30 Cheap & Inexpensive Indoor Dog Fence Ideas

Do you struggle to keep your dog out of the living room, kitchen, or even your furniture? Maybe they’re prone to making a huge mess while digging through the trash bin. As much as we love our furry friends, they can be quite a handful and tend to love going where they’re not supposed to. … Read more

10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are really useful today, whether they’re for snacks, fashion, books, makeup, and wellness stuff, but there are great ones for pets too – including dogs. There are a variety of dog subscription boxes, each with different items like tasty and healthy treats for your pooch, a plethora of toys, grooming items, and doggy … Read more

Barkbox Reviews For Medium Dog – Best Dog Subscription Box

BarkBox is a monthly dog subscription box for your furry baby(ies) in your life! Plan begins at $29/month with free shipping in the US ($5 for outside of the US) and offers prepaid plans so that it can help you save money! This box was paid for and it is for the “Just Right” size which … Read more

Dogs Best Trend Review

Dog’s Best Trend sends thoughtful and stylish small-batch scarves for your best friend. “Make your dog look as good as he/she feels. Our artisan designers from around the world create an original scarf design every month. Sometimes seasonable, sometimes fashionable, but every time beautiful and stylish.” Plans start at just $8.25 per month and include free … Read more

Puptown Girl April 2017

  Puptown Girl is a monthly subscription service that delivers a curated themed box filled with items for you and your dog! You’ll receive 2-3 items such as housewares, apparel, and more and there are 2-3 items for your dog as well. They will also donate a portion of the profits to a dog rescue … Read more