90+ Female Fantasy & Sci-fi Names (With meanings)

Whether you’re seeking a creative, fictional, unique, badass, cute, cool or innovative fantasy name for your little girl, there’s a world of names available for you to pick from.

If you’re a fantasy or sci-fi fan, you’ve probably checked out all the names of the characters in your favorite sci-fi and fantasy fandom but you’re still not sure which one to choose and its meaning.

Fortunately, there are many fresh, exciting and sometimes totally unused names you can find that are unique and often from heroic characters.

We’ve rounded up a list of unique, cute & badass female fantasy and sci-fi names (with meanings) that you can check out for baby name inspiration. Some are unique while others are imaginative; either way, each of them is the perfect fit for your creative or curious baby girl.

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Badass Fantasy Names For Females (With Meanings)

1. Anastasia

This name is of Greek and Italian origin but you probably know it from a famous American science fiction TV series and it means resurrection. The name is also found in Battlestar Galactica, where Anastasia Dualla is an office crew specialist. You can also shorten it to Anna.

2. Ada

Ada is a Hebrew name and is taken from the book Cold Mou by Charles Frazier.

3. Angel

Angel is a unisex name that is common in some fantasy TV series. The character played a love interest in a popular TV series.

4. Aeryn

Aeryn is a sci-fi name of Greek origin taken from Farscape, after the female Sebacean, independent character, Aeryn Sun.

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5. Amelia

Amelia is another memorable name taken from the Doctor Who character who played the doctor. It’s also from Amelia Earhart, a famous courageous pilot in a movie.

6. Aquila

Aquila is a pretty but rare name from the Ladyhawke character who is often used for girls in the US and other countries.

7. Arya

This name is very popular and is taken from the popular Game of Thrones TV series but is also from the Star Wars sci-fi TV show played by Padme’s daughter. The name is from Sanskrit and means song or noble.

8. Astrid

Astrid is a tech-savvy character from Fringe, a sci-fi movie, where the character saves everybody several times. In the movie, Astrid could speak five languages, loved cryptology and from a young age, she could take apart a computer. The character was skilled and the name means divinely beautiful.

9. Atreyu

Atreyu can also be a girl’s name, and it symbolizes or means warrior. It’s believed to be of German or Indian origin and is a warrior boy from The Neverending Story.

10. Athena

Athena is another name from Battlestar Galactica series where the character served as a pilot and bridge officer in the TV series.

11. Axton

This name may sound more masculine, but you can still give it to your little girl. It means sword stone, taken from the hero and lead character in Borderlands 2, and it has a fresh, modern vibe to it.

12. Aurora

Aurora is of Greek origin and is taken from the alpha flight member, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier. It’s also from the name Aurora Borealis, a beautiful show of light.

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13. Aurra

Aurra is a name picked from Star Wars, a minor character and also in The Phantom Menace, a bounty hunter.

14. Auryn

This is a Celtic name from the popular movie The Neverending Story, an amulet that Atreyu wore to help him during the quest. The name means light or golden and can be shortened to Aura.

15. Beverly

This name is picked from Beverly Crusher, the Star Trek fictional character who became a doctor in the series after the Arvada III disaster.

16. Barbarella

Barbarella is a young woman in the French science fiction comic book who travels from one planet to another looking for adventure.

17. Bella

Bella is a name of Italian origin but also taken from Twilight Saga’s female protagonist, Bella Swan.

18. Buttercup

Buttercup is a beautiful flower but also a lovely name for your little girl taken from The Princess Bride. The fantasy name is living proof that one can find love despite hardship.

19. Cassandra

Cassandra is a name of Greek origin taken from Troy movie, a role played by the daughter of the king and queen, and who was known for her beauty.

20. Cullen

Cullen is a famous family in Twilight – the movie – comprising the family who live in the woods by themselves: Carlisle, Emmett, Bella, Esme, Alice, Edward and Jasper Cullen.

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21. Cherlindrea

Cherlindrea is taken from The Willow Sourcebook and is a character who was picked to save a child who would destroy an evil ruler. The fairy queen’s name can be shortened to Lyn, Cheryl or Andrea.

22. Clara

Clara is taken from two famous women – Clara Oswald and Clara Barton – the former is a fictional character who is a companion of the doctor in Doctor Who, an alien time traveler and the latter is the founder of the American Red Cross. 

23. Cora

This name is also taken from Battlestar Galactica and is given to Siri, but is also from the famous Cora Munro of The Last of the Mohicans, a fictional heroine. It’s also a famous character in the Downton Abbey series.

24. Danan

Danan is also acceptable as Danna or Dannon and is the second name of Elora.

25. Dasha

This name is futuristic yet unique for your baby girl. It is taken from Masha and Bear TV series where Dasha is the cousin to Masha.

26. Diana

Diana is a name taken from the Wonder Woman show and she plays the role of the Amazonian-Olympian warrior in the DC Cinematic Universe.

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27. Donna

Donna is another beautiful name taken from Suits, a legal TV show that stars Donna, an executive secretary to high-flying lawyer Harvey Specter.

