25 Worst Guy Names To Date

Before settling with my current partner, I was a very social bird. I have been on several dating sites, met countless men, and even dated several.

It was a rollercoaster ride, with many of these men possessing some of the weirdest traits ever. Although I now think of them with a feeling of nostalgia, I couldn’t help thinking about their names and how they might have played a role in our relationships.

I have curated a list of these names and what makes them the worst guy to date. Without much ado, let’s get started!

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Worst Guy Names To Date You Should Know

1. Aaron

Aaron is a natural charmer. For the first few weeks you meet, he’ll give you the best compliments and make you feel like the most special person in the world.

Sadly, Aaron gets bored easily and will soon start replying to your text with ‘one-liners.’ Your head will tell you to read between the lines and let go, but your heart will refuse because he gives you butterflies in your belly.

Just when you think you’re over him, he’ll come back in full force, and you’ll be left confused about where you stand in his life.

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2. Andrew

If you’re into nerdy guys, you’ll like Andrew with his freckles and cute glasses. Andrew is an all-around cool guy when he’s not too focused on a tech project or his weird-looking cats.

You’ll always have to remind him that you are around and need all of his attention. However, when he does focus on you, Andrew is a great lover and attentive listener.

He’ll make you feel important on such days, but deep down, you know you’re not his first love. Unless you’re comfortable taking second place, run away from Andrew immediately!

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3. Austin

From the moment you meet Austin, you can already tell he will break your heart. But who can help it if Austin looks incredibly handsome?

Austin will act like he’s the prize and have you constantly begging for his attention. You’ll catch yourself doing this often and want to stop, but you know you can’t because he’s ‘your’ prize, especially when you catch the ladies ogling him at the club.

Austin is super great in bed but emotionally distant, and you’ll always ask for a cuddle or pillow talk. You know deep down that it shouldn’t be this way, but Austin has you all caught up in his spell.

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4. Beck

Beck is that guy that will constantly shower you with all of the love and attention when you first meet. He’ll ‘love-bomb’ you till you’re left with no option but to date him.

He’ll continue serving you breakfasts in bed and being a cute guy till you eventually start to love him truly. Unfortunately, you’ll be a little too late because adorable Beck is now bored.

You’ll find yourself doing what he used to, and he’ll start to text you with “hey, gee” like you’re one of his male friends. He’s done with you, but you won’t want to let go because he makes you feel good.

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5. Benjamin

Benjamin is much like Beck, but he takes things up a notch. Benjamin is that guy that’s attentive and seems to care about you genuinely.

He’ll constantly call you and send cute lovey-dovey memes across Instagram and Twitter. You can spend a whole day with him, and the moment you decide to leave, he’ll get sad and try to make you stay.

Of course, you’ll feel so loved by Benjamin, but it’s all a charade. All those memes are shared with several other ladies who are just ‘friends.’

He doesn’t want you to stay back because he has, in fact, invited one of such friends to a coffee date!

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6. Brendan

For the most part, Brendan is a great guy; he is emotionally unavailable but a cool guy regardless. He’ll be the perfect partner on happy and sunny days, but when you feel sad, you’ll be talking to a wall.

Brendan isn’t just the shoulder to lean on when feeling sad. He’ll let you talk and cry and only contribute a ‘hmmph’ here and there. You’ll find yourself having to be unnecessarily happy around him because you know he’s not going to make you feel safe.

At best, you’ll start to hide and cry in the toilet because you don’t want to ‘embarrass’ him with your tears.

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7. Charlie

Charlie, quite frankly, reminds you of a very young child. He is always trying hard to be the perfect partner, and you’ll find yourself sticking to him because you don’t want to hurt him.

He’s easily impressionable, and you hate how he eats and talks simultaneously, spilling food at the table. You’ll want to leave on many occasions, but Charlie will cry profusely and beg you to stay, and you’ll stay.

You know he’s manipulative, so you’re stuck with an overgrown baby for a long time.

