140+ Mermaid Names For Girls (With Meaning)


Are you looking for the ideal name to give your baby girl? You can go for mermaid names. 

Mermaid names are unique names; they sound extraordinary and will make your baby stand out. 

Listed below are 140+ mermaid names for girls with their meanings.

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Best Mermaid Names For Girls (With Meaning)

 1. Ariella

Ariella means lion of God. It’s a Hebrew name that can also be written as Ariela or Arielle in French.

2. Lyra

Lyra represents the constellation that holds a bright star in the sky, Vega. It is of Greek origin.

3. Maris 

This name is of Latin origin and derived from the phrase Stella Maris. It means “of the sea”.

4. Nixie 

Nixie is a common name for beautiful water fairies. The name means “water sprite” and it is of old-German origin. 

5. Ocean 

Ocean literally means sea. It can be seen as an English mermaid name, but it has roots in Latin and French. 

6. Belle 

This French name means beautiful and can be short for Anabelle. 

7. Pearl 

Pearl is a round and hard gem produced within the shell of an oyster. It is rare and of high worth. 

8. Sabrina 

Sabrina is a traditional name of multiple origins; Celtic, Latin, Italian, English. It means “from the border” or “legendary princess”. 

9. Wave 

Wave literally means the arched form of water. It’s related to the sea, which makes it an ideal mermaid name.

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10. Yara

This name originates from Arabic and Brazilian languages. It means water lady and relates to the Brazilian goddess, Lara. 


Sofia is an alternative spelling for Sophia and the name means wisdom. It’s of Greek origin although it was first used in the Roman Empire.

12. Melody

Melody is a name of Greek origin which means song. Mermaids usually sing enchanting melodies when casting voice spells. 

13. Maya

Maya is an alternative spelling for Maia, the Roman goddess of springtime. This name means magic or illusion.

14. Athena 

Athena relates to the Greek goddess of war and wisdom who goes by the same name. Hence, it means strength and wisdom. 

15. Marison 

This is an English name which means “greatness”. It could also mean a lady that has supernatural powers.

16. Gabriella 

Gabriella is a female version of the male name Gabriel. It means “messenger of God”. 

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17. Elsa 

The name Elsa means “pledged to God”. It’s of German origin and the name of a popular Disney princess.

18. Anna 

Anna could mean “grace”, “Favour”, or “beautiful”. The name is Latin, but originated from the Hebrew name Hannah.

19. Tiana

Tiana means “Princess” from its Latin origin. From its Slavic origin, the name means “fairy queen”. It could also be short for Tatiana and Christiana.

20. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a Spanish name for the word Emerald. Emerald is a precious green gemstone that is very rare. 

21. Aurora

It is the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise. Hence, the name means dawn and it’s of Latin origin. 

22. Syrena 

The meaning of the name Syrena is “one who enchants”. It’s a Greek name and can also be written as Sirena. 

23. Amazonia 

Amazonia relates to the Amazon river. In essence, the Amazon River is the second longest river in the World. 

24. Mirabella 

The name Mirabella is a variation of the popular name, Mirabel. It means wonderful and it is of Latin origin.

25. Cora

Cora is an Ancient Greek name that is an epithet of the goddess Persephone. It means “maiden” or “heart”. 

26. Camila

Camila is a youthful name. It means “perfect” in Italian, while in Latin, it means “young ceremonial attendant”. 

27. Izzy 

The name Izzy means “God’s promise”. It originates from Hebrew and is sometimes used as short for Isabella. 

28. Nerissa 

From Greek origins, Nerissa is a name that means “from the sea” or simply “sea”. Also, it could mean “nymph”. 

29. Emmaline 

The meaning of the name Emmaline is “peaceful home”. It originates from the Latin name Emily and the old French name, Emma.

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30. Saleen 

This name is an English variant of the French name, Celine. It means “heaven” and it is a simple mermaid name. 

31. Marina 

Marina is a name of Latin origin, which means “from the sea”. It’s the female version of Marinus, a male name.

32. Oona 

Oona was a princess in Irish legend. Hence, the name is of Irish origin and it means “lamb”. 

33. Seraphina 

This name relates to the group of angels known as the seraphim. It’s of Hebrew origin and means “burning ones”. 

34. Tamara

Tamara means “date palm tree” or just “palm tree”. It is of Hebrew origin, and derived from Tamar. 

