20 Best Female Versions Of James

James is one of the most popular biblical names that has existed for centuries now. In Hebrew, the name means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.”

There are a lot of historical figures that have all used the name and that shows just how powerful the name is.

While you can easily name your newborn James because of the special meaning attached to the name, what then happens when you have a daughter? Of course, you can’t name her James. It takes away her femininity.

You want a feminine version of James, a name that brings a fresh twist and will help her stand out from the sea of other common names.

I understand how daunting this task can be and that’s why I have taken my time to compile the best female versions of James, along with their meanings and origins.

Whether you want a name that has a similar sound or meaning or one that is classic, modern, or exotic, I have you all covered.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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Best Female Versions Of James

1. Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a French name that shares the same meaning and origin as James. Not only is it derived from the Hebrew name Yaakov, but it also means “Supplanter”, a person who takes the place of another.

The name Jacqueline has been a classic and popular name for girls in recent years and has been used by lots of notable people.

Some of them include the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, then Jacquline Bouvier who was the first French Nobel Prize winner.

With this name, your baby girl will grow into an elegant, graceful, and sophisticated lady. Additionally, it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a beautiful and timeless name for your girl.

Overall, Jacqueline is a distinct and unique alternative to the name, James. It’s a beautiful name that has really stood the test of time.

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2. Jamie

Jamie sounds a lot like James. But I love that it’s a gender-neutral name which means that it can be used for both boys and girls. This adds to its versatility and uniqueness.

Jamie is also a short form of James. You should go with this name if you are looking for a more informal and friendly version of James. Most importantly, the name is very easy to pronounce and remember.

The name has stood the test of time and is popular across most regions in the world.

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3. Jamesina

Like James, Jamesina means “supplanter.” However, that’s not the only similarity the name has with James. It sounds the same as James.

The only difference is the suffix, “ina” added to it which is a common practice in English for crafting feminine names from masculine names.

The name will appeal to parents who want a female version of James but still want to retain the origin and meaning of the name. I love that the name is not so popular and common which adds a touch of elegance and charm to it.

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4. Jemma

Jemma is a feminine name and though not directly derived from James, they share the same sound and spelling. Not only do they have the same “Je” sound but also share a similar number of letters.

The name Jemma is a name variation of “Gemma” which means “Jewel” or “Precious stone” in Latin. That’s such a powerful meaning that communicates how much your little princess means to you.

One of the famous figures bearing the same name is the British-born actress and model, Jemma Lucy. Others include Jemma Donovan, Jemma Wilson, and Jemma McKenzie.

Jamme is truly a beautiful name with a charming and elegant touch to it. Not only is it easy to pronounce but also easy to spell.

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5. Jimena

Jimena is another great choice for parents desirous of a feminine alternative to James but with a different origin and meaning. First, the name has strong roots in Spanish and is derived from “Ximeno” which means “Listener.”

Aside from this powerful meaning, Jimena also carries rich cultural and historical significance. The wife of the famous Spanish warrior El Cid had the same name and that’s why it’s a top pick among parents in Spanish-speaking countries.

You’ll appreciate the powerful meaning attached to the name. A girl named Jimena will grow up to embody resilience and strength.

Regarding the name’s similarity with James, both names share the same “J” sound and also have the same number of letters.

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6. Jamila

The first thing to like about the name Jamila is the graceful and beautiful meaning it carries. With its Arabic roots, the name means “Beautiful” and “Elegant.”

This makes it a great pick for parents who want to give their daughter a name that represents her inner beauty and grace. The name is popular among most cultures and regions in the world including Africa and Swahili cultures.

It also has a rich cultural and historical background, particularly in Islamic history. One of the notable women known by the name was Jamila bint Thabit.

She was a companion of Prophet Muhammad and was majorly known for her generosity and kindness, especially in the early Muslim community.

Jamila can also be spelled as Jameela or Jemila.

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7. Jemima

Jemima is also a great alternative for parents who want a name that sounds like James but with a feminine twist. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “Dove.”

Because the name is associated with purity, your daughter will grow up to be a peaceful and gentle lady. Jemima also has its roots in American culture.

The African American slaves during the colonial period bore the name as a symbol of their resilience and strength. If you’re a fan of history, then the name Jemima is your best bet.

Its empowering meaning also makes it a great choice.

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8. Jasmine

Jasmine is a feminine name that sounds a lot like James. The name is derived from the Persian word, “Yasamin” which means “God’s gracious gift.”

If you’re looking for a name that demonstrates your gratitude to God for the gift of a child, then this name is your best pick. Jasmine is also a name of a fragrant flower usually used in perfumes and teas.

I love how the name bears lots of powerful meanings in different cultures. For example, in India, the name is associated with the Hindu goddess Saraswati who represents music, arts, and knowledge.

Also, in Chinese culture, Jasmine is associated with beauty, grace, and elegance. And even in the 20th century, the name gained popularity after the Disney movie, “Aladdin” which features a character named Princess Jasmine was released.

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9. Jamia

Jamia is a round exclusive name for girls and a perfect alternative to James. Both names have similar sounds and structures but differ in meanings.

In Arabic, Jamia means “University” or “College.” Because of this unique meaning, the name is best suited for parents who want to give their daughters a name that represents empowerment, community, and knowledge.

I love that Jamia isn’t all that popular and is a relatively new name. This means that your little princess will easily stand out wherever she finds herself.

Some of the notable figures with the name include American feminist writer, speaker, and activist, Jamia Wilson. There is also Jamia Simone Nash who is an American singer and actress.

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10. Jamesetta

Jamesetta is a perfect female variation of the name James. It’s a combination of James and the suffix “-etta” which gives it a feminine touch.

