120+ Cowboy Names For Boys (With Meanings)

Cowboys are described as people who tended to cattle on horseback in the 18th century. They are admired for sterling qualities including bravery, adventure, good-natured, handsome looks, etc.

Calling your child a cowboy name such as Colton, Adam, Ryder, Dylan, etc., will infuse your child with admirable cowboy qualities as he grows up to be a fine, young man.

Here are 120+ cowboy names for boys with meanings.

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120+ Cowboy Names For Boys (With Meanings)

Names Starting With A

  1. Adam: Adam means Earth. Although this name has a Jewish origin, it is a name favored by cowboys for its close relationship with nature. Hence, children named Adam often grow up to be pleasant and good-natured people at peace with their environment.
  2. Alfred: Alfred means ‘wise counselor.’ It is a name originating from the Anglo-Saxons, popular amongst the western cattle ranchers.
  3. Allison: Allison means ‘Noble.’ It is the male version of ‘Alice.’ Cowboys who protect their homestead and the weak are considered noble.
  4. Alonzo: Alonzo means ‘ready for battle.’ It is a Spanish-Italian name popular amongst the cowboys of South-American extraction.
  5. Ames: Ames means ‘a friend.’ The name can be traced to English, French, or German origins, commonly adopted by cowboys who roamed America’s wild west.
  6. Angus: Angus means ‘One strength or One Vigor.’ It is a name that denotes strength. The name originates from old English tribes and is common amongst cattle ranchers.
  7. Ashley: Ashley is an English name meaning ‘Ash tree meadow.’ Since cowboys roamed the open fields (meadows), it is a befitting cowboy name for a free-spirited child.
  8. Austin: Austin means ‘great or magnificent.’ It is an attractive south-western name popular amongst cattle herders and ranchers of the old western-American plains.

Names Starting With B

  1. Barret: Barret means ‘mighty as a bear.’ The name was notable during the Norman conquest and grew in popularity due to its etymology.
  2. Bart: Bart has its origin in the Hebrew language, meaning ‘son of the Earth.’ Children bearing Bart are often believed to be nature lovers, with much love for horses and plains.
  3. Bass: Bass comes from the Old French, and it means ‘humble origin.’ Of course, all cowboys and ranch owners have humble origins.
  4. Beau: Beau means beautiful in French. Cowboys, horses, herds of cattle, and meadow plains were a beauty to behold. The name infuses beauty and charm to the bearer.
  5. Billy: Billy, in Old English, means ‘resolute protection.’ Cowboys are known to protect what’s theirs: their family and herds.
  6. Blake: means pale or white. It was a nickname for cowboys with extraordinarily dark or light hair.
  7. Blaze: Blaze is of Latin origin; the name means ‘fire.’ It’s a name that can fire up cowboy passion in your kid, giving him the energy to complete whatever he sets his heart out to do.
  8. Bobby: Bobby is of German and English origins, meaning ‘bright fame.’ Call your son Bobby, and watch him gather fame and accolades in his chosen endeavor, much like famous cowboys and ranch owners.
  9. Bonney: Bonney is an English name meaning beautiful. It was used as a nickname for handsome and well-built men and is most commonly used by cowboys.
  10. Boone: Boone means ‘good.’ It has both Latin and French origins. It’s a name also used by cowboys to wish good sales.
  11. Bram: Bram in Hebrew can be the short version of Abraham, one of the greatest cattle herders in biblical times. It also has Scottish origins, meaning ‘raven, or bramble.’
  12. Bronco: Bronco is of Spanish descent, meaning ‘rough or unbroken horse.’ Bronco can be used to denote a tough, unyielding human.
  13. Bryce: Bryce means ‘Speckled or freckled.’ It’s a name given by cowboys to horses or cows with distinct patches of color.
  14. Buck: Buck means ‘male deer.’ The name originates from the English, and it is a much-favored name for cowboys since Bucks are known for sensitivity, speed, and agility.
  15. Burt: Burt has a mix of English and Scottish backgrounds. It means ‘fulfilled.’ Cowboys who bore the name Burt are known to live a fulfilled life as cowboys or cattle herders.
  16. Butch: Butch means ‘manly,’ it describes key attributes of boldness and courage in cowboys. The name has its origin in America.

