100 Popular Stripper Names in 2023

Strippers are exotic dancers that provide adult entertainment via striptease. They are most popular in strip clubs and private events.

To be a professional stripper, you need a unique, funny, or sexy stripper’s name.

Here, we have compiled a list of 100+ most creative and memorable names for strippers who are sure to make an impact.

Whether you’re looking for something comical, provocative, funny, sexy, or unique, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

So take a look and get ready to pick the perfect stage name from our list of 100+ best stripper names, with their meanings.

100 Popular Stripper Names

1. Demi 

Demi is a trendy French name. It means “half” or “small”, and it is a unisex name that male or female strippers can use.

2. Shay

Shay is considered old-fashioned but is still one of the hottest unisex stripper names. It means admirable, and it is English for the Irish name, Séaghdha. 

3. Tasha 

The name Tasha is a female stripper name and is short for Natasha. It’s a Russian name that means “birthday” or “Christmas day”. Generally, the name is associated with a celebration.

4. Ella 

Ella is a common stripper name because its meaning befits the job. The name implies “beautiful” “goddess” or “fairy maiden”. Its origin traces to Hebrew, Greek, and Norman.

5. Nina 

Nina is a stripper name with different meanings. In Spanish, the name means “little girl” while it means “fire” in Quechua. Nevertheless, it’s an ideal feminine stripper name.

6. Amy

Amy means “beloved”. The name originates from Latin and French, and in the ‘70s, it was one of the most popular girl names. It can be written as Ami or Amie too. 

7. Skyla 

The name Skyla originates from Dutch. It means “scholar”, which makes it related to acquiring knowledge. It’s a female name, but when written as Skyler, males can answer it too. 

8. Andre

Andre is the name ‘Andrew’ when translated to Portuguese and French. However, it can also be the short form ‘ Andreas’, a Greek name. It’s a male stripper name that means “manly”.

9. Dee

Dee is a perfect name for an ebony stripper. In Welsh, the name was a nickname for dark-skinned people. However, the name means “goddess” and “sacred” in Celtic.

10. Brandi

Brandi (normally Brandy) is a girl’s name. The name originated in America and was most popular in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. The name means “warm and comforting”.

11. Raven 

Raven is an all black bird which makes the name recommended for dark female-skinned strippers. This English name means “Dark-haired” or “Wise”. 

12. Melissa 

Melissa is an Ancient Greek goddess that is known as the Queen Bee Goddess. As a result, the name means “bee” or “honey”. However, the goddess Melissa was strong and confident. 

13. Devon 

This name is usually associated with the beautiful Devon county in England. However, it is believed to be an alternate spelling to Devin, which means “Poet”. 

14. Nikki

The name Nikki (also spelt Nicky) is a diminutive form of the name Nicole. It means “Victory Of The People” and has recently become a trendy female nickname thanks to pop star, Nicki Minaj. 

15. Kira

Kira is to Kir as Mistress is to Master in the Russian language. The most common meaning of the name is “ruler of the people”. Also, it means “shine” and “beam of light”.

16. Carmen

The name Carmen originates from English, Romania, Italy, and a few Spanish-speaking countries. As a result, it has different meanings, but is mostly referred to as “red” and “guard”.

17. Jojo 

Jojo is a girl’s name of American origin and means “God Raises”. However, anyone with names beginning with “JO” can answer the name. For example, Joseph, Jolene, Joséphine, etc. 

18. Paige 

Although many people might not be comfortable with the meaning as a stripper name, Paige’s name is very sexy. It is a Latin name that implies “assistant” or “servant”.

20. Sarina 

In Hebrew, Sarina means “one who laughs” or “Princess”. It is a derivative name from the name Sara which has the same meaning.

21. Alina

Alina is a popular Armenian name. The name means “light” or “noble”. In Slavic, the name means “bright” and “beautiful”. Alina is seen as an Islamic girl name too.

22. Ricky 

Ricky is a stylish form of the German name Richard. The name Richard means “Brave”, “Powerful leader”, and “Peaceful leader”. It can be written as Rikky too.

23. Kiki

If your name begins with K, you can stylishly shorten it as Kiki for a stripper name. Nevertheless, Kiki is also a standalone name that means “lord of the manor” or house owner”.