8. Chris

Chris has an inflated ego and always wants someone to massage it. He’ll get a new shirt and ask, “babe, how does this look?” with a wink, and you’ll give him a thumbs up even when you know the shirt is ugly.

You don’t want to be the one to hurt his feelings, so you’ll always agree with everything he says. Chris also loves to be the center of attention wherever he is.

You’ll love and hate him for it because Chris is devastatingly handsome. However, you’ll have countless other ladies to contend with because he’s also a serial flirt!

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9. Damon

Damon is the main package. He’s handsome, has a sexy rasp, and the main character’s energy to match. At first, you’ll be super proud of yourself for snagging such a ‘perfect’ man till you discover he isn’t it.

Damon has a very bad temper and will get into arguments with you over the littlest things. You’ll constantly apologize even when you know he’s at fault.

He doesn’t have friends and will try to isolate you from yours. Your time with Damon will be filled with dark days, but you won’t let go because he is super rich!

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10. Daniel

Daniel is a sweet guy to be with. He’s the type to constantly text and call and will be very eager to meet with your family.

You know he’s moving too fast, but he’s like that child you don’t want to hurt. Daniel isn’t so innocent, though, because the moment you break up with him, he’ll always want to cause a scene, begging you to come back, whether on campus or at your workplace.

Daniel is also that guy who likes to end a relationship messily by spilling the tea on certain things you did together. He’ll also likely paint himself as the victim.

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11. David

David is a pretty easygoing guy. He’ll make you feel loved and special. He’ll always want you to talk to his parents and take you to see cute 80s love movies.

Behind all of that sweetness is a serious flirt who disguises himself perfectly. While you are asleep or in the ladies’ room, he likes another girl’s bikini pictures on Instagram and sends her DM asking if she wants to ‘hang out.

You are suspicious of him, but David will assure you that you’re the only woman that lights up his world. All lies!

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12. Denzel

You know Denzel doesn’t want to be kept, but you’ll beg for a relationship till he agrees because the sex is mind-blowing. Now, Denzel will also leave you confused about where you stand because he sometimes acts likes he loves you, especially when you’re indoors.

But when you’re both out, you’ll find that he doesn’t want to hold your hands and will introduce you as a very ‘close friend’ to people.

13. Edward

Edward is the type to subtly manipulate you into dating him. He’ll tell you sad stories of how his ex broke his heart and left him in shambles.

He’ll also let you know that he became whole after you, and if you refused to date him, he wouldn’t know what to do with his life. You’ll feel obliged to date him, but that’s a great mistake.

The rest of the relationship will be filled with subtle manipulations until you lose yourself and question your sanity.

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14. Evan

If by chance you know any Evan who wants to date, get away as fast as you can. Evan, at first, will seem like a dream come true.

He will take you on the best dates, get you the nicest gifts, and even give you access to his unlimited credit cards. But Evan isn’t so sweet, as he is very bossy.

Soon, you’ll find him dictating what you have to wear, what to eat, and even who to talk to. At first, it’ll seem cute till it isn’t cute anymore because you will start to live for him and not yourself.

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15. Frank

Frank can be a helpless romantic and an idealist. Half the time, he’s in his head, and getting him out is very difficult.

Frank believes in elves and thinks you two will grow old and have cute babies together. You know you wouldn’t because he doesn’t clean up after he cooks or eats and wears the same flannel shirt three times a week.

You want to be a cute girlfriend, not a mother to a grown man.

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16. George

George has an intriguing personality and is that guy who will catch your fancy in a room full of men. He knows this and uses this to his advantage.

George will lead you on and show you the green lights to see. He’ll tick all your boxes, and you two will go out on incredible dates.

Of course, the sex will be amazing, and you’ll constantly yearn to be with him. You’ll think you two are a thing till he one day tells you that the man to date you will be very lucky.

Then you’ll wonder what you spent the last three months doing with him.

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17. Jacob

At first, Jacob seems like a great guy, especially as he writes great poems and music lyrics. You’ll find yourself drawn to him through his sad poems, and before you know it, you’re dating him.