35. Aquarianne 

This name is derived from a Disney mermaid. It relates to the Latin word Aqua which means “sea” or “water”. 

36. Ursula 

The name Ursula has different origins. Nevertheless, it’s mostly recognized as a Latin name from Ursa, and means “little bear”.  

37. Atlantis 

Atlantis represents the fictional “island of Atlas”. This island was the home of the sea god, Poseidon. 

38. Marisa 

Marisa is very similar to the name Marina. It is of Latin origin and also means “of the sea”. 

39. Coral 

Coral is a unique mermaid name. It represents the red or deep pink marine invertebrates that grow under the sea. 

40. Amalthea

This is a mermaid name that means “tender goddess”. It’s of Greek origin and represents the protector of infant Zeus.

41. Arabella 

Arabella is a Latin name derived from the word Orabilis. It means “beautiful lion” in English. 

42. Faline 

Faline is a variation of the word, Feline which has to do with cats. Hence, the name Faline means “like a cat”. 

43. Naida 

The name Naida means “water nymph”. It originates from the Greek word, Naias, a water nymph. 

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44. Meri 

Meri is a Hebrew name. The name means joyous or mirthful (full of merry). Meri is also short for Meredith. 

45. Lilo

Lilo can be answered as a real name or a nickname. It is a German name that means “generous one”.

46. Jule 

The name Jule has Greek and Latin origin. It’s related to the Roman god Jupiter and can be a girl or boy’s name. 

47. Odette 

Odette is a mermaid name that means “wealth”. In the swan lake ballet, Odette was portrayed as the good swan. 

48. Ciana 

This name means “God is gracious” or “light” in Italian and Hebrew origins. From its Irish origin, the name means “ancient”. 

49. Tanana 

Tanana is not an actual given name. It’ll make a good mermaid name as it represents the singing grasshopper in the Amazon valley.  

50. Emily 

This name is derived from the Latin name Aemilia. It means hardworking, industrious, or rival.

51. Narissa 

Narissa will make an ideal mermaid name for black girls. It means black-haired or sea nymph and is of German-Italian origin. 

52. Pasha 

Like a few mermaid names mentioned earlier, Pasha means “of the ocean”. It is of Greek and Russian origin. Pasha is also the name of a species of butterfly.

53. Shellina 

This name originates from old English. While the meaning is not actually known, it’s said to be related to Shelly which means “little sheep” or “little rock”. 

54. Zimrah 

Zimrah means “melody” or “song”. It is of Hebrew origin. 

55. Naia 

This name also originated from the Greek word Naias. It means “water nymph” and is a variant of Naida. 

56. Kendra 

This name is quite popular. It means “magical”, “royal” or “water baby” and is of English origin. 

57. Megara 

Megara was the first wife of Hercules, the son of Zeus. This Greek name means “great.” 

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58. Fontana

Fontana is a French-originated name that means “water source” or “fountain”. It is a common name for boys, but will work for girls too. 

59. Elinor 

The name Elinor is a variant of Helen or Eleanor. This Greek name means “sun ray”.

60. Jasmine 

This name refers to the Jasmine flower which comes from the Persian word, Yasmin. It means “gift from God”.  

61. Marie 

Marie is a variant of the name Maria; it’s the French version of the Latin name. The name means “star of the sea”

62. Adelicate 

Adelicate is simply a stylish mermaid name formed from the word delicate. Delicate means light, fragile, exquisite, soft, elegant, etc. 

63. Annamarie 

This name is formed from the names Anna and Marie. Both are Hebrew names which together means “God has favored me”. 


Raiponce is the French version of the girl’s name, Rapunzel. Rapunzel is a character in a Walt Disney fairy tale and the name means “lamp’s lettuce”. 

65. Jewel 

A Jewel is a precious gem in English. In old-French, it means “delight” or “plaything”.

66. Sandy

Sandy is a mermaid name for strong girls. The name means “man’s defender” and it is of Greek origin. 

67. Chantel 

This is a variant of Chantal which is a French name. It is derived from a French verb, which means “to sing”.

68. Aquata 

Aquata is derived from the word ‘Aqua’ which is the Greek word for water. Hence, the name means “water”.

69. Isla 

This name has roots in Spanish and Scottish languages. It is derived from the Islay Island and means “dynamic” and “bright as the sun”. 