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Names Starting With C

  1. Carson: Carson is of Irish origin and it means ‘marsh-dweller.’ The name comes straight out of the Wild-West, an era dominated by cowboys and gunslingers.
  2. Carter: Carter means ‘transporter.’ It is an occupational name given for a person or cowboy who transports goods using a cart or wagon. The name has an English origin.
  3. Casey: Casey is an Irish name meaning ‘Vigilant.’ Of course, cowboys are a vigilant or watchful set of people; hence it is not uncommon to see cowboys adopting the name Casey favoring their roles as guardsmen.
  4. Cassidy: Cassidy, from the Irish, means ‘Clever.’ It’s a perfect cowboy name since cowboys are known to be clever with ropes, horses, and cows.
  5. Charlie: Charlie from the Old German means ‘free man.’ People bearing the name Charlie are free-spirited, much like the cowboys and horses that roamed the wild western plains.
  6. Clay: Clay means ‘mortal.’ The name emanates from an English origin. Cowboys go about their daily activities with an air of invincibility; they, however, acknowledge their mortality with the name ‘Clay.’
  7. Clint: Clint comes from the old English, meaning ‘fenced settlement.’ Cowboys are known to live in settlements or groups.
  8. Cole: Cole, from the middle English, means ‘swarthy.’ Cowboys got their swags too; hence, the name ‘Cole’ is a cool, swarthy name.
  9. Coleman: Coleman, from English origins, means charcoal burner. Cowboys are known for charming characters that burn their way into people’s hearts.
  10. Colt: Colt is of American origin, meaning ‘young horse.’ The name can infuse into your child the energy of a young, vibrant horse.
  11. Cooper: Cooper means ‘repairer of wooden vessels.’ Generally, cowboys are fixers; Cooper can be a perfect cowboy name for your son since it originates from Mid-English times.

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Names Starting With D

  1. Dallas: Dallas means ‘meadow dwellers.’ This name has a Scottish origin and was probably used to describe cowboys and ranchers.
  2. David: David is a name meaning beloved in Hebrew. From the bible, David was a cattle herder who became the King of Israel.
  3. Decker: Decker comes from the old German, meaning ‘builder’ in the natural sense. However, cowboys are known to build great herds of cattle and communities.
  4. Denim: Denim is of French origin, meaning ‘strong cloth.’  Denim jeans are a rugged material much favored by cowboys. Hence, a child named Denim can grow up to be a tough one as well.
  5. Denver: Denver means ‘green valley,’ and it is of old French and English origins. What better name portrays the outdoor life of cowboys than Denver?
  6. Duncan: Duncan originates from the old English, meaning ‘dark warrior.’ Well, cowboys are warriors ready to fight and protect what they loved the most.
  7. Dusty: Dusty from then old English and German, meaning, ‘brave warrior.’ It’s a common cowboy name for horses.

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Names Starting With E

  1. Earle: Earle means ‘noble leader.’ The name is of English descent, not only for titleholders, but it’s a name with a cowboy attribute: leadership.
  2. Eastwood: Eastwood, from the old English, describes the outdoor woodland dwellers. It’s a catchy cowboy name you might want to call your son if you fancy the outdoor wood dwellers’ lifestyle.
  3. Elias: It means ‘the Lord is my God’ in Hebrew. In fact, Hebrew settlers were cattle herders who believed very much in God. Thus, Elias can be a catchy cowboy name for those with a Christian background.
  4. Emmett: Emmett has mixed origins but means ‘universal’ in English. Cowboys are universal characters found occupying green plains worldwide.

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Names Starting With F

  1. Fisher: Fisher is an old occupational name for a fisherman; some notable men and cowboys bore the name Fisher in the 19th century western plains of America.
  2. Flint: Flint means ‘stream’ in old English. A stream is a source of water for cowboys and their cattle as they roamed the plains.
  3. Flynn: Flynn means ‘ruddy,’ which was a nickname for red-haired cowboys, or cowboys who favored red colored shirts.
  4. Frank: Frank is of German origin, meaning ‘freeman.’ It is the German’s way of describing free-spirited cowboys who roamed the plains.

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Names Starting With G

  1. Galen: Galen has a Greek origin meaning ‘calm.’ It’s a common name for calm and reliable horses used to herd cattle.
  2. Gary: Gary is an American name originating from the old German. The name means ‘spear power.’ Although the cowboys are no spear wielders, they had great admiration for the spear-wielding Indians.
  3. Gideon: Gideon is a Hebrew name that translates to ‘great warrior.’ In biblical times, the Jewish cattle herder was a great warrior who brought victory to his tribe.
  4. Goddard: Goddard is from the old English with Norman roots. The name has two components: God and hard, meaning brave or strong like a God. Calling your child, Goddard can infuse in him qualities associated with cowboys such bravery and strength.
  5. Graham: Graham in the old English means ‘gravel homestead.’ Gravel comes from granite and possesses attractive qualities that relate to strength.

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Names Starting With H

  1. Hank: Hank is a name of Germanic origin, which means ‘home ruler.’ It describes leadership roles played by cattle herders, ranchers, or cowboys.
  2. Hardin: Hardin from the old English means ‘valley of hares.’ It’s a classic boy name that could reflect boys’ lives in the old, wild west, preparing them for adulthood.
  3. Harry: Harry means ‘home ruler.’ It is a name of Germanic origin, and it describes leadership roles played by cattle herders, ranchers, or cowboys.
  4. Harvey: Harvey is an old English name meaning ‘blazing iron.’ It also means ‘warrior’ in old French. The name describes the cowboy’s preparedness for battle.
  5. Hayden: Hayden originates from the old German, meaning ‘heathen.’ It is also a name given to honor Josef Haydn, a composer who lived in the 16th century.
  6. Horn: Horn is an occupational name for horn carvers. The name originates from the old English. Cowboys are thought to have made objects out of cow horns.
  7. Huck: Huck means ‘bog.’ The name originates from the German and Dutch. It is a cowboy name favored for its simplicity.

Names Starting With J

  1. Jackson: Jack is an American name meaning ‘God is gracious.’ Jackson means son of Jack. It’s a popular medieval English name widely adopted by cowboys of English and American origins.
  2. Jacoby: Jacoby is a name with a Hebrew origin. It means ‘the supplanter.’ Jacob was the first cattle herder to have cross-bred cattle based on genetic principles in the Bible times.
  3. James: James is a Hebrew name meaning ‘the follower;’ in as much as cowboys are leaders, they are also followers, going wherever green grass and water are abundant. Hence the name is a perfect cowboy fit.
  4. Jeremy: Jeremy is the English form of the Hebrew name ‘Jeremiah,’ meaning ‘God’s appointed.’
  5. Jesse: Jesse is a Hebrew name meaning ‘king.’ Jesse is a notable cattle herder of the biblical times whose youngest son, David, became king of Israel.
  6. John: John is a Hebrew name. It basically means ‘God is gracious.’ The name gained so much popularity amongst cowboys of the wild, western America.
  7. Julian: Means ‘young at heart.’ It is a name of Latin origin much favored amongst the early cowboys.

Names Starting With L

  1. Lancaster: Lancaster is an old English name meaning ‘Roman fort on the Lune river.’ It’s a name popular in cowboy camps.
  2. Lane: Lane is an old English name meaning a pathway or small road. Cowboys are known to travel with their cattle along mapped or cattle paths.
  3. Lawrence: Lawrence means ‘bright.’ It is an English name of Latin origin. Cowboys are bright or brilliant individuals who rely on their intelligence and skills to herd cattle.
  4. Levi: Levi is an ancient middle name meaning ‘attached.’ Levi is a set of Jewish people committed to serving Jehovah. They are a mix of cattle herders known for roaming the great mid-eastern plains.
  5. Liam: Liam is an Irish name meaning guardian or protector. It is a perfect cowboy name that shows one of the rare qualities of cowboys.
  6. Lloyd: Lloyd is of Irish descent, and it means ‘grey.’ It’s a name commonly used by cowboys to describe grey, spirited horses.
  7. Logan: Logan means ‘descendants of warriors.’ The name is of Irish origin and best applies to cattle herders or wandering tribes of the medieval English times.
  8. Louis: Louis means ‘mighty in battle.’ This French name describes the famous cowboys who are skilled fighters as well.
  9. Lucky: Lucky is an old English name meaning ‘fortunate.’ The name is a perfect fit for a cowboy since they are looked upon as fortunate.
  10. Luke: Luke is an English derivative of Lucas, meaning ‘born at dawn.’ This name describes the outdoor kind of life lived by cattle herders and their families.

Names Starting With M

  1. Maverick: Maverick means ‘independent.’ It was part of the surname of a 19th-century Texas-based cattle rancher.
  2. McCarty: McCarty is an old English name meaning ‘loving.’ Cowboys are brutal with their enemies; they are also a loving set of people.
  3. Miles: Miles emanates from Latin origin; it means ‘soldier.’ Calling your child Miles can imbue in him sterling qualities worthy of a cowboy.
  4. Montana: Montana is a name from the Spanish meaning ‘Mountain.’ It’s a cowboy name for boys who would grow up to become men not easily swayed by people or happenings around them.
  5. Morgan: Morgan is a Welsh name meaning ‘sea defender or captain.’ The name fits perfectly well for a cowboy name since they are considered captains of their group or herd.
  6. Murray: is an old English name meaning ‘master and lord of all.’ Cowboys and cattle herders are also referred to as ‘lord and master of all’ over their cattle and household.

Names Starting From N to P

  1. Nash: Nash originates from the old English. It means ‘Ash tree-dwellers.’ This name describes the abode of some cowboys or cattle herders.
  2. Obadiah: Obadiah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘servant of God.’ Cowboys are servants, too; hence this can be a perfect cowboy name for your kid if you’re religiously inclined.
  3. Pete: Pete is an English name originating from the Hebrew name Peter, meaning ‘rock.’ The name describes the solid stance taken by Peter, a disciple of Jesus. A perspective popular amongst cowboys too.

Names Starting From Q to R

  1. Quentin: Quentin is a French name with origins in Latin. The name means ‘the fifth.’ The name describes the fifth child (if it’s a male) born to a cattle herder family.
  2. Randy: Randy is an English name meaning ‘wolf, or protector.’ It’s a perfect cowboy name considering their role as protector.
  3. Ranger: Ranger is an English name originating from the French. The name means ‘forest keeper.’ Cowboys, too, are herd keepers, protecting their herd and family.
  4. Ray: Ray is an English name meaning ‘wise protector.’ It is a perfect cowboy name that shows one of the rare qualities of cowboys.
  5. Redley: Redley is an Old English name meaning ‘red meadow or plains.’ It’s a symbolic form of speech used by cowboys to describe fields lit up by flowers in the golden evening sun.
  6. Rex: Rex is an old English name used to describe a person who dwells near a stream or at the foot of a hill. Cowboys are known to take up living in an ideal location.
  7. Rowdy: Rowdy is an American name used to describe spirited persons. It’s a common name for cowboys who roamed the wild west.
  8. Roy: Roy means ‘king.’ It’s an old English name common amongst the heathens who roamed the plains of England and France tilling the land or rearing cattle.
  9. Russell: Russell is a French name meaning ‘fox-colored hair.’ The name aptly describes cowboys or individuals with red-hair.
  10. Ryder: Ryder is an English name meaning ‘horseman or rider.’ Cowboys remain some of the best horse riders the world has ever produced.

Names Starting From S to T

  1. Sam: is an English adaptation of the Hebrew name Samuel, meaning ‘God hears.’ Samuel is a famous biblical character of Hebrew origin, noted for his cattle-herding skills.
  2. Sawyer: Sawyer is an English name meaning ‘woodcutter.’ Although it’s an occupational name, it finds much popularity amongst cattle herders and ranch owners.
  3. Seth: Seth is a Hebrew name meaning ‘appointed.’ It’s a name denoting leadership position, synonymous with the cowboy lifestyle
  4. Shane: Shane is an English name meaning ‘God is gracious.’
  5. Sky: is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘cloud.’ Cowboys roamed the plains in the open sky both day and night.
  6. Skyler: Skyler is an English name, meaning ‘wanderer or fugitive.’ The name describes the wandering lifestyle of cowboys who roamed the European plains.
  7. Tanner: is an occupational name from the old English, meaning ‘leather maker.’ Cowboys are good tanners known to have made several leather products from cattle skins.
  8. Texas: Texas originated from the Caddo Indians, meaning ‘friend.’ Texas was once a wild plain known for its large number of cowboys and cattle ranches.
  9. Thayer: Thayer is an English name meaning ‘tailor.’ Cowboys are good tanners and tailors famous for their leather works.
  10. Toby: Toby is an English name with Hebrew origins meaning ‘Jehovah is good.’ The name is synonymous with Jewish cattle herders in biblical times.
  11. Tom: Tom is the shortened form of the Hebrew name Thomas, meaning ‘simplicity.’ Cowboys are known for their simplistic lifestyles.
  12. Trevor: Trevor is an old English name meaning ‘industrious.’ Cowboys are an industrious group of people.

Names Starting From W to Z

  1. Wade: Wade means ‘to go’ in old English. Cattle herders are always on-the-move, moving their cattle from place to place.
  2. Walker: Walker is an occupational name from old English times used to describe officers who patrolled assigned areas. It’s an adopted cowboy name since cowboys roam the plains grazing their cattle.
  3. Ward: Ward is from English origins meaning ‘guard or watchman.’ Cowboys are great guardsmen since they have to watch over their flock with keen eyes.
  4. Warren: Warren is a derivative of Ward, meaning ‘watchman.’
  5. Wayne: Wayne is an old English name meaning ‘wagon driver.’ Herdsmen are great wagon drivers, too, since they use wagons to transport their families and belongings.
  6. Wesley: Wesley in old English means ‘a field lying to the west.’ This very much describes the western plains occupied by cowboys and gunslingers in the 19th century.
  7. Weston: Weston means ‘western town.’ This Old English name could have been used to describe cowboys and settlers in America’s great western plain.
  8. William: William is a name with old German origins. It means ‘strong-willed warrior.’ The name fits well for strong-willed cowboys or individuals.
  9. Winston: Winston from old English origins means ‘joyful stone.’ Cowboys were known to have possessed stones or pebbles, which they referred to as their ‘good luck’ charms.
  10. Wyatt: Wyatt from the old English means ‘brave in war.’ The name ascribes heroic deeds to brave cowboys, especially during fights.
  11. Yul: Yul is a Mongolian name. It basically means ‘beyond the horizon.’ The name describes the youthful vigor of the Mongolian warriors and herdsmen.
  12. Zane: Zane is an American name meaning ‘God is gracious.’
  13. Zeb: Zeb means ‘gift of God.’ It is a Hebrew name common amongst the ancient Jewish cattle herders.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! 120+ cowboy names for boys, with meanings.

When considering choosing a cowboy name with deep roots for your child, with this list, you will find more than enough picks of an ideal name that can imbue the desired quality in your child.