40 Sweaty Clan Names Not Taken

If you want to create or join a Fortnite clan, you’ll need a clan name. It serves as your username, to distinguish you from others, and, above all, it gives other players an idea of your gaming personality.

Over 2,200 Fortnite clans exist with hundreds of players in each. Hence, when choosing a name for your clan, it shouldn’t surprise you if it’s already taken.

Not to worry, there are still so many sweaty clan names not taken you can use for Fortnite. In this post, I’ll be listing 40 sweaty clan names not taken; check them out below:

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Sweaty Clan Names Not Taken

1. Quirky Assassins

Most of Fortnite’s gameplay is about making kills. Players are rated based on K/D – Kill to Death ratio. There are not many better ways to show you mean business in such a game than an “Assassin” name. What more? A quirky one; out of the ordinary.

2. Just Rockets

If you play Fortnite regularly, you must have used one, or two, or more rocket launchers; especially in Battle Royal. A single strike of a rocket does extensive damage. Whether rocket ammo is your go-to weapon or not, this name will surely make you stand out.

3. Bronze Dragon

Dragons are just one of the many monsters in Fortnite although they’re rare. Aside from that, there are several dragons set in-game cosmetics. If all of these depict your style, then you need a name like “Bronze Dragon” next to your player icon.

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Photo by jusuf111 Via Pixabay

4. Merciful Axe

A game like Fortnite isn’t one to be merciful; you either kill or get killed. Hence, bearing this name doesn’t mean you should show restraint. Axes on Fortnite are used for gathering resources and building. However, and notably, they can be a weapon.

5. Hellhounds Elite

You’ll find a lot of sweaty clan names bearing hellhounds. Who doesn’t want to appear as fierce as a supernatural dog and an underworld guard in Greek mythology? Well, being elite means you’re superior in quality and ability to the other “Hellhounds” in Fortnite.

6. Vengeful M16s

Do you have several assault rifles in your arsenal? You can use this name, whether the rifles are M16s or not. Other players will be wary of killing you because you’re vengeful; you’ll come back to kill them in return.

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Photo by amrothman Via Pixabay

7. Neutron Stars

There were rumors that Jimmy Neutron was coming to Fortnite. While they have been confirmed to be false, many players are still looking for related sweaty clan names, just in case. If you’re one of them, here’s a name for you.

8. Plundering Monks

Monk skin will be on any list of very rare Fortnite skins. If you happen to own the skin, you can flaunt it in your sweaty clan with this name. Monks are expected to be simple but you shouldn’t because you’re a Plundering Monk.

9. Ice Cold Assembly

A sweaty clan is more or less an assembly. The description of this name is enough to send chills down the spine of your opponents. To be ice-cold is to be dispassionate which is a sine qua non when facing opponents in Fortnite.

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10. Sizzling Slingers

In Fortnite, a game where all kinds of modern and fictitious weapons exist, a slinger would be a poor weapon choice. Nevertheless, like a sizzling slinger, you’re red-hot and will scorch any opponent that stands in the way of achieving your gaming goals.

11. Space Snakes

Are there snakes in space? Well, there could be as astronomers did capture an image of what could be a giant serpent. You can make other players wonder as well with this name. In addition, you’ll be conveying how dangerous you can be.

12. Nefarious Knives

Like axes, knives are harvesting tools used for gathering resources. There are also knives in war sets you can use as weapons. If you’ve made major kills with this weapon, like the Fork Knife, for example, then you need a name like “Nefarious Knives” for your sweaty clan.

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13. The Raging Cadets

Here’s a random name you can use. Cadets are young trainees so this would make a good name if you’re new to the world of Fortnite clans. However, you’re bringing with you a new level of intensity and force because you’re raging.

14. Swinging Stones

This name is similar to the Sizzling Slingers mentioned earlier. If that didn’t impress you, perhaps this one will. While you won’t be using stones as a weapon, other players will know that you hit hard – like a stone.

15. Rebel Brotherhood

Rebel Brotherhood will make a cool name for any sweaty clan with a mission. Especially if the mission is about taking out a different clan, especially as revenge. As rebels, you’re coming in with armed resistance to displace your opponents.

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Photo by Sean Do Via Unsplash

16. Bat Riders

Bats aren’t considered friendly animals. So what does that make you, a bat rider? This is a dreadful name that’ll make any other Fortnite player aware of you – both team players and players in other clans. The name, Bat Rider, comes from the Dota 2 online game.

17. Oceanic Buffalos

Buffalos are one of the strongest animals, about four times stronger than an Ox. Not only that, but buffalos are also very large. That’s the impression you’ll be giving with this sweaty clan name. The name fits since buffalos are one of the few animals in Oceania.

18. Cardinal Sailors

For the most part, Fortnite is a land game with lots of shooting and firing. However, once in a while, you get to the coastline and if there’s a boat, you can set sail. If your gameplay thrives in such scenarios, you’re a cardinal sailor.

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19. Electric Skeletons

You create an electrifying presence every time you log into your sweaty clan with this name. You must have seen lots of skeletons in Fortnite if you’re a pro gamer. Most especially if you’ve played Battle Royale Season 9. There are also skeleton skins in Fortnite.

20. Razor Angels

If you’re a female player or a clan of female players, here’s an ideal sweaty clan name to use. As sharp as a razor and yet as virtuous as an angel, it’s like having two sides. And no one wants to see the sharp side, the razor side.

21. Limbo Tribe

Limbo, in theology, is associated with the afterlife. As the Limbo Tribe, you send opposing players to Limbo. In other words, you kill them which is what the survival game is all about; you either send others to Limbo or get sent.

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22. Ice Aliens

In Fortnite, you can obtain alien artifacts within matches. They serve as a resource currency. Whether you collect alien artifacts or not, this will make a terrifying name for anyone who sees it; not to forget space is brutally cold.

23. Sharktooth Squad

There are lots of sharks in Fortnite. Known as Loot Sharks, these creatures are out to kill players, and they wreck buildings. If you kill a shark, however, you can collect their loot. Have you killed lots of Loot Sharks in Fortnite? If yes, it’s only normal to be the Sharktooth Squad.

24. Coyote Sisterhood

Here’s another sweaty clan name to use if you’re a female player or clan. Coyotes are generally wild animals and can be dangerous. As the Coyote Sisterhood, you bring the wildness to Fortnite battlegrounds. If you’re a male player or clan, you can also use Coyote Brotherhood.

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Photo by Cristi Farrar Via Pixabay

25. Liontooth Gang

If you think Sharktooth sounds dangerous, how about Liontooth? Lions use their teeth to devour prey just as you will devour your opponents while playing. Fortnite also features an icon harvesting tool known as The Lion, a part of the King James Set with Lebron James.

26. Blue Wolverines

We all know the popular Wolverine character from Marvel; one of the key superheroes in X-Men. If Wolverine is known for one thing, it’ll be that he doesn’t die – or it’s very difficult for him to at least. Hence, you’ll be letting opponents know you’re not easy to kill.

27. Boomslang Clan

There are not many animals that instill fear in people as