20 Best Female Versions Of Richard

best female versions of richard

Richard is one of the classic names that have stood the test of time. With German roots, the name means “Powerful” or “Brave ruler.” A lot of parents name their sons Richard because the name embodies masculinity.

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20+ Best Sword Names (With Meanings)

Best Sword Names (With Meanings)

If you’re a lover of swords, you’ll agree with me that they are not just weapons but also objects of art and craftsmanship. Swords are also symbolic.

In fact, throughout history, they represent power, strength, and courage. With such deep and unique meanings, it’s not surprising that you want to name your newborn after these iconic blades.

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20 Best Female Versions Of James

Best Female Versions of James

James is one of the most popular biblical names that has existed for centuries now. In Hebrew, the name means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.”

There are a lot of historical figures that have all used the name and that shows just how powerful the name is.

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25 Best Female Versions Of Thomas

best female versions of thomas

Thomas is an incredibly cute Hebrew name that means ‘Twin.’ It is the perfect moniker for when you’re expecting twin boys.

Though if you’re expecting a twin girl or need to pay homage to the family name ‘Thomas,’ there are feminine options for you.

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44 Most Embarrassing Names In English

Most Embarrassing Names In English

Our name is an important part of our identity and its meaning should make enough sense for people to want to associate with us.

However, some parents tilt to dark humor and give their kids names that will cause people to laugh, snigger, or mock their precious gift.

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