50+ Best Fire Dragon Names

Dragons are a popular fixture in mystical stories and television series. Who doesn’t love the fiery fire-spitting creature that often brings a game-changer to every story?

If you’re fascinated by the fiery nature of dragons and need a name inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. You want to look for a name that conveys the beauty, grace, and fire dragons are known for.

You also want a name that is unique, sweet, and with a mystic twist. Here’s a list of the best fire dragon names that will make your fiery creature stand out. Enjoy!

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Best Fire Dragon Names And Their Meanings

1. Drago

This Italian version of a dragon is an amazing fire dragon name. It has enough sass and fierceness that makes it a great choice for your little one.

2. Puff

This name is sweet and short and describes a dragon in the simplest way possible. You can even add a little twist when you say Puffy.

3. Thorn

If you need a name that showcases the mighty spirit of your dragon, this is it. This is the name of a dragon in Christopher Paolini’s book sequel-Eldest.

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4. Aiden

This is a Celtic name that means “little fire” This would be a lovely name for a tamed dragon.

5. Glaurung

If you are a fan of mythical stories and J.R.R Tolkien, then you would love this name. In his powerful epic story, Glaurung is the father of dragons as presented in his book, The Children of Húrin and The Silmarillion.


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6. Brantley

This is a German name for a dragon. There’s an exciting ring to this name that makes it a great choice for a female dragon.

7. Cadmus

This is another cool fire dragon name. It means ‘dragon teeth.’ I love that the name is easy to pronounce, short, and has a sweet ring to it.

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8. Drake

Drake is the Greek version of a dragon. Besides its simplicity, it has a modern twist. If you are looking for a futuristic name for a dragon, here you go.

9. Kuncker

This name screams chutzpah with its elegance and might. This dragon’s name means ‘water dragon’ in Old English.

10. Kai

Kai has a Scottish origin that means “fire” This name truly represents a dragon’s strength.

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11. Nithe

Nithe is an exotic rare dragon name you won’t find anywhere else. The Old Norse name means “dragon” or “serpent.”


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12. Ormr

If you are keen on short punchy names, Ormr is the name you want. This name has a Nordic origin and means dragon. Simple yet powerful!

14. Pendragon

Pendragon is a Celtic name that means ‘chief dragon’. This name reveals the might and authority the scaly-winged creature combines and if you want a dragon name that grabs all the attention, this is it.

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15. Arman

If you remember clearly Arman is a dragon character in the 2015 movie, He is a dragon. He whisked the princess away on her wedding day and took her to a secret island.

16. Falkor

If you are keen on the supernatural, Falkor is the perfect fire dragon name for you. It was used in the 1984 movie, The Never-Ending Story. This name has a rustic feeling that makes it special.

17. Saphira

This is another fire dragon name that has a futuristic appeal. It is also the name of the dragon in Christopher Paolini’s 2002 book, Eragon.

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18. Mindy

Mindy is a feminine dragon name. It is simple, chic, and attractive. The name means Dark serpent.


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19. Khaleesi

This is a top choice if you are a top fan of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Khaleesi is a pretty name for a female dragon. It was made popular in the Game of Thrones series and it means ‘Mother of Dragon.’ There is a powerful aura around the name.

20. Mushu

If you need something comic Mushu is a perfect fit. It was named after the mischievous dragon companion of the female protagonist in the Disney animation movie ‘Mulan.’

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21. Dark Smoke

For a fire-spitting creature, this is another great name choice. This name is derived from the dragon in Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer.

22. Toothless

This is yet another humorous name for fire dragons. It hints at a harmless sweet dragon and is named after the green-eyed dragon in the 2014 movie- How to Train Your Dragon.

23. Dragonite

This cool dragon name became popular in the Pokemon brand. The name is modern and has a sassy edge to it. Perfect combination.

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24. Dracul

This is another dragon name variant that is super cool. This name means devil and can be a great way to show your dragon is not to be messed with.


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25. Uruloki

There is an exotic and mystical edge to this name. Named after one of the dragons in J.R.R Tolkienien ‘Lord of the Rings, Uruloki is one the coolest fire dragon names ever.