70. Queen 

Queen is a common name but still a perfect mermaid name. It is of English origin and means “female ruler” or “female royalty”.

71. Halia 

Here we have a name from Hawaiian origins. It means “remembrance of a loved one” or simply “memorial”. 

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72. Luna 

Luna means moon. It’s a Spanish and Italian name, but has roots in Latin. Notably, the moon creates the tidal force that affects water. 

73. Starr

Starr is simply a stylish spelling of Star. However, it is derived from early-modern English names, sterre, and starre.

74. Rainbow 

The name Rainbow refers to “the rainbow”. It means “God is my light” and is of Hebrew origin. 

75. Azurine 

Azurine is a French, Spanish name. It means “sky-blue” which is the color of most rivers and oceans. 

76. Gold 

Gold here refers to the rare but abundant precious metal. It’s an ideal mermaid name for blonde girls. 

77. Ormanda 

Ormanda is a name of Latin origin. It means “of the sea” or “mariner” which refers to a seaman, sailor.

78. Lily 

The name Lily is derived from the lily flower. The name means “passions”, “rebirth” or “pure”.


Angel here refers to heavenly beings. The name originates from Greek origin and it means “messenger of God”.

80. Stellamaris 

Stellamaris is a name formed from two Latin words Stella and Maris. It means “star of the sea.” 

81. Ula 

The name Ula means ‘gem of the sea” or “wealthy”. It originates from Celtic, Hawaiian, and Scandinavian languages.

82. Blue 

Blue is another mermaid name for girls. Also, blue is the color of the sea.

83. Odessa 

Odessa is the female variant of the Greek name Odysseus. It means “fierce”.

84. Ambre 

Ambre is an alternative spelling of the name Amber. The name means “jewel” or particularly, the gemstone “ambergris”.

85. Reina 

Reina is a Spanish name that means “Queen”. Queen refers to female rulership and royalty.  

86. Unica 

The name Unica is derived from Latin, but originated in America. It means “unique” or “the only one”.

87. Anahita 

Anahita is a female name that means “a water or river goddess of wisdom and fertility”. It is of Persian origin.

88. Esther 

Esther is the Babylonian goddess of love. This originates from old Persia and it means “Star”.

89. Deasura

Deasura was the Roman name for the Syrian chief goddess, Atargatis. Atargatis was a goddess who later became a mermaid. 

90. Miranda 

This Latin name Miranda means “worthy of admiration” or “wonderful”.

91. Alana 

Alana is a variant of Alanna which is a Gaelic term for “serenity” or “beauty”. In old high german, the name means “precious”.

92. Doris 

Doris is a name of Greek origin and the name of a Greek sea goddess. It means “gift of the ocean”.

93. Ondine 

The name Ondine is of Latin origin and it means “little wave”. It also has French roots and relates to Undine. 

94. Delilah 

Delilah is a Hebrew and biblical name. It means “seductive,” which is a common trait of mermaids. 

95. Gem

Gem relates to jewel or anything precious. This Latin name means “a jewel”.

96. Mar 

The name Mar means “sea”. Literally, Mar is the Portuguese and Spanish word for sea. In Aramaic, Mar means “lord”. 

97. Arista 

Arista means “best” or “the best” from its Greek origin. From its Latin origins, the name Arista means “harvest”.

98. Coralia 

Coralia is a variant of the name coral. It was the name of a dancing mermaid in a 19th century ballet. 

99. Brizo

Brizo is the name of the ancient Greek goddess that protected seamen – mariners, fishermen, sailors, etc. It means “to slumber”.

100. Pashia

This name originates from Russia. It means “small”. It is also a derivative of the mermaid name ‘Pasha’.

101. Moana 

Here’s a mermaid name of Hawaiian origin. It means “deep sea” or “ocean”. It’s the female variant of Maori. 

102. Avisa 

Avisa was derived from the Latin word for bird, Avis. The name means “sky”, “ocean” or “pure water” by its Iranian origin. 

103. Jennifer 

The name Jennifer is English. It means fair phantom or white wave. It’s an ideal mermaid name for women of light complexion. 

104. Chalsie 

Chalsie is an alternative spelling of the name Chelsea and of English origin. The name means “limestone” or “port for chalk”. 

105. Asherah 

Asherah means “she who treads on the sea”. Asherah was a mother goddess in ancient Semitic religion; similar to Greek Rhea. 

