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80 Cute Names For Boyfriend On Your Phone

Saving your boyfriend’s contact with a cute name is one of the most romantic ways to show how much you love him. It validates your love and expresses the history you share together. 

Though the best names are usually from spontaneous moments or favorite memories, this list of cute names for boyfriends should get you started. 

In the end, you want something that expresses how you feel about him and one that will make you smile once his call pops into your phone. 

This post has the best cute names for your boyfriend that might even make your relationship stronger in years to come. 

Without much ado, let’s dive in!

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Cute Names for Boyfriend on your Phone

1. Dimples

Yes, I know. It’s a bit weird calling your boyfriend Dimples but what if he has these irresistible dimples that appear whenever he smiles? Maybe that’s what attracted you to him in the first place. If that’s the case, feel free and save his number with Dimples.


This simply stands for “Love Of My Life”. If the thought of this guy makes you feel at ease; with him you’ve found a home, it’s not a bad idea to store his contact as LOML with a love emoji beside it.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives via Pexels

3. Cariño

Cariño is a Spanish name that means, “darling” or “sweetheart”. It’s used when you are fond of someone and in this case, your boyfriend!

4. Sunshine

Sunshine is also another cute name for your boyfriend especially seeing how much he lights up your world. Or maybe he is always smiling and happy.

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5. Prince Charming

This is a perfect name for a perfect boyfriend – one who is kind, attractive, confident, and friendly; one who takes you on a fairy-tale romantic ride. 

6. Pumpkin

This is such an adorable name and has nothing to do with the round and large vegetable with thick skin. It’s simply an American slang used as a form of endearment and similar to “Darling” or “Sweetheart”.

7. Muscles

If you drool at the sight or thought of your boyfriend’s biceps, it makes sense to save his number as Muscles. Maybe you can even add a love or blushing emoji beside the name to make it more endearing.

8. Cupcake

Ordinarily, cupcakes are sweet and creamy. If your boyfriend is the sweetest soul you’ve ever met, this name suits him perfectly. It’s similar to, “Sugar”, “Honey”, or “Sweetie”.

9. Darling

This is an old English byname that can be traced back to the 9th century. It was derived from the word, “Deorling” and was given to someone who was loved and cared for deeply by his family and friends.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

10. Better half

A perfect name for a man who completes you. It’s also a good way of letting him know that it’s him and no one else. 

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11. Big Baby

When he is with his friends, he displays his manly traits but when he is with you, he is literally your baby and he enjoys your pampering. 

12. Teddy Bear

This name is perfect for your boyfriend if he is plumpy and gives the best bear hugs. You usually can’t wait to curl up in bed with him at night and whenever you’re overwhelmed, his hugs set you at ease. 

Photo by Cottonbro via Pexels

13. Bae or Boo

While Bae means “Before anyone else”, Boo means “Before others”. Let your boyfriend know that he comes first in your life with these cute names. 

14. Favorite

This name is perfect if your boyfriend is your all-time favorite person. You can even use the shorter version, “Fave” with a blushing emoji. 

15. Honey Bunny

Your man could be the sweetest person in your life at the moment, go ahead and save his number as “Honey Bunny”. 

16. Snack

If your boyfriend has great sex appeal such that you want to eat him up whenever you see him, then Snack suits him perfectly. 

17. Champ

A man who is the champion of your heart deserves this cute name. It’s the short form of “Champion”. 

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18. Liebling

Liebling is a German endearment word that means, “Darling,” “Dear,” or “Favorite”. It reinstates how much your love and care for your boyfriend.

Photo by Andre Futaro via Pexels

19. Wonderboy

If your lover is successful, popular, confident, and a go-getter, you can call him your Wonderboy. It’s just you reminding him how much you believe in him. 

20. Mr. Handsome

When this name pops up on your phone screen when it rings, your friends or colleagues don’t need anyone to tell them that you are dating the most handsome man.

21. Cutie

This name is perfect if your boyfriend is just too irresistible and you can’t seem to keep your hands to yourself whenever he is around. 

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22. PIC

You can save your man’s number with PIC or simply in full as “Partner in Crime” if he brings out the troublesome part of you – in a cute way of course. 

23. Maverick

This name is excellent if your boyfriend is free and acts independently from the usual or expected way.