24. Lena 

Lena has different origins and meanings. However, it’s very similar to the Italian and Spanish name, Luna, which means “Moon”. Thus, Lena means “Light”, “Moonlight” “Sunlight” “Holder of the torch” etc.

25. Harley 

This is a unisex stripper name. It originates from Hara and Leah’s old English words, “Hare” and “Wood”. Harley means “the hare’s wood” or “the hare’s meadow”.

26. Amber 

Amber is a beautiful brownish-yellowish substance, valued as a gemstone. It’s very common in jewelry products. Popular American model and former stripper, Amber Rose, bears the name.

27. Daisy 

Daisy means “day’s eye”. It is an English name derived from the white flowering plant that bears the same name. Also, the name could mean “innocence” and “simplicity”.

28. Chloe

The name Chloe is a recommended female stripper name of Greek origin. In Greek, it means “fertility” or “blooming”. In ancient times, it was an epithet of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest.

29. Lily 

Just like Daisy, the name Lily was derived from the flower. Thus, it is an English name and could mean “beauty” or “purity”. Furthermore, Lily is short for the name Lilian.

30. Holly 

Holly is a variant of the name Holley whose origin is traced to both English and Irish. It’s said to be derived from the Old English name Holen which means “the holy tree”.

31. Kylie

Kylie means “beautiful”, “bright”, or “cheerful”. However, it originates from Australia and means “boomerang” in the native language. It can be spelled as Kiley, Kylee, or Kyli. 

32. Gina 

The name Gina is of English and Italian origin. It means “Queen” and it is a perfect female stripper name. Gina will be ideal for you if you bear names like Georgina, Regina, etc.

33. Jade 

Jade is a green stone that is notably used for making ornaments. The name Jade is derived from this hard green stone. However, the word Jade was derived from Spanish.

34. Diamond 

The name Diamond needs no introduction. Diamonds are among the most precious, beautiful, and expensive gemstones in the world.

35. Nicole 

Nicole means “victory of the people”. It is of French origin and a variant of the Greek name, Nicholas. Nicole can also be written as Nikole.

36. Sophie

This stripper name is derived from the name Sophia. Its origin traces mainly to French and Greek. Sophia is Greek while Sophie is French. The name means wisdom.

37. Chelsea 

Chelsea is a name derived from Caelichyth, which simply means “Chalk Wharf”. However, it has been modernized as a female name. It can also be spelt as Chelsie or Chelsey.

38. Korra 

From Greek, Korra means “maiden” or “heart”. It’s also said to be derived from Kora, Kore, or Cora, epithets of the Greek goddess Persephone – queen of the underworld.

39. Jessy 

Although Jessy is a common girl name. Its meaning is not clear. Mostly, it is referred to as short for Jessica, which is of Hebrew origin. It means “God Beholds” or “Jehovah Exists”.

40. Eva 

The name Eva was derived from Eve. While Eve is English, Eva is Latin. The name simply means “Life”. It also means “Living one”.

41. Valentina 

Valentina is a female name of Roman origin although it’s used in different languages. It is the female version of ‘Valentinus’ the male name. It means “strong” and “healthy”.

42. Dani 

Dani is a unisex stripper name ideal if you bear Daniel, Daniella, or Danna. This Hebrew name simply means “God is my judge”.

43. Martin 

From the Latin name Martinus, Martin is derived from the Roman god Mars, which simply means the god of war. Thus, it’s a masculine name and means “warlike”.

44. Alexa

Alexa is short for Alexandra and also the feminine version of Alexander. The Greek name means “defender of man”. 

45. Carol 

Carol is an English name which means “Free Person”. It’s a simple female stripper name and can also be referred to as short for Caroline or Carolina.

46. Chanel 

The name Chanel means “dweller near the canal” or more simply “canal”. It is a French name that emanates from the Latin word, canalis.

47. Venus 

The Roman goddess of love was Venus. However, the name is of Latin origin. The name means “beauty” “love”; it also connotes sexual desire.

48. Sunshine

The meaning of this name is literal. Sunshine is an English word that expresses the rays from the sun. Giving it a meaning, it would mean “light” or “bright”.

49. Marissa 

Marissa is a beautiful name. It is derived from the name Maris which means “of the sea”. In other words, it means “Mermaid”. The name also relates to Mary as its other meaning is “little Mary”.

