20 Best Female Versions Of Richard

Richard is one of the classic names that have stood the test of time. With German roots, the name means “Powerful” or “Brave ruler.” A lot of parents name their sons Richard because the name embodies masculinity.

Some legendary figures who have borne that name include Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the USA. Richard the Lionheart, the former king of England, was another notable personality.

These men were indeed great men who have left their footprints in the sands of time. Inspired by the powerful meaning attached to Richard, I decided to curate a list of feminine versions of the name.

So, if you have been looking for a girlie variation of Richard for your newborn daughter, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I will explore some of the most intriguing and inspiring female versions of Richard, including their origin and meaning.

Make sure you read to the end so you can pick the best name for your baby girl. Without much ado, let’s dive right in!

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Best Female Versions Of Richard For Your New Born

1. Richelle

Richelle is the top female version of Richard. The name is of American origin and is formed from the combination of, “Richard” which means, “Powerful” and the suffix “-Elle” which means, “Lady.”

It’s such a beautiful blend that gives us a “Powerful woman or girl.” As you can see, the name Richelle embodies strength, confidence, and leadership. It literally screams, “Girl power.”

Your baby girl will grow up with these qualities and will thrive effortlessly anywhere she finds herself. She’s a natural-born ruler and will live an inspiring life.

Aside from the powerful meaning attached to this name, I love its uniqueness. It’s not a common name and will make your daughter stand out.

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2. Richenda

Richenda is also another great feminine variant of Richard. The name has historical roots in the medieval English era and so connotes aristocracy.

Like Richard, Richenda means “powerful leader.” This rich and deep meaning makes the name a special and unique one.

Your daughter will easily leave an impression wherever she sets foot, even among her peers. I also love that the name sounds super elegant because of the combination of the “ch” sound and a soft “a” at the end.

It makes it sound really sophisticated. This quality will come in handy as your daughter grows. People don’t necessarily need to see her to know that she’s an elegant lady – they only need to hear her name.

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3. Ricarda

If you need a distinctive name for your baby girl, Ricarda is a great choice. Like Richard, the name has a German root and means, “Powerful ruler.”

It’s fascinating how the name carries a strong historical and cultural heritage, especially in Germanic culture. For example, Ricarda was popular among noble families in the Middle Ages.

I particularly love the royalty and nobility the name embodies which makes it even more inspiring and powerful. With a name like Ricarda, your daughter will grow up with a sense of purpose, strength, and confidence.

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4. Richmal

Richmal sounds super easy to pronounce and is a good female variation of Richard. The name has its roots in German and Old English. In both origins, Richmal means, “Powerful ruler.”

You’ll notice that Richmal is not a common name which means it will be memorable and will convey a sense of identity to your daughter. I like that the name also has a close literary connection.

For example, we have Richmal Crompton who was an English author known for creating a popular children’s book titled, “Just William.” The book was published in 1922 and the character of Richmal was portrayed as a highly intelligent and strong young girl.

Over time the name became popular in England, especially in the early 20th century.

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5. Richana

The name Richana is derived from Richard which means “Powerful or ruler” and Hannah which means, “grace or graceful.” When combined, Richana means “Graceful ruler” or “Gracious leader.”

With this name, your daughter is not just a born leader but a graceful one at that. She embodies elegance and a refined appearance. Personality-wise, your Richana baby girl will grow up with a sense of accomplishment.

She will always finish what she has started and will have an optimistic outlook on life. Because of her fascinating attributes, people will naturally be drawn to her.

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6. Richina

Richina sounds exquisite and is a Dutch female version of “Richard.” The name means “Powerful ruler” or “Ruler with might.” In Latin, the name also means, “Queenly.”

So there are a lot of meanings attached to the name and all point to elegance and sophistication. I like that the name is also easy to pronounce and is not so common which makes it the perfect fit for parents looking for distinctive female variations of Richard.

Your baby Richina will grow up with a strong desire to be a leader. At first, she would dislike taking orders from anyone and would always want to stay in charge.

You may struggle with this at first but you’ll eventually realize that her creativity allows her to think up solutions to problems. Also, be sure to recognize and appreciate her efforts because she will crave them a lot.

Overall, your baby girl will be respectable majorly because of her sense of dressing. She will also be an independent lady with a strong sense of self-confidence and dignity.

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7. Richitha

If you’re deeply fascinated by Indian culture or you live in an area where Sanskrit is spoken, the name Richitha is a perfect fit for your daughter. The name sounds a lot like Richard as they both share the affix, “Rich.”

In India, Richitha means “Fortunate.” It also means, “Full of riches” or “a wise woman.” The name has different meanings and they are all powerful and inspiring.

You should go with this name if you want something out of the norm. There are not a lot of people with this name which will easily make your baby girl stand out.

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8. Richel

Richel is a French female variation of “Richard” and it means, “Powerful leader.” The name also means, “Peaceful leader or Rich leader.” I love that the name is short and easy to pronounce. It’s also a very uncommon and distinct name.

With Richel, your baby girl will embody a pioneering spirit. She will be highly focused and will achieve a lot in life.

Since she has a curious spirit, she doesn’t mind trying out new things and making decisions by herself. If she is the first child, you can trust her to take care of the affairs in the home in your absence.

Her energetic and confident nature will surely attract a lot of people to her. Overall, try not to hold her back because she desires adventure and freedom.

She will travel a lot and will continually inspire and influence people positively throughout her life journey. There is a lot in stock for her. Be ready to help her bring out her full potential.

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9. Richmea

Richmea is an uncommon name formed by the combination of “Richard” and “Mea” which means, “Powerfully mine.” This is still a virgin name, so you can explore it now that a lot of people have not started using it.