26. Belindo

This is a German name for dragon and is a perfect fit for female dragons. I like that the name has a contemporary appeal that makes it super cool.

27. Fafnir

According to Norse mythology, Fafnir is a dwarf who changed into a dragon.

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28. Ophiuchus

This name is as rare as they come and combines its exotic meaning with a touch of mystery. Ophiuchus is a dragon name that means “serpent bearer” in Greek.

29. Tyson

This is another awesome fire dragon name you might like. Pick this name if your dragon is strong, brave, and fiery.

30. Adalinda

Adalinda is a good pick for a female dragon name. The name means “noble serpent.”


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31. Orochi

This name means ‘big snake in Japan.’ You can opt for this name if your dragon is huge and domineering.

32. Smaug

Another dragon name inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit. This dragon was known for being a lover of shiny things.

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33. Errol

This dragon’s name is beautiful and a great pick for either your male or female dragon. The name is short, sweet, and attractive and was made popular by Terry Pratchett’s book titled “Guards! Guards.”

34. Eustace Scrubb

This is an excellent choice if you want a rare and memorable name for your dragon. The name comes from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

35. Apalala

This is yet another fire dragon name you should consider. Apalala is a water-dwelling dragon in Buddha mythology. This name has a mythical background that makes it a great choice.

36. Apep

Apep is derived from the Egyptian god of evil and darkness, and it means “to slither.”

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37. Haku

If you are seeking a fire dragon name with a mythical background, Haku is your best bet. It was first portrayed in the 2001 movie ‘Spirited away.’


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38. Katla

Katla is a good choice for female dragons. This name reveals elegance and beauty peculiar to dragons. This name was used for a character in The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren.

39. Askook

This is another fire dragon name that is a wonderful option for you. Its origin is from Native American and means ‘snake.’

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40. Leviathan

This fire dragon’s name is from the biblical sea serpent. Despite its ancient ties, it can still be used in contemporary times.

41. Astarot

If you want to assert your dragon as a leader, using a name is ideal. This dragon’s name means the “leading one.”

42. Lockheed

If you are looking for a more mysterious yet modern name for dragons, Lockheed comes to mind. The name is derived from the dragon’s appearance in X-Men.

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43. Longwei

You can go ahead with this name if you are looking for a fire dragon name with a positive spin. This name means ‘dragon greatness’ in China.

44. Pythagoras

If you are a math geek, this name will get you excited. It means “python market” in Greek. This name is cool, simple to recall and a modern name anyone can relate to.

45. Alina

Dragons do not always have to be villains. If you have a dragon with a good heart, picking a name such as Alina is a good idea. The name means ‘bearer of light.’

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46. Hyperion

Hyperion has its origin in Greek mythology and its meaning is ‘the high one’. This is a cool name if you want to show your dragon’s authority.

47. Brenna

Brenna is a sweet name to give to your female dragon. It has a Celtic meaning of ‘blazing light.’


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48. Quetzalcoatl

This is a perfect choice for you if you want a rare dragon name. The name is unisex, and exotic and gives off a royal appeal. This fire dragon’s name means “feathered serpent.”

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49. Ryuu

What is better than a short simple name that gets the job done? Ryuu is a great pick for your fire dragon. It is even better when you realize it means ‘the dragon spirit.’ Just right!

50. Samael

This fire dragon’s name depicts a fallen angel, who also doubles as the archangel of death.

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51. Chumana

There’s something rhythmic about this name. It’s an excellent unisex name for your fire dragon. Chumana means “snake maiden” according to its Native American origin.

52. Shesha

Shesha is the ‘king of the serpents’ in Hindi myth. This is a cool name plus it works for both male and female dragons.

53. Edna

This fire dragon’s name means ‘Fiery red’ and is a great option for a female dragon. Edna is popular but has an evergreen quality.

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54. Hydra

You will like this name if you are interested in Epic movies and stories. The hydra refers to the multiple-headed dragon in Greek mythology. This name has a contemporary feel that won’t be fading anytime soon.

55. Kaida

If you have a baby dragon, think about giving it this Japanese name. It is a fire dragon name that means “little one.”