Like James, Jamesetta means “one who follows” in Hebrew. While James is a popular name Jamesetta is relatively new and rare. However, the name has been used by some famous figures.

One of the prominent persons in the past who used the name is Jamesetta Hawkins otherwise known as Etta James. She was a legendary American singer known for her powerful hit songs like “At Last.”

Jamesetta Bradley is also a fictional character in Alice Walker’s book, “The Color Purple.” Overall, the name Jamesetta sounds a lot like James but provides a unique and feminine twist.

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11. Jameshia

Jameshia is a modern name that combines James with the suffix “-hia” or “-shia” which means graceful. A lot of 21st-century parents are choosing this name for their daughters as it is unique and carries the same meaning as James.

Also, because the name is not popularly used, it’s best for parents who wish to give their daughters a distinct identity. Jameshia also sounds elegant and graceful and will make your little princess stand out wherever she is.

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12. Jamesina

Jamesina is also another name that combines James with the female suffix, “-ina.” Like James, the name means “Supplanter” in Hebrew.

It’s the best pick for parents who want to honor a James in their family but also want a special female version of the name for their daughter.

The name Jamesina dates back to the 19th century and also has a Scottish origin. A lot of people believe that the name is a variation of the Scottish name, Hamish.

Even though Jamesina was a popular name in Scotland in the 19th and early 20th centuries, it is no longer a popular name. This makes it a great choice for parents who want a distinct name for their baby girl.

Some of the prominent women who used the name include Jamesina Anderson who was a Scottish educator and one of the first few women that graduated from the University of Glasgow.

There is also Jamesina MacKenzie who became the first female to be appointed as a professor at the University of Glasgow.

Jamesina Evans is also an American physician who became the first woman to become a doctor in South Carolina. She was also an activist passionate about upholding women’s rights.

From these few examples, it’s evident that the women who went by Jamesina in the past have one common trait, they were all passionate about knowledge and education. Your daughter will surely draw inspiration from them.

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13. Jamesiya

Jamesiya is a great alternative to James as it offers a distinctly feminine spin on the traditional name. The pronunciation alone sounds a lot like James except that it comes with a suffix, “-iya” which means “Belonging to” or “From.”

Aside from that, Jamesiya shares the same meaning as James. In Hebrew, the name means “Supplanter.” You’ll love the uniqueness of the name as it’s not so popular.

Because of its originality, it stands out from most common names. Additionally, the name is easy to spell, and pronounce and has an alluring and musical sound to it.

The “i” and “ya” attached to the name also gives it a touch of elegance and flair.

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14. Jemarion

Jemarion is the 21st-century female variation of James. It combines the names “Jemal” and “Marion” which have become popular over the years.

Interestingly, the name Jamarion has not been used for a long time. So it is the perfect pick for parents who want a name outside of the norm.

I love the uniqueness and elegance that comes with Jemarion. Most especially, the name is easy to pronounce and spell.

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15. Jamirah

Jamirah is a beautiful female Arabic name that you can give your little princess. The name means “the beautiful one” or “moon.”

With a name like this, you’re letting everyone know just how lovely your daughter is. Jamirah is also not so popular which makes it feel more special and distinctive.

Aside from sounding a lot like James, Jamirah has attractive phonetics. The combination of the “j” and “m” sounds in the name makes it really pleasing to the ear. Even the “h” at the end gives an exotic flair.

Overall, the Jamirah leaves a lasting and memorable impression. Though its pronunciation and spelling largely depend on the region and language.

Some of the variations of the name include Jamira, Jameera, and Jameerah.

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16. Jameslyn

Jameslyn is another modern feminine alternative to the name, James. The name is a combination of the Hebrew name James and a Welsh name Lynn.

While James means “Supplanter”, Lynn means “Waterfall” and so when combined, Jameslyn means “a waterfall of a supplanter.” The name is the best fit for parents who want a creative alternative to the traditional name, James.

Most importantly, the use of “lyn” at the end of James makes it more unique and elegant.

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17. Jameson

Jameson is a variant of James and can be used for boys and girls. Its gender-neutral quality makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a name that is not strongly associated with either gender.

Additionally, it’s the perfect alternative for parents who want a name with a similar sound and meaning as James but with a slightly different feel. Jameson has a modern ring to it and can also be spelled as “Jamieson.”

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18. Jaymes

The name Jaymes is almost like pronouncing James but the only difference here is the “y” attached to it which is even silent. If you want a trendy and creative variation to the traditional James, Jaymes sure fits the description.

It’s a good variant for James and is relatively easy to pronounce and spell.

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19. Jacinda

Jacinda is a Spanish name and a variation of the name Hyacinth. The name means “Beautiful” or “Lovely”, a perfect way to describe your little princess.

One of the primary similarities between Jacinda and James is how they share the same sound when pronounced.

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20. Jazmyn

Jazmyn is a modern alternative to the name, James. It’s a variation of Jasmine with strong Persian roots. The name is also derived from “Jasmine flowers” and so represents a beautiful lady.

You shouldn’t hesitate to pick this name for your little girl if you grew up admiring the independent and strong-willed Princess Jasmine in the movie, Aladdin. Jazmyn is not common and will certainly make your daughter stand out wherever she goes.

More importantly, the name has a memorable and distinctive sound.

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As you have seen, there are a lot of female alternatives to the name, James. They all have different beautiful meanings attached to them with strong historical backgrounds.

Before choosing a name for your daughter, be sure that the name has the perfect meaning you want for your child.

You should also consider the origin and notable figures that have also used the name, the footprints they have left, and how much they will inspire your daughter.