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16 Best Female Versions of David

Best Female Versions of David

David is an evergreen name with religious roots. It is of Hebrew origin, and it means “Beloved” or “Favorite.”

With such special meaning, it is little wonder why it is one of the most popular names in the world. David is a masculine name, so it is inappropriate for a girl, regardless of how much you love it.

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40 Beautiful But Hard-To-Pronounce Names In English

Beautiful But Hard-To-Pronounce Names In English

If you’re an expectant parent and you don’t want to go for the more generic ‘William’ or ‘Emily’, then unique names are the best choice.

With so many common names, you surely want one that will connote a deep and sophisticated personality.

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40+ Illegal Baby Names In The US & Elsewhere

Illegal Baby Names In The US

Choosing a baby name for your child is one of the most fulfilling parts of parenthood. This is especially true if you wish to express a uniqueness through the name.

As heartwarming as this exercise sounds, it can get you in trouble if you choose the wrong name.

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50+ Best Fire Dragon Names

Best Fire Dragon Names

Dragons are a popular fixture in mystical stories and television series. Who doesn’t love the fiery fire-spitting creature that often brings a game-changer to every story?

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Why Is SHEIN So Cheap To Buy?

Why is shein so cheap to buy

These days, everyone is interested in finding ways to save money. You can observe a lot of corporations working hard to differentiate themselves from other businesses in the industry by providing cheaper items.

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40+ Cool Sci-Fi Girl Names With Meanings

Cool Sci-Fi Girl Names with Meaning

If you’re looking for unique, futuristic, and creative names for your baby girl, there are a lot of names out there for you. If you’re a sci-fi fan, the perfect idea would be to choose a cool sci-fi name for her.

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15 Female Versions of Edward

Best Female Versions of Edward

The name Edward is perhaps one of the oldest names you can think of. It brings to mind the old medieval period, and yet the name remains one of the most popular male names.

According to Wikipedia, Edward means Wealth Protector or Rich Guardian. The name is derived from the Old English element ‘ead’ meaning ‘prosperous, wealth, or fortune’ and ‘peard’ which means Protector or Guardian.

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