Sadly, Jacob lacks personality and is pretty boring. He’ll reply to all your texts on time, but he’s not someone to send memes to because you’ll have to explain.

Jacob doesn’t care about wearing matching outfits or even birthdays. In fact, he doesn’t have a social media account, and soon, you’ll grow tired and want out.

18. John

John is that guy that will leave you heads over heels because he’s extremely loving, intelligent, and even ‘pro-women.’

He’ll push you to want to aspire for more in life, and you’ll think he’s perfect. However, John is very competitive, and while you can aspire for more, John always wants to be at the top of the relationship.

He’ll be happy for your accomplishments but also want you to know that he could have done better. It’ll be amusing at the beginning until you notice the condescending words disguised as compliments.

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19. Liam

Liam is a reliable guy, or so you think. At the first stage of the relationship, he’ll be that cute loving boyfriend.

Liam will always plan dates, take unaware pictures of you, and get you thoughtful gifts. He’ll even create a space in his wardrobe for your things, but Liam isn’t perfect.

On days when you have arguments, Liam will be comfortable ghosting you for days. When he eventually gets back to talking, he’ll heap all the blame on you and exclude where he was at fault.

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20. Noah

Noah is such a sweet soul. He’ll tell you your eyes are like the sun and how your smile heals all the broken parts of him. Noah will regale you with touching and seemingly personal stories that show his vulnerabilities.

You’ll find yourself falling deeply in love with Noah because you think you’re so special that he shares these stories with you.

Your fairytale will be cut short when you discover that all his friends and exes have heard this story, and you’re just his placeholder therapist for the moment.

21. Pete

Pete is a great guy when he’s not a douchebag. He’ll do all the chivalrous things you’ve always read about in Harlequin romance novels.

He’ll hold your hair back when you vomit, get your period packages for your cramps and take you on the best dates. Unfortunately, Pete lacks empathy and is emotionally unavailable.

When you try to talk about certain things with him, he’ll say you’re whining. Pete is always right, and you’ll have to apologize for even talking about it.

At this point, you will find that your Romeo isn’t so great after all.

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22. Ryan

Ryan is that guy who thinks he’s a ‘good person. In all the stories you ever hear of his exes, he always appears to be the victim.

You’ll even resent those people who hurt your adorable Ryan. He will always be innocent till you discover he’s manipulative and is a walking irony.

You’ll find out that all the things he said his exes did to him, he’s the one who does them, and that will break your heart. Sadly, Ryan is an amazing lover, so leaving would be very difficult.

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23. Sammy

Sammy looks like a seemingly harmless guy who wants to drink beers, listen to Ed Sheeran, and send you cute texts.

You’ll find yourself falling for these cute displays, and before you know it, you’re in an unplanned relationship.

For the first few weeks, Sammy remains cute till he starts dropping hints about never wanting to be in a relationship. He’ll likely end the relationship with the words, “ The problem isn’t you; it’s me. I need to discover what I truly want.”

24. Tyler

Tyler is that guy that will make you want to get married immediately. He’ll introduce you to all his close friends, post your pictures on his Instagram story and always send you cute texts on iMessage.

You’ll think you’re the only one that rocks his world till you discover his friends have met 19 other ladies like you. The worst part is that Tyler will treat you like a queen but steadily makes jokes about wanting to be a bachelor because he can’t deal with marriage.

Now, you’re confused because you don’t know if he’s joking or being serious.

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25. Williams

William is a hundred percent great guy. He’ll shower with love, affection, gifts, and even great food. From the courting stage to the dating stage, Williams won’t move shady, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect.

As the relationship progresses, you’ll discover that Williams is a typical mummy’s boy. He’ll compare everything you do to what his mother would.

The craziest part is that he’ll call his mum whenever you argue!

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Wrap Up

Of course, this list shouldn’t be used as a universal judge of character since it’s based on personal experience. However, you should pay attention to each name and its traits to know when to get away.

You don’t want to end up in a relationship where you’ll live every day regretting your actions.