15 Female Versions of Edward

The name Edward is perhaps one of the oldest names you can think of. It brings to mind the old medieval period, and yet the name remains one of the most popular male names.

According to Wikipedia, Edward means Wealth Protector or Rich Guardian. The name is derived from the Old English element ‘ead’ meaning ‘prosperous, wealth, or fortune’ and ‘peard’ which means Protector or Guardian.

Regardless of how nice its meaning is, Edward is surely a masculine name that wouldn’t befit a female child.

If you happen to be a huge fan of the name, there are cute variations of Edward that are more effeminate and awesome for a girl. I’ve put together a list of cute female versions of Edward alongside their origin and meanings.

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Best Female Versions of Edward That Are Cute for a Girl

1. Eden

Image by J carter via Pexels

Eden is a cute name that Christian and non-religious parents can call their daughter. It is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘a place of pleasure or delight’. According to the Bible, Eden was a beautiful garden otherwise known as paradise which was where the first humans God created lived.

Eden is a rare and beautiful name and some famous people called Eden include Eden Riegel, an American actress; Eden Paul, a British writer and physician, and Eden Sher, a young American TV actress.

It is a nice variation of the name Edward that works for a girl. Your daughter will grow up to be graceful, serene, and of course very beautiful, just like the name connotes.

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2. Edwina

Image by Singkham via Pexels

This is another female version of the name Edward that is better suited for a girl. It is of Old English origin and it means, ‘rich or wealthy friend’ which is very similar to the meaning of Edward.

This name is not only feminine, but special and one that will remain evergreen in the minds of people who cross paths with your daughter.

There are many famous people with the name and some of them are Edwina Currie, a popular English novelist and politician. Another is Edwina Mountbatten, an English heiress and aristocrat.

There’s also Edwina Hayes, an English singer and songwriter. Edwina is cute and classic and a girl named Edwina would likely grow up to be outspoken, authoritative, talented, and very innovative.

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3. Edith

Image by Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels

Edith has always been a lovable name and fortunately makes it to this list. It is of both Hebrew and Old English origin and it means ‘rich, happy, war, and blessed’ respectively. Edith is unique and not common to find especially in these times.

However, it has a nice meaning and is the perfect replacement for Edward if you have a baby girl. One of the most famous people called Edith is Edith Roosevelt, the wife of American President, Theodore Roosevelt.

Other notable figures include Edith Wharton, an American writer, and Edith Piaf, a popular French singer and songwriter. Your child would surely stand out from her peers with this name and grow up to be a quiet, respectful, friendly, and kind woman.

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4. Edelia

Image by Davis Sánchez via Pexels

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Although its meaning is different from that of Edward, Edelia is perhaps one of the most beautiful versions of Edward that many parents would love. With a popular variation of ‘Delia’, this name is of Greek origin and it means ‘always young or remains youthful’.

It is a cute and unique name that will stand out easily and a girl named Edelia would most likely be smart, friendly, beautiful, compassionate, ambitious, spiritual, creative, and even romantic. Since it has different variations, it is easy to find various celebrities bearing other forms of this name.

Some famous people called Edelia are Bonnie Bedelia, a famous actress in Die Hard. Others include Delia Smith, a British celebrity chef, and Delia Lawrie, an Australian politician. These women lived fiercely and left their footprints in the sands of time. Your daughter will surely draw inspiration from them.

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5. Edina

Image by Bassam Abo Hamed via Pexels

If you’re looking for an adorable female version of Edward, then this should be on your list. Edina is a graceful name that gives off aristocratic or royal effects. It is of Old English origin and it means ‘wealthy or rich friend.’

Edina also means ‘prosperous fort’ and it is a thoughtful name to call your adorable baby girl. She will not only be a born leader but also success-oriented, passionate, friendly, and caring.

The meaning of her name also suggests that she will prosper in life and impact a lot of people just like the American Muslim humanitarian celebrity, Edina Lekovic. She is not only a scholar but was also mentioned as the top 10 Most Inspiring Woman Game Changers in Los Angeles in 2015.

She’s also one of the most influential Muslims in the world according to Georgetown University. Other notable women with this name include Edina Gallovits-Hall, a Romanian tennis player, and Edina Ronay, a Hungarian fashion designer.

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6. Edlyn

Image by Gift Habeshaw via Pexels

Edlyn is another creative and unique name you can call your daughter. It is of Old English origin and it means ‘small noble one or princess.’

Edlyn is common to an extent but typically not a name you get to hear every day which makes it a great choice for parents who like rare names. There are also cute variations like Edlyn, Lynn, Edelynn, Edline, and so on.

You will even take pride in having your daughter share names with celebrities like Edlyn Sabrina, an Indian/Ugandan actress, and Edlyn Peregrina, a popular Philippina actress from the 70s. These women were of great inspiration.

The name Edlyn is befitting of a child who’d grow up to be regal, confident, authoritative, talented, and extremely popular among her peers.

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7. Edmonda

Image by Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels

This is another rare name that will be perfect for your baby girl. It not only has a melodic ring to it, but also a profound meaning.

The name is of Old English origin and it means ‘wealthy protector or rich guardian.’ It’s such a powerful meaning that will surely impart your daughter’s life.

If you’re from a rich home and looking forward to having your girl inherit the family’s wealth, then this name will suit her well.

Both religious and non-religious parents can call their daughters this appealing name. There’s no known female celebrity named Edmonda, which is not only surprising but also great because it further lends credence to its rarity.

Your daughter will surely stand out with this and also be an adorable wealthy woman who is goal-oriented, self-aware, creative, friendly, caring, articulate, and very beautiful.

