclusive photography postcard prints each month with matching bible verses.  The postcards are 5 x 7 inches, and you have the option to order them pre-stamped for mailing, or unstamped.  You can also choose between the Love collection or the Faith collection.  Based on your choice, you will receive different bible verses on your postcards.

Devotions Delivered is $7.99/month + FREE shipping in the United States.  You can also choose to purchase 3 months at a time ($23.00), 6 months at a time ($39.99), or 12 months at a time ($72.00).

The photographers at Devotions Delivered are faith photographers, and their goal is to share their experiences with you through their photographs!

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Devotions Delivered arrives in a simple cardboard envelope with the logo on the front.  I like how sturdy the packing is because it makes sure that the postcards don’t bend!

This month, the postcards are wrapped in green tissue paper with fisherman’s netting surrounding them.  I love this nautical touch!  It feels like the postcards came straight from the ocean.

The package also comes with a small card that tells more about the mission of Devotions Delivered.  It is nice to know what Devotions Delivered is all about, and I love the small business feel of the message.

Once the tissue paper is taken off, the postcards are wrapped in a plastic sleeve for added protection.  This sleeve is also great to keep your cards stored in if you want to preserve them!


The first print is this gorgeous photo of one of the beaches in Bimini, part of the Bahamas.  I really like the quote that goes along with this picture, and it takes me right back to the ocean!

The card comes with a full description of the photo from the photographer, Nissa Benjamin.  The back of the postcard is also prestamped and displays the name of the photographer.

The next photo takes place in Bimini as well.  I love this picture of the sky, and it fits well with the quote!

This photo also includes a description of the photograph from the photographer.  The descriptions help you to connect to the photographs better!

I love the Bible verse that goes along with this photo.  The ocean is so calming, and I look forward to hanging this up in my house!

I will also be keeping the descriptions that come with each photo since they give the artwork such meaning.  The descriptions make the postcards a one of a kind experience.

The last photo is this gorgeous nautical image.  The bible verse fits perfectly with the image, and I love how unique the photograph is!

Final Note: I love how unique Devotions Delivered is!   You can’t find the photographs anywhere else, and the art is beautiful.  If you love photography with a touch of faith, then this subscription is perfect for you.

Use our code “TBR20” to receive 20% off of anything from Devotions Delivered

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.*

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