The name is easy to pronounce and will surely make your daughter stand out among her peers.

10. Rikka

Rikka is a Japanese female version of Richard. Both names mean “Powerful ruler.” Additionally, Rikka describes the traditional way of arranging flowers in Japanese culture where seven branches of flowers are placed together.

Because of its close association with flowers, the name Rikka embodies beauty and elegance. The name also carries a sense of artistry and has a unique and distinctive sound.

A baby named Rikka will mostly be the family’s pride. She will grow to be a good provider, tending to the needs of the people around her. She will also be very protective of the people she loves and you can also count on her to do the right thing.

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11. Richenza

Richenza sounds a lot like Richard because of the “Rick” affix and both names also share the same meaning which is, “Powerful ruler.” Additionally, both names are of German origin.

The name is also rare which makes it super distinctive. Interestingly, the name carries a sense of nobility since it was borne by powerful noble women in the medieval era like Richenza of Northeim, the powerful queen consort of Lothair III.

Richenza also connotes a gift of persuasion. Your daughter can effortlessly persuade people to yield to her. She will grow into a very optimistic, outgoing, and expressive lady.

Her charming and cheerful nature will easily make her stand out at social events. Most of all, people will love her deep level of creativity and her innate ability to break down complex concepts and make them understandable.

She also has a natural desire to care for others and doesn’t mind sacrificing her needs to make sure her loved ones are okay. If she is the firstborn, this name will suit her perfectly.

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12. Richarde

Richarde is an obvious female variation of Richard. You only need to add an “e” behind the name to give it a feminine feel. The name is of German origin and means, “Powerful and brave”.

Additionally, the name has a strong English origin and it means, “Ruling with domination.” The name became popular as far back as 1066 when the Normans introduced the name to England after conquering the country.

Richarde is easy to spell and is a very rare name. Personality-wise, daughters named Richarde grow up to embody all the qualities of successful orators and writers.

They will have a colorful outlook on life including impeccable social skills and articulation. Her peers will love engaging with her because she will be such a delight to speak to.

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13. Richalene

Richalene is formed when you creatively combine “Richard” which means “Powerful ruler” in German and “Lena” which means “Bright one” in Russia. A combination of the two meanings will give you, a “Powerful and bright ruler.”

Of course, this is an uncommon name. You will not see a lot of girls bearing this name which makes it more distinct and unique. Your Richalene daughter will ooze with lots of optimism and cheerfulness.

She is a natural-born leader and can effortlessly inspire people to take action. If you pay close attention to the positions she takes up in school, you’ll notice that she’s mostly the head girl, representing the school in various social events.

The majority of the time, she appears controlled, capable, and dignified. You don’t have to worry about her getting badly influenced in her teenage years because she will hardly be a pushover.

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14. Richmel

If you need another creative female version of Richard, Richmel is a great pick. The name is coined from the combination of “Richard” which means a “Powerful ruler” and “Mel”, a suffix that gives it a feminine touch.

Richmel will grow into an independent and highly creative lady. She will also be driven and ambitious with a sense to achieve things that are not ordinary.

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15. Richardeen

Richardeen is another lovely and profound feminine variation of Richard. The name means “Powerful ruler” and is of Old English origin.

It also has a religious background and so is the perfect pick for Christian parents. I also love that the name is easily pronounced and spelled.

You only need to add the suffix, “een” at the end of “Richard.”

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16. Richonda

Richonda sounds super elegant and distinct. It’s a rare name and one which shares the same meaning as “Richard.” You can also say that Richonda is coined from “Richard” and “Rhonda.”

Interestingly, Richonda will be an idealistic analyzer and will have the ability to always study things in-depth. The name is also best suited for gentle and calm babies.

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17. Rickeisha

If you want a modern female variation of Richard, Rickeisha is one of your best options. Unlike Richard, it’s not a traditional name. However, it doesn’t take away from its powerful meaning.

The name is formed from the combination of “Richard” which means “Powerful” in German and “Keisha” which means, “Favorite” in Africa. This gives us, “A favorite powerful ruler” or “Powerful favorite leader.”

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18. Richlynn

This is also another creative female variation of Richard. It’s coined by combining “Richard” and “Lyn.” I love that the name has a contemporary feel to it and is best suited for modern-day parents.

Like Richard, Richlynn also means a “Powerful leader.” You should be ready to have a domineering daughter, one who lives with a sense of service to humanity. She will strive for the best and will leave you beaming with pride and satisfaction.

Overall, she is a born visionary and a realist.

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19. Richela

Richela is an old German feminine name that means, “Powerful ruler.” You can also say that the name is a beautiful combination of “Richard” and “Ella.”

Richela sounds exquisite and will easily make your daughter stand out among her peers. The name is easy to spell as well with a profound meaning.

A Richela is a gifted storyteller and a selfless leader. Because of her charismatic nature, she will easily attract, influence, and inspire people. She will radiate success wherever she finds herself.

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20. Richelda

Richelda is another profound name for your little one. The name is a combination of “Richard” and “Elda” giving you, an “Wise and powerful ruler.”

That is to say, your daughter is not just a born leader but also a wise one at that. Don’t be surprised at the kind of positive attention the name will draw to your daughter.

Even without seeing her, people will mostly perceive her as an elegant, and noble lady.

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As you can see, there are different female variations of Richard. Some are classic and traditional names while others are creative names coined in contemporary times.

You’re free to choose any of the names based on the personality you want your daughter to embody, the meaning attached to the name, and what you stand for.

But overall, the names reviewed above all embody power and nobility making them best suited for firstborns or daughters. Their sense of leadership kicks off immediately they have a younger one to take care of.