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8. Edna

Image by cottonbro via Pexels

This beautiful name is another name befitting an adorable baby girl. It is appealing and not so common. Edna is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘pleasure, delight, and rebirth.’

The name bears some form of similarity with the name Eden. Edna is also of old English origin and it means ‘rich guardian’ which makes it a great option if you need a feminine version of Edward.

There are several famous women named Edna and some of them are Edna Lewis, a Sierra Leonean chef; Edna St. Vincent Millay, an American playwright and poet, and Edna Kiplagat, a famous Kenyan athlete.

Best of all, a girl by the name of Edna is soft-spoken, youthful, selfless, artistic, and very elegant.

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9. Edsel

Image by cottonbro via Pexels

Edsel is a gender-neutral name that works for both females and males. It is of Old English and Germanic origin and it means ‘noble and bright’. Also, it may mean ‘a wealthy man’s estate or hall’.

Surprisingly, the only known famous person to bear this name is Edsel Ford, an American automotive businessman, and son of Henry Ford. However, it doesn’t make it any less of a feminine name and a nice alternative to Edward.

Your daughter will grow to be youthful, elegant, fierce, outspoken, intelligent, and a go-getter. She won’t be pushed around and will thrive amongst her peers.

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10. Edia

Image by cottonbro via Pexels

Edia is another unique name that is appealing and extremely feminine. It is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘God’s decoration or adornment of God.’

Not only is Edia a beautiful name, but it is also perfect for spiritual or Christian parents looking for a Godly female version of Edward. A girl named Edia won’t only be unique and different from her peers, but she will have an endearing personality that will draw people to her.

She would also be compassionate, pretty, confident, and very protective of those she cares about. Edie may also grow to be a deeply spiritual person and one who cares about nature.

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11. Edana

Image by Gustavo Fring via Pexels

Do you love Irish names? Then this feminine variation of Edward would surely be on the top of your list. The name Edana is a very elegant and girly name that befits your little princess. It is of Gaelic or Irish origin and it means ‘fire’.

Edana is a cute, rare, and very simple name that many parents will enjoy calling their daughter. One notable figure with this name is the Australian-born actress, Edana Isobel Jamora. A child called Edana will most likely be self-reliant, intelligent, fierce, filled with wisdom, highly focused, and very studious.

She will also grow to become talented, gracious, intuitive, and very independent.

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12. Edra

Image by APHOTOX via Pexels

Let’s be honest, a name like Edra will surely have you eager to know the bearer. It is a very rare and futuristic name that is perfect for a girl child.

The name is from different origins namely Hebrew, Hindi, and old English. In Hebrew and Hindi, Edra means ‘powerful’. Edra is a variation of Edrea, and in Old English, it means ‘rich or powerful.

This meaning is enough to prove how dominant and energetic your girl will be. She’s definitely a born leader and will soar, unleashing her full potential.

Some famous people with this name are Edra Jean Parker, a popular American actress that starred in the movie, Hello Dolly! Another is Edra Fiocci, an American actress.

Take pride in having your girl share names with these celebrity actresses. All in all, she will be a determined, independent, and charismatic individual.

She will also find it easy to make friends because of her personality as well as her intellect.

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13. Edeva

Image by Yan Krukov via Pexels

This female version of Edward is another interesting name for a baby girl. It is of Old English origin and it means ‘rich or expensive gift’.

Aside from its special meaning, one thing to like about this name is its simplicity, especially when it comes to pronunciation. Edeva is a natural-born leader, independent, honest, and very much self-aware.

A girl called Edeva will most likely turn out to be goal-driven, self-reliant, extremely loyal, and very strong-willed. Due to her leadership qualities, she will also turn out to be a very glib speaker.

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14. Edreana

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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Edreana is another amazing girly variation of Edward that most people are not aware of. It is a very uncommon name and is of Old Greek origin.

However, in French, the name means ‘woman from Adria or dark and rich.’ Adria is an area beside the Adriatic sea in East Italy. A child called Edreana will be very expressive, friendly, outgoing, and trustworthy. She generally has a sunny personality that endears people to her.

Your child would most likely be very creative with a huge flair for the arts. She would also be very optimistic, self-reliant, and aristocratic. She will care a lot about self-respect and will be no pushover.

A very popular variation of the name is Ariana or Adriana and one famous person with this name is Ariana Grande, an American/Italian pop singer. Another is Adriana Lima, a model. Edreana is elegant, appealing, and has a feminine ring to it that just makes it perfect for a beautiful baby girl.

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15. Edelle

Image by Melina Engård via Pexels

Edelle is surely striking and a name that isn’t heard often. Hence, whoever the bearer is will surely stand out from the crowd. It is of German origin and it means ‘noble or superior one.’

Clearly, it is an aristocratic name that has a very special meaning. Although no known famous people bear the name Edelle, its variation Adele is surely a popular one and a notable person with this name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, a British songwriter and singer.

Your daughter will grow up to be an intelligent woman, one who is very poised and graceful as well as perceptive. A child called Edelle has a mysterious personality that makes people want to know her more.

She loves a luxurious lifestyle and likes to be elegant as often as possible. Edelle is also very authoritative, honest, and can be sometimes aloof. However, she has a kind heart and is willing to sacrifice her happiness for another.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it! The best female versions of Edward.

As you have noticed, the names above all have powerful meanings attached to them plus lots of notable women bearing the same name.

The profound meanings of these names will greatly be reflected in the life of your daughter, so you would have to think critically before choosing any.