It’s also common in Doctor Who, where Donna is the doctor’s best friend, who helps him save the world from destruction and asks him to be compassionate to people.

28. Echo

This is a unique, cool and fun name taken from Dollhouse, a sci-fi series.

29. Eilonwy

Eilonwy is a princess from The Chronicles of Prydain and is a fictional character but also a name of Welsh origin that means stag or deer.

30. Elise

Elise means God is my oath and is taken from the non-player character in Brave Frontier Global who handles raid battle requests.

31. Elora

Elora is from the Willow movie and represents the tetartagonist in the movie, a gifted child who was born with a specific mark.

32. Emmett

Emmett is a name drawn from the film Back to the Future, and Twilight. In the former film, Emmet Brown is a forgetful but eccentric inventor of the time machine.

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33. Ender

Ender is taken from the Ender’s Game, a character who was destined to be a great tactician in the military. It also makes for a beautiful baby girl’s name.

34. Eowyn

This name is taken from The Lord of The Rings TV series, a beautiful and proud character who was a shieldmaiden of Rohan and a much-loved character in the trilogy.

35. Era

This name is used in many fantasy-based games and refers to a distinct or notable period of history.

36. Eretria

This is the predominant character who reveals her compassionate side in The Shannara Chronicles novel.

37. Ezri

Ezri is a unique and beautiful jewel name taken from Star Trek and serves as a counselor in the Deep Space Nine Bajoran space station.

38. Falkor

Falkor is taken from The Neverending Story and is played by the white dragon in the film. It sounds a lot like Falcon, but Falkor is a name of German origin that has no meaning but makes for a good name.

39. Faramir

This sci-fi and fantasy name is picked from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and symbolizes someone formidable and strong.

40. Felicity

Felicity is a character in Team Arrow who lives up to the reputation of an MIT graduate. The name means fortunate or happy.

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41. Fleur

This name is of French origin and means flower, and is also found in TV shows. The name is popular in Belgium but not as popular in the US.

Some of its common derivatives are Fleurance and Fleurette if you want something fancier.

42. Flora

This name means flower and is also part of the founding members of Winx Club.

43. Fox

Fox is common as a surname with famous people like Vivica Fox and others, but you can find it in The X-Files, where the highly skilled FBI special agent Fox William Mulder acts.

44. Galadriel

Galadriel is a beautiful name for a baby girl taken from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the movie, the character is not only feared but loved in equal measure.

The name is too unique so you won’t find it among the top 1000 baby names. Plus, you can shorten it to Ria, Gala, Ada, Ariel, Addy, or Rielle.

45. Gandalf

Gandalf is another character in the sci-fi and fantasy film industry taken from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

46. Geordi

Geordi is picked from Star Trek: The Next Generation and is played  by LeVar Burton.

47. Inara

Inara is a name taken from Inara Serra, a character in Firefly, a sci-fi motion picture TV series.

48. Iris

Iris is a name of Greek origin that means rainbow. It’s also a name popular with The Flash, a CW sci-fi series in which Iris West plays the role of a news reporter.

49. Isabeau

Isabeau is a beautiful name for girls drawn from the Ladyhawke fantasy adventure film. The romantic name means God is my oath and is a variant of Isabel, the heroine in the fantasy movie. It’s a unique alternative for Isabella, and very rare among baby name charts.

50. Kael

Kael is taken from General Kael in Willow. In the movie, the character was sent by Queen Bavmorda to find Elora Danan, the baby of prophecy, but is also a variant from the Gaelic name Kaelen. The name means uncertain.

51. Kara

Kara is a name of Welsh origin  that means dearest or beloved one and refers to a movie where Kara Danvers plays Supergirl.

52. Katniss

This name is taken from the popular Hunger games series and is a protagonist character in the series by Suzanne Collins. The name can be shortened to Kat, which makes for a sweet name and nickname for your baby girl.

The name is also drawn from an edible aquatic plant and you can also shorten the name to Catniss, Niss, Kat or Nissie for your baby girl.

53. Kathryn

Kathryn is a name taken from Star Trek, and represents the USS Voyager captain who fought to bring her crew home after being promoted to admiral because of a successful rescue mission.

54. Logan

Logan is a cool name that represents the superhero Wolverine, but is also a cute name for your little girl.

55. Leia

Leia is taken from Star Wars’ princess-turned-general and is a powerful name in pop culture. The name symbolizes beauty, wit and strength, and brings to mind Carrie Fisher, the beloved character, whose name was popular in the 80s and 90s.

It’s also common in sci-fi films and TV series besides being mentioned in fantasy novels.


Marty is taken from Back to the Future, where the lead character Marty McFly is found. It’s also a love interest in romantic novels.

57. Mazarine

Mazarine is a name of French origin but also taken from the movie Reflector, where Mazarine Ford played as Alison. It also refers to the deep blue color.

58. Nyota

Nyota is Swahili for star, but is also a strong willed character in Star Trek, named Nyota Uhura who rose to communications officer on merit.