50. Anabelle 

The name Anabelle is a combination of Latin and French names. This includes Anna (Latin) which means “grace” and Belle (French), which means “beauty”. Thus, the name means “beautiful grace”.

51. Bruna 

Bruna is an Italian name that means “brown” or “the brown one”. It’s similar to the name brunette that depicts women with dark brown hair.

52. Kimber

The name Kimber is a shortened form of the name Kimberly. Kimberly was derived from the Old English word ‘Cyneburh’, which means “royal fortress”.

53. Romeo

Wrapped with love, the story of Romeo and Juliet can never be forgotten. This makes Romeo an ideal name for male strippers. The name means “pilgrim to Rome”.

54. Lianna 

Lianna means “to whine around” or “to bind”. It is related to several names including Eillena and Aileen. Its alternative spelling is the name Liana.

55. Lexie 

Like Alexa, Lexie is short for Alexandra, the feminine version of Alexander’s name. Also, this Greek name means “defender of man”.

56. Sasha 

This name implies “defender of man”. It has the same meaning with Alexandra and Alexander except that it is of Russian origin. It is a unisex name.

57. Bianca 

Bianca is a popular Italian female name with a straightforward meaning. The name means “white” and will be ideal for blonde or light-skinned strippers.

58. Foxxy

Foxxy (or simply Foxy) is a name traced to Armenia. However, it’s more of a stylish name for anything sexually appealing and attractive – a perfect definition of a stripper.

59. Calvin 

If you’re a bald male stripper, Calvin is an ideal name to go with. The Latin name means “bald” or “hairless”.

60. Rosy 

The name Rosy is a stylish form of writing Rose – the popular, beautiful red flower.  Rose was derived from the Latin word for the flower, Rosa.  Rosy can also be written as Rosie. 

61. Lanita 

Lanita is a Spanish name said to mean “favoured grace”. However, the name is also referred to as a variant of the name Anita.

62. Anna

Anna is the same as Hannah. While Hannah is Hebrew, Anna is Greek. The name means “beautiful”, “grace” or “favour”. The French version, Anne, is also ideal.

63. Bella 

Bella can be used as short for names ending with -bella. For example, Arabella and Anabella. Nevertheless, the name means “Beautiful”, as it is related to Belle.

64. Cassidy 

The Irish name is derived from the name Caiside which basically means “curly-haired” or “clever”. Although it sounds feminine, it’s a unisex name.

65. Courtney 

Courtney has somewhat different meanings as it has origins in English and French. Nevertheless, the name referred to someone from the court, so it means “court attendant”.

66. Jay

Whether male or female, if your name begins with J, Jay would be a perfect stripper name. However, from Latin, the name means “to rejoice”.

67. Dixon 

The name Dixon is an alternate form for the name Dickson which means “Son of Dick”. It’s a traditional Scottish name and a recommended male stripper name.

68. Erica 

Erica is the feminine version of the name Eric. It’s an Old Norse name that means “ever powerful” “sole ruler” or “eternal ruler”. Erica can also be written as Erika or Ericka.

69. Riley

Riley was derived from the Irish name Rye. In Gaelic, the name means “valiant”. It’s a female stripper name, but males can go with a variation, Ryley or Reilly.

70. Ivy 

Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant; formally known as Hedera. It’s a charming name of a female stripper, and it means “fidelity” “eternity” and “growth”.

71. Kristy 

The name Kristy is a variant of Kristi, which is related to Christ. Kristy can be short for Christine, or Christiana.

72. Quinn

Quinn can be a male or female stripper name. The name originates from Gaelic and Irish languages. It means “counsel”. Quinn can be a stylish spelling of Queen too.

73. Ryder 

Ryder simply means “rider” or “horseman”. Nevertheless, it was usually associated with mountain warriors or messengers who often rode on animals in the past. It’s of British origin.

74. Shanti

Shanti is a name of African and Indian origin. It means “peace” or “calm”. It is also short of Ashanti, from the Ghanaian word Asante which means “thank you”. 

75. Xandy 

Xandy is a variation of the name Alexander or Alexandra. Also, it can be used by male or female strippers. It means “defender of the people”.

76. Karl

Karl means “free man” or “strong man”. It is the German variant of the French-English name Charles. It is also written as Carl.

