50+ Names Without Vowels

With over 7.9 billion people in the world, there are millions of names to go around.

Most of these names include vowels, making it hard for people who want names without vowels to find the ideal names for their situation.

You could be looking for a name to give your soon to be born baby or you’re helping new parents decide on the best name for their child. Whatever the case, it can be a long, arduous process.

To save you the hassle of poring through name books just to find the rare, consonant only names, we scoured the web to help you find unusual and unique names to stand out from the crowd.

Check out our roundup 50+ names without vowels to help you settle on the perfect choice for your needs.

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Names Without Vowels

1. Brynn

Brynn is almost always a girl’s name – like the popular reality TV show celebrity Brynn Rumfallo – but there’s also Brynn for boys. It’s a name of Welsh origin that means hill. The name is a combination of Bree and Lynn.

2. Brys

Brys is another name of Welsh origin that means legendary son of Brysethach. The name is mostly given to boys but it’s a unisex name that’s short and more casual than it’s original name.

3. Chng

Chng is a name of Chinese origin that’s pronounced as “chung”. The name is also popular in Singapore and Malaysia, and is related to other names such as Zhong, Zheng, Zhuang, Chang, Cheng and Chong among others. Its meaning varies based on how you spell it in Chinese and the dialect it’s pronounced in.

You can spell Chng in three different ways. If spelled as Zheng, it represents the Zheng state during the period of Warring States. If you spell it as Qin, it represents the Qin dynasty of the first emperor of China, while Zhung means a village, farmstead, place of business, manor or banker.

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4. Chrys

Chrys can be used for girls or boys depending on what it stands for. A good example is if you’re using Chrysanthemum, so Chrys would be a short form of the name. Alternatively if you use Christopher for a boy, it can be shortened to Chrys, or from Chrysander, which means a ‘golden man’.

In some cases, Chrys comes from the Greek word chrysos, which means gold, or chrysalis from the source word.

5. Cnychwr

Cnychwr (sound like Konichiwa), is a name of Welsh origin given mostly to boys. The name means Legendary son of Nes.

6. Crwys

Crwys is another name of Welsh origin, which is given mostly to boys, but is generally gender neutral. The name is also pronounced Kruw-iy-z, and means cross.

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7. Cymry

Cymry is a name that’s native to an ethnic group in Wales. The. Name also applies to people born in Wales and those with Welsh ancestry, which in Welsh is written as Cymru.

Cymry or Cymru is therefore the modern Welsh name for themselves or the branch of Celtic people to which they belong. It also comprises the Cornish and Bretons.

8. Cyndy

Cyndy is a name of Greek origin that means from Mount Kynthos. It’s a popular girl’s name derived from Cindy, Lucinda or Cynthia (Greek).

9. Dyvyr

Dyvyr is a name of Welsh origin that means the Legendary son of Alun (which means stone, harmony or noble).

10. Glynn

Glynn is a Cornish and Welsh topographic or habitational name that’s derived from a place named with this word, for example Glynllifon. The name is also a reduced form of McGlynn and represents someone who lived in a valley.

11. Gwyn

Gwyn is a name of Wales origin, which means blessed or white in Cornish and Wales. The name could also mean holy, light, or fair depending on the region of origin, and was widely used in the Middle Ages as a personal name.

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12. Gwynyth:

Gwynyth is a name given to girls, like Gwyneth Paltrow, but without the vowel. The name means blessed, fair or white, and is a Welsh feminine name derived from the kingdom of Gwynedd.

13. Gwyr

Gwyr is a name of Welsh origin that means from Gower or pure. The name is often given to boys or males.

14. Gwystyl

Gwystyl is also of Welsh origin and means Legendary son of Nwython. The name is also found as a character in the fantasy Chronicles of Prydain series of books by Lloyd Alexander. It’s given to boys or males.

15. Gwythyr

Gwythyr is a name of Welsh origin that means Legendary son of Greidyawl. The name is usually given to boys, and it also means victory or conquer. Sometimes Gwythyr is used as an equivalent of Victor. In mythology, the role of Gwythyr is more ambiguous and represented an unending struggle between winter and summer.

16. Gypsy

Gypsy is defined as a nomadic or free-spirited person, and traditionally it represents a member of people from South Asia who speak the Romani language. The name also means Bohemian traveler and is a name of Old English origin given mostly to girls.

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17. Hrdy

Hrdy is pronounced as ‘hrdi’ and is given to boys or males. The name is of Slovak or Czech origin and is derived from the word hrdy, which means proud.

18. Ivy

Ivy is a name given mostly to girls and is derived from the evergreen climbing plant. In Ancient Greek, the Ivy plant represents fidelity or faithfulness to one another. In the Bible, the name Ivy in Hebrew means God’s gift.

19. Krshn

Krshn is a name that originates from the Sanskrit word, Krsna, and means dark, dark blue or black. It also means ‘the all attractive’.

20. KT

Kt is a popular girl’s name, which means several things. One of its meanings is ‘thanks’, but it’s also a synonym for karat or carat.

21. Kyly

Kyly is derived from Kylie, which can also be spelled as Kilee, Kylee or Kiley. The name is given to girls and is derived from two different roots, including the Noongar who are indigenous to Australia. The meaning of the name is boomerang, returning stick or curved. It also means graceful or beautiful.