106. Riva 

Riva is a Hebrew name that means “maiden”. It is an alternative spelling for the word, River. 

107. Venus 

In ancient Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. 

108. Koral 

The name Koral means “maiden”. It’s a variant of Kora, which is Greek, and Coral, which is Latin. 

109. Hydra 

Hydra was a multi-headed monster of Greek mythology. The name means “water serpent” and also relates to hydrogen in H20 which is water. 

110. Jemma 

Derived from the name Jemima. It means “dove.” 

111. Dorie 

Dorie is a variant of the name Doris. Just like Doris, it means “gift” or “gift of the ocean”. 

112. Adella 

Adella means “noble” or “serene”. It is of German origin and can also be written as Adela, Adele, or Adalia. 

113. Breena 

This Irish name means “fairy palace,” which is literally a palace inhabited by fairies. 

114. Asia

Asia (Asiya) was the name of the Egyptian queen that raised Moses according to the Koran. The name means “lively”. 

115. Calissa 

Calissa is a variant of the name Calista which is of Greek and Latin origin. The name means “fairest” or “most beautiful”. 

116. Xylie 

The origin of the name Xylie is unknown but widely believed to be English. It means “nature’s gift” or “dream”.

117. Lana

Lana has multiple origins. In Gaelic, the name means “little rock,” but it’s also viewed as a variant of the German name Alana. 

118. Kiki 

Kiki can pass a short form of any name beginning with K. However, the name means “double happiness” and is of French origin. 

119. Daisy

This name is derived from the daisy flower. It’s of old English origin and it means “day’s eye”.

120. Yemoja

Yemoja is a mother goddess in Yoruba mythology and also a water spirit of the Ogun River in Nigeria. The name means “mother whose children are the fish”.

121. Vela 

The name Vela originates from Latin and South Asian Sanskrit. It means “coast” or “shore”. 

122. Amara

Amara means “everlasting” and it’s of Latin origin. In Igbo language, the name Amara means “grace” and “kindness”. 

123. June 

June is a name after the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno. It means “born” or “young” and originates from Latin. 

124. Kayla 

The name Kayla means “slim and fair”; it’s of Gaelic and Irish origin. From its American origin, the name means “beloved”. 

125. Diana 

Diana was the goddess of hunt and forests in ancient Roman mythology. It means “heavenly” or “divine”.

126. Zale 

Zane is a name of Hebrew and American origin. It means “Gift from God”. 

127. Celia 

Celia can be short for the names Cecilia, Celestina, or Celeste. It is a Latin name that means “heaven”.  

128. Ava 

Ava is a variation of the name Eve which according to the bible was the first woman. It means “Life”. 

129. Brielle 

Brielle is a variation of Gabriella which is of Hebrew origin. The name means “heroine of God”. 

130. Whitney 

Whitney is a popular old English name. It means “from the white island” or “white island”. 


The meaning of Vanora is “white wave”; it is of old welsh origin. In Greek, the name means “butterfly”. 

132. Muirin 

Muirin is derived from Irish and Welsh languages. It means “circle of the sea”. 

133. Morgana

This is the female variant of the old English name Morgan. It means “circling sea” or “bright sea dweller”. 

134. Norissa 

The name Norissa is derived from the Greek and Latin, Nora. It means “woman of honor” or “light”.

135. Zorina 

Zorina is of Slavic origin. The name means “dawn’s light”, “dawn” or “golden dawn”

136. Shira 

This is a mermaid name for girls that means “song” or “poetry”. It is of Hebrew origin. 

137. Vivianne 

Vivianne is an alternate and long form of the Latin name Vivian. The name means “lively”. 

138. Azalea

The name Azalea is of Greek origin. It means “dry flower” or simply “flower” relating to the Azalea flowering shrubs.

139. Cleodora 

Cleodora was one of the nymphs in Greek mythology. The name means “gift of glory”. 

140. Bethesda 

This name is derived from the Aramaic phrase beth hesda. It means “house of glory” or “place of flowing water”.

141. Attina 

Attina means “wise”. It is the variant of the name Athena which is of Greek origin. 


The name you give your girl-child is important as it’s something that’ll stick with her all her life. 

In this post, I have listed out 140+ mermaid names for girls. Also, their meanings were discussed so you can give your girl a unique mermaid identity.