77. Zena

Zena is a fierce female stripper name. It is a Greek name that means “belonging to Zeus” or “born of Zeus”. It represents strength, power, and royalty.

78. Tiffany 

Derived from the Greek name, Theophania. Tiffany means “appearance of God.” It is an English name previously common for girls born on the day of Epiphany.

79. Violet 

Violet is a beautiful petalled flower plant and also a color. It means “purple flower” and was derived from the old French word Violette.

80. Vixen 

Vixen means a sexually attractive woman. Female dancers in musical videos are often called vixens and strippers are easily vixens. A female fox is called vixen too.

81. Cayla

The meaning of the name Cayla is “slim and fair” from it’s Gaelic and Irish origin. However, in Hebrew, the name is derived from “Crown of Laurel”.

82. Nadia 

Nadia is a popular Ancient Greek and Slavic name that means “hope”. The name is also related to the Arabic name, Nadiyyah, which means “delicate” and “fragile”.

83. Sativa

Sativa is a modern American female name. The name is derived from Cannabis Sativa – one of the marijuana variant. Thus, you can relate the name with being high.

84. Allison 

Although a bit vintage, Allison is one of the most popular female US names. The name is the French variant of Alice, which means “noble”. It can be shortened as Ally.

85. Olivia 

The Latin name is the feminine version of the name Oliver. It’s derived from the Latin word Oliva which refers to the olive tree.

86. Ebony 

Ebony is a popular reference to brown and dark-skinned women, so it’s a perfect name for dark or brown-skinned strippers. The name has Egyptian, Greek, and Latin origin, which means “deep black wood”. 

87. Ken 

Mainly, Ken is short for male names like Kenneth or Kennedy to take the meaning of any of these names. However, in Japanese, Ken means “strong”.

88. Nova

Nova means “new star”. In astrology, it’s a transient event. It originates from Latin as it stemmed from “novus”, which means “new”.

89. Leon

The name Leon originates from Greek and means “lion”. Also, it is similar to the Latin name –  Leo, and the French name – Lyon. Leon is a male stripper name.

90. Iris 

Iris is a feminine name which means “rainbow”. It is of Ancient Greek origin, but was also popular in Wales. There’s also a flower called Iris.

91. Nelly 

Nelly is short for Helen, or Eleanor. Although an English name, it is of Greek origin and means “light” or “shining light”. 

92. Ryan

Used by both males and females, the name Ryan is a variant of the Old Irish name Rian. The name is said to mean “illustrious” or “little king”.

93. Felicity 

Felicity means “happiness”, “hope”, and “good fortune”. It originates from the Latin word Felicitas. It also relates to Fortuna, the ancient Roman goddess.

94. Ivory

Ivory is a precious hard white material gotten from the teeth and tusks of animals. In relation, the name means “pale” or “white”.

95. Izzy

Izzy is short for names beginning with Is-. Names like Isabel, Isadora, Isaac, etc. Nevertheless, tracing to its Hebrew origin, the name means “God’s promise”. 

96. Eve 

Like Eva, Eve means “life” or to give “life”. From the Bible, Eve was the first woman and wife to Adam. Thus, life began through her.

97. Emily 

This stripper name originates from the Latin name Aemilia. It means “rival”, but could also mean “hardworking” and “industrious”.

98. Seth

Seth is a Hebrew name which means “appointed”. Biblically, Seth was the third child of Adam and Eve. 

99. Zoey  

This Greek name means “life”. It’s a female name and can also be spelt as Zoe. Male strippers can go with Joey.

100. Delux 

Delux is a stylish spelling of the word Deluxe. Deluxe in English means “luxurious” “elegant” “high quality”. It’s recommended for female strippers.

101. Skye 

Skye is an old Norse word for the sky, which refers to the clouds. It can also mean the colour blue since the sky is mostly blue.

101. Cherry 

The name Cherry is derived from the fruit which goes by the same name. It also means “dear” or “darling”.

102. Crystal 

Crystals are popular transparent minerals or glass. They are beautiful, which makes the name a beautiful one for a female stripper. It means “pure” or “transparent”.

103. Tiara 

Tiara is a Latin name that means “crowned”. It is related to royalty and queenship.

100 Best Stripper Names – Recamp 

Choosing a stripper name, whether as a male or female, shouldn’t be difficult.

You can pick any of the 100+ funny, unique or saasy stripper names listed above.