24. Casanova

Nope, this doesn’t mean he has a lot of lovers – far from it. It just means he is adventurous and super seductive.

25. Annoying Boyfriend

If your boyfriend gets on your nerves but in a cute way, or he is a pain in your ass, feel free to save his number with “Annoying Boyfriend”. It’s a good way to give your relationship a playful and silly vibe.

Photo by Afif Kusuma via Pexels

26. Superstar

If the love of your life dreams of the Hollywood lifestyle and is quite talented and hardworking, this name is a good fit. 

27. Boo Bear

This is also an affectionate term for your boyfriend to reaffirm that he means so much to you; he is your soulmate and the sweetest person in your life.

28. Mister Man

Mister Man sounds perfect and cute when you want your man to feel like the man of the house.

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29. Baby

This is an all-time classic cute name for the person who makes your heart beat and fills your soul with peace and warmth. You love him so much that you can’t imagine a life without him.

30. Dream Boat

You should save your man’s number with this name if he is so attractive that you struggle to catch your breath whenever he is around you. 

31. Lover Boy

Give your boyfriend this name if he is a hopeless romantic or constantly showers you with attention, or gifts and doesn’t hesitate to tell you how much you mean to him. 

32. My world

This is to remind you and your partner that they are your everything. He makes your life exciting and worth living.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

33. Soulmate

If you feel perfectly suited for this man, your life goals and ideologies align so much that it feels like you were created for each other, you should definitely save his number as “Soulmate”.

34. Superhero

Your boyfriend somehow has a solution to every problem you tell him; once you complain or grumble about something, he switches to “fix it” mode, saving your butt even at the last minute. He is your superhero.

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35. Babe

Babe is a classic name reserved for someone special and close to your heart; someone who shares romantic feelings with you. The name is a bit popular as well and you can use it if you want to keep things simple.

36. Naughty

If you have a sexy and freaky boyfriend, this name will suit him perfectly. You can even spice it up by adding a silly emoji beside the name.

37. Mi Corazón

In Spanish, this word means, “My heart”. It’s a good way to remind your lover that he owns your heart now and forever.

38. Mi Amor

This is also another Spanish affectionate word that means “My Love” or “My Darling”. I love this name because it sounds classy. 

39. Big Guy

If you are petite and your man is bigger or taller than you, then this cute name is one of the perfect ways to show your love and affection. 

40. Bubba

Does your boyfriend look out for you as a big brother? Maybe he is quite older than you and charmingly cares for you, you can call him “Bubba”.

41. Charmer

You can save your boyfriend’s contact with this name if he has an attractive and adorable personality that endears people to him.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

42. Chief

Your boyfriend is your chief if he is good at charmingly taking charge or he is a natural leader.

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43. Firecracker

Firecracker best describes someone with a bubbly and lively personality. They effortlessly light up a room. If your boyfriend ticks these boxes, his name should definitely be stored as “Firecracker” in your phone. 

44. Dearest

You could go a bit old school and call your man, “Dearest”. It means that you love and cherish him so much. 

45. Good looking

This name is perfect for your man if heads turn when he walks into a room or people can’t stop staring and admiring him when you walk hand-in-hand along the street. 

46. Hottie

This is another cute name reserved for your amazingly sexy boyfriend. You can even attach a fire emoji to the name for more emphasis on how hot he is. 

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47. Hunk

If your boyfriend is huge, macho, good-looking, and sexually attractive, this name fits perfectly. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

48. Jellybean

Jellybean is a unique and cute name if your man appears or acts hard but behind closed doors or when you come closer, he is quite a softie. 

49. Fella

Fella sounds perfect if you want to go old school or you share a timeless love and connection with your partner.

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50. Foxy

Foxy means someone that is sexy and very attractive. So, yeah, use this name if your boyfriend ticks the boxes and has a lot of charisma. 

51. My King

If your lover makes you feel like a queen or treats you like royalty, this is the perfect name to save his contact on your phone. 

52. McDreamy

McDreamy is one of the fictional characters in Grey’s Anatomy. The name is used to address a good-looking man who embodies all the traits you want in a partner. 

You constantly feel like you won the jackpot with him because truly being with him feels like a dream. 