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56. Kayda

This is a cute name with an unusual meaning that will get many puzzled. Its Japanese meaning is “Looks like a dragon.” This is a good name if you want to be creative.

57. Ryoko

Ryoko is a Japanese dragon name that means “she who is like a dragon.” This name is short and has a sassy edge to it.

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58. Linda

This is an old English name that means serpent. Though it’s popular, this name has come to stay and is a sweet, simple name for your dragon.

59. Medousa

This is a wonderful name for your fire dragon, especially for a female dragon. According to Greek mythology, it means “guardian’.

60. Sirrush

Myth and epic stories will always be a well of inspiration for fire dragon names. According to Babylonian mythology, Sirrush is the dragon on the reconstructed Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

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61. Blaze

What better name to give you a fire-spitting dragon than blaze? This name represents one of the most distinguishable traits dragons possess which is their ability to spew fire from their mouth. This name is cool, authentic, and simple.


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62. Tiamat

If you are considering names for your female dragon, Tiamat is a great choice. This exotic name means ‘Mother of life’ and represents the beauty and majesty of the dragon line.

63. Arrow

If you want to think outside the box and give your fire dragon a befitting modern name, this is a good choice. The name Arrow means “slayer of dragons” It is a unisex mane that shows the strength of a dragon.

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64. Jergintarth

Jergintarth means ‘the fire starter.’ This name not only explains the dragon’s uniqueness but it’s a sort of name that is very attractive.

65. Unniass

If you are seeking to showcase the strength of your dragon, this name is just what you need. This fire dragon’s name means ‘the powerful one.’ Apart from its unisex appeal, it’s a pretty name.

66. Abeloth

Abeloth means ‘the bringer of chaos.’ If you are looking forward to naming a vicious dragon, this is a good pick.


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67. Zysyss

On a scale of 1-100, I give this name a 90. This is a powerful name for your fire dragon. Its meaning is ‘the eternal one.’ Dragons are mythical creatures with the ability to be reborn, this name captures all of the dragon’s magical powers.

68. Danym

This name is a good fit for a dragon with special strength. It can be translated to mean “the rabbit slayer.” It’s short, easy to pronounce, and has a modern edge that makes it attractive.

69. Rex

This dragon’s name means ‘King or Kingly.’ This is a good name for a royal dragon. One amazing thing about this name is that it’s unisex.

70. Trixie

This name means ‘Bringer of Joy’. This name is perfect for a female baby dragon. It’s simple, unique, and works in modern times.

71. Harper

Dragons can be more than fiery creatures. If you have a dragon that is artistically different from the others and possesses a creative soul, the name Harper is ideal. The Old English meaning of this name is ‘Musician or Harp player.’


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72. Merlin

If you are a sucker for magic, wizardry, and mythical realms, this name will certainly be your choice. Merlin is the wizard in the 2008 movie series of the same name. A powerful wizard with powers to command the dragons.

73. Fabio

This name means noble and it is a suitable name for a fire dragon. Dragons are symbolic of power and splendor and are often creatures with Kingly power. Fabio is a sweet name and it’s more profound because it’s unisex.

74. Pebble

This is one of the recommended name choices for a baby dragon. Just like the name connotes, Pebble means ‘small-bodied or little’. This name is easy to pronounce, exotic, and not very popular.

75. Artemis

This name is drawn from the Greek mythology figure, Artemis which is the goddess of hunting, childbirth, and wild animals. Dragons called Artemis are strong, nurturers, and kind.


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76. Inferno

The dragon is a creature that aids mass destruction using fire. Nothing mirrors this like this name. inferno means a fire that is out of control. Dragons who bear this name are stubborn and uncontrollable.

77. Draco

This is yet another variant spelling of the name, Dragon. It is shorter, sweeter, and has a playful twist. This name was made popular in the 1996 fantasy action film, Dragonheart.

Wrapping Up

The list above contains the most unique fire dragon names ever and their meanings.

Some of the names are byproducts of the dragon’s special strength or derived from your favorite fantasy story.

Now you have it, what name are you choosing for your dragon?