59. Nerys

Nerys is a name of Welsch origin but it also refers to a character in Star Trek named Kira Nerys. The name means uncertain.

60. Octavia

This is a clan name popular during Victorian times with the Roman emperors and also means eighth. It’s also taken from actress Octavia Spencer who played a role in Ma.

61. Odo

Odo is a name from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and represents one of the Shire and Bilbo cousins’ hobbits. The name is of Tolkien origin but is very rare making it easy to use with your girl.

62. Padme

Padme is also from the Star Wars series and she plays the princess, queen and galactic senator. She has a strong and smart character, which you’d want your little girl to embrace, and portrayed by actress Natalie Portman.

63. Peggy

Peggy is not a popular name these days but is taken from Captain America where Peggy Carter starred, and carved a niche for herself. It’s also a good nickname for other popular names like Margaret.

64. Raven

Raven is a powerful baby name for a girl which is drawn from Raven, the character in many teen series like Teen Titans Go, during her schooling years.

65. Renesmee

This sweet sounding name is taken from Edward and Bella’s daughter in the Twilight movie series. The name means reborn and can be shortened to Enee or Ren.

66. Ripley

Ripley is taken from the badass Ellen Ripley from Alien series, who is the protagonist and a world famous character. The iconic female sci-fi character has an edgy and hipster but fun vibe to it.

67. River

River is a beautiful female fantasy and sci-fi name taken from a character in the Doctor Who series. The character loves justice and building diving adventures, and is a stylish nature name too.

68. Rory

Rory is a character in Doctor Who where she stars as a stalwart companion to the doctor.

69. Rowan

Rowan is another unisex name that’s taken from rowan of Rin, a fantasy series. The titular character proves his worth in the village with his heroic deeds and the name was picked by celebrity Brooke Shields, who gave it to her child.

70. Ruatha

Ruatha means red and is a name of Irish-Scottish origin, taken from the TV series Dragon riders of Pern.

71. Rylan

This name is from the movie The Last Starfighter, whose main master spy, Rylan, was in the Star League. It sounds like a blend of Ryan and Riley and has English origins meaning the land where rye grows.

72. Sarah

Sarah is a name taken from the Bible, who is Abraham’s wife and matriarch of the Jews. She was initially named Sarai, but God changed her name to Sarah, which in Hebrew means a woman of high rank. It’s also translated as princess, lady or noblewoman. 

In Arabic, the name translates to joy and delight. Related names include Seira, Sara, Sadie, Sarai and Sasa.

73. Seraphine

This is a name of French origin, which is also part of the World of Warcraft show. The name means burning ones. In the show, the name refers to the Dryad quest giver.

74. Seren

Seren is taken from the Gossip Girl novel series, indirectly referring to Serena van der Woodsen. The name means star.

75. Sonya

Sonya is from the Mortal Combat series, a Special Forces officer who is resilient in the battle and her spirit stays intact. The name means wise.

76. Sorsha

Sorsha is a rare name from Willow that is derived from Sorcha, which means bright and shining.

77. Septimus

Septimus means seventh son, but is an elaborate fantasy name you can go with for your little girl.

78. Sulu

Sulu is drawn from Star Trek, and represents the memorable George Takei character.

79. Sylvia

This is a name of Latin origin that’s taken from The Truman Show, a sci-fi movie.

80. Tallulah

Tallulah means leaping water and is taken from a great movie series.

81. Tauriel

Tauriel is a name from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which is a kick-ass character in the movie. The name is said to mean forest maiden or daughter of the forest and is rare but has a beautiful, natural sound that’s perfect for your baby girl.

82. Teyla

Teyla is a name from Stargate Atlantis, represented by Teyla Emmagan who prepares for life on Atlantis Earth. The character is adept in technology and martial arts, and thought the name was created just for the show but you can give it to your daughter.

83. Valerian

Valerian is a regal sounding name of Latin origin that means healthy and strong. The name was popular with Roman emperors and saints and is featured in Dragonslayer, though it’s a herb for insomnia too.

84. Vana

This is a name of Cambodian origin that is taken from Tolkien’s world, where the character is one of the most beautiful divine queens, Yavanna.

85. Violet

This is a name of a flower, but is also taken from the movie series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

86. Wendy

Wendy is a name of English origin but also one of the famous characters in the Peter Pan movie.

87. Westley

Westley is an English name from the Princess Bride, which means western meadow.

88. Willow

Willow is a beautiful geeky, charming and brilliant name that represents a fiercely loyal girl who wittingly rescues someone in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s also a name that refers to the willow tree and celebrities like Will Smith and Pink have named their daughters Willow.

89. Ysabell

This is a name of Hebrew origin that’s also found in Mort, and is a unique name for little girls.

90. Zazie

Zazie is a name of Hebrew origin also found in the movie In The Metro by Raymond Queneau.

91. Zephyra

Zephyra is taken from Zephyr, an action-comedy series and it means strong wind.

Wrapping Up

Most of the names on this list appear in many sci-fi or fantasy TV series, novels and films. Not only are they appealing and unique, but they’ll also make your daughter stand out among other girls.