53. My Muse

If you are creative and your man inspires you to paint or write more stories or songs, then he is your muse. 

54. Romeo

Remember the famous Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet story, where Juliet drank a potion that made her appear dead and Romeo, thinking that she was actually dead, drank a poison that killed him?

If your boyfriend will go to the same lengths to prove his love for you, then he is your Romeo and you, his Juliet. 

55. Stallion

Stallion sounds great if your man is sexually active, has a high libido, and you love this part of him.

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56. My Person

When you both got each other’s back and he is the perfect friend and romantic partner you can ever ask for, you should save his number with “My Person” – with a heart emoji of course. 

Photo by Thirdman

57. Heartthrob

If his mere touch makes your heart beat fast or you get excited whenever he is around, then you can call him your heartthrob.

58. Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie is for when he is so sweet and cuddly that you just want to eat him up. 

59. Love Bug

This name is from the Jonas Brothers’ song, “Love Bug”. There is a particular lyric line that says, “I never thought I’d catch this Love Bug again”. 

Maybe you never thought you would love someone again, maybe you had already given up on love, then this man comes and sweeps you off your feet. It’s super cute to call him “Love Bug”.

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60. BF

This acronym stands for “Boyfriend”. It’s an excellent choice if you just want to keep things short and cute. 

61. Bebetom

Bebetom is a Turkish word that means, “My baby”. You can use this name if your boyfriend is Turkish.

62. Stud

You can save your man’s contact with stud if he likes showing off how smart or strong he is. 

63. Tiger

A name like Tiger is ideal for boyfriends who are fiercely attractive for their domineering nature and ability to step in and take charge of situations.

64. Bestie

If your man understands you like no other, and supports and protects you fiercely, he could double as your best friend. You can save his name as Bestie on your phone. 

Photo by Vera Arsic via Pexels

65. Sweetie

This name reaffirms how fond you are of your boyfriend; how much you love him and how he is the sweetest and nicest person you have ever met.

66. My Knight

When your love story is like a fairy tale and your man is brave and kind and always comes to your rescue, you can call him your knight in shining armor.

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67. Beau

Beau connotes two meanings. First, in French, it means, “A handsome man” while in slang, it means “Boyfriend” or “Lover”. When we join both meanings, it means handsome boyfriend. 

68. Papi

Papi is another cute name to call your lover. It’s Spanish slang that means an “attractive older man”. 

69. Mi Alma

Mi Alma is also another Spanish pet name that means “My soul”. Sometimes, your partner can be the bane of your existence. You can use this name to show how deep your connection is. 

70. Apple of my eye

This is an English idiom that means that you cherish someone above all things or that he is very important to you and you are fond of them.

71. Mr ride or die

This name shows your unflinching loyalty and commitment to your guy. No matter what happens, you are stuck with each other.

72. Heartstopper

Maybe your first meeting happened like in the movies. It seemed like time stopped beating, your heart froze while he walked toward you with a smile. If this is your favorite memory of him, then he is indeed your heartstopper.

Photo from Pexels

73. Sexy beast

When your boyfriend is a sexy beast, it means that he is super attractive in a sexual way or he is the kinkiest between you two.

74. Number One

Your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who comes around you definitely needs to know that your man comes first and takes the front seat in your life. 

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75. Key to my heart

This is a very cute name for the man who stole your heart, nurtured it, and makes you happy and content. Now? He owns your heart.

76. My man

You can keep it straightforward. As usual, attach a love or blushing emoji when saving the name to make it cuter. 

77. My treasure

Using this man for your lover means he is so valuable to you and you’re willing to work on the relationship to ensure that you don’t ever lose him.

78. Xoxo

XOXO simply means hugs and kisses. It’s the perfect name to showcase your affection and deep romantic feelings for your boyfriend. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

79. Daredevil

If you have a spontaneous lover, one who damns all consequences and takes a lot of risks, this name will suit perfectly. 

80. Habibi

This means lover in Arabic. It sounds familiar to “Hubby” and so is a perfect name if you are already seeing a future with your man.

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Bottom Line

That’s all! You can save your boyfriend’s name with any of these cute names on your phone. 

Choose the one that best suits how you feel about him or the best memory you have of him. You can even tweak the names to your taste.