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22. Kym

Kym is a short form of Kimberly, and is a popular unisex name for boys or girls. The name is of English and Indian origin and means ship victory, bold kin or bold family. It also means Cyneburg’s field.

23. Kyndmryn

Kyndmryn is a name of Welsh origin given to boys. The name means Legendary son of Ermid.

24. Kynwyl

Kynwyl is a name of Welsh origin given to boys. It means ‘name of a saint’.

25. Kyrtgyz

Kyrgyz is a name of Persian origin. The name means flower, but when combined with Arabic, it means princess.

26. Kyryn

Kyryn is an endearing English name of African origin given to girls. The name means ‘Gift of God’.

27. Kywrkh

Kywrkh is a Welsh name that’s given to boys and that means Legendary son of Cleddyv.

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28. Llwybyr

Lllwybyr is a name of Welsh origin given to boys. The name means Legendary son of Caw.

29. Llwyd

Llwyd is a name of Welsh origin given to boys and it means grey. The name also means grey-haired or sacred. One of its variations is Lloyd, which is popular among boys.

30. Llwyr

Llwyr is a name from Wales, which means Legendary son of Llwyryon. The name is given to boys.

31. Llyn

Llyn is a name of Welsh origin that means ‘from the lake’.

32. Llyr

Llyr is a name of Welsh origin given to boys. The name means ‘the sea’ and forms the basis for King Leir, the legendary king of the Britons.

33. Lyn/Lynn

Lyn or Lynn is a name given mostly to girls but can be used for boys. The name means pretty and is derived from Evelyn, Lina, Linda or Carolyn. In the Bible, Lynn means ‘waterfall’.

34. Lyndzy

Lyndzy is a name of Old English origin that means island of linden trees or ‘Lincoln’s marsh’.

35. Lynx

Lynx is a name of Greek origin that’s given to boys and means ‘brightness’.

36. Lyryc

Lyryc is a name of English origin that’s popular for naming girls and means ‘lyric’.

37. Ng

N gis a popular Chinese name that you can spell in five different ways, and that means yellow, to fall through, king or monarch, grand, great, to rule or reign over.

38. Plys

Plys is a name of Welsh origin that’s popular for naming boys, and means Son of Ryhs.

39. Qwynn

Qwynn is a name of Irish origin, sometimes written as Qwinn. The name is gender neutral, meaning you can give it to a boy or girl, and it means ‘counsel’.

40. Rhys

Rhys is a name of Welsh origin given mostly to boys, and is pronounced as Rees. The name means ‘enthusiasm’.

41. Ryn

Ryn is a name of Welsh origin given to boys and it means ‘ruler’. The name can also be given to girls, in which case it means ‘pure’.

42. Shng

Shng is pronounced as Shung. The name means charming or optimistic.

43. Shw

Shw is a name of English, Irish or Scottish origin that’s derived from Shaw. The name means ‘dweller by the wood’.

44. Sky

Sky is a name from the Old Norse term that means cloud, shadow or mirror. It’s given mostly to boys.

45. Smrz

Smrz is a name of Czech origin like popular motorcycle road racer Jakub Smrz, Brett Smrz and Brian Smrz.

46. Srpsky

Sprsky is a name of Serbian origin derived from Sprski, which is the standardized version of the official language used by Serbs.

47. Syvwkh

Syvwkh is a name of Welsh origin that’s given mostly to boys. It means Legendary son of Cleddyv Kyvwlch.

48. Trynt

Trynt is a name of Welsh or English origin given to boys or girls. The name is a variation of Trent and it means ‘dwells near the rapid stream’.

49. Twm

Twm is a male name of Welsh origin that means ‘gift from God’. It also means ‘twin’. In Wales, Twm is a form of Tom, and is given to boys.

50. Ty

Ty is another male name of American origin that’s derived from Tyler or Tyrone. The name is gender-neutral though and means ‘from the land of Eoghan’.

51. Vlk

Vlk is a name of Polish, or Czech and Slovak origin that’s derived from the vocabulary word ‘vlk’ which means wolf, ‘dweller at the sign of the wolf’, or one with the qualities of a wolf. In the Polish culture, vlk was an Old Slavonic personal name, and was widely used in the Middle Ages. You can also spell it as Vluchkov, Vukotic, Vovk, Vulkov to name but a few.

52. Wryk

Wryk is not so common and its meaning is unknown. However, there are a few people who use it as their surname. In reverse, the name Wryk is written as Kyrw.

53. Wyldr

Wyldr is a name of German origin that’s derived from the popular Wylder, which means hunter, lover of the outdoors or adventurous. The name is popular among boys.

54. Wynn

Wynn is a name of Welsh origin that was historically given to boys but is now unisex. The name means friend, blessed, white or fair.

55. Zry

Zry is a name used globally, whose origin is unknown. The unisex name means loving and compassion. It’s derived from other names like Zuri, a girl’s name of Swahili origin, which means beautiful.

56. Zvy

Zvy is a name of Hebrew origin derived from Zvi. It’s a Jewish masculine name, which means ‘deer’.

Wrapping Up

Picking a name can be a tedious process, but once you have a list to choose from, it gets easier to do.

Whether you’re a first time parent or you want to name a fictional character in your latest novel, any of these names without vowels are great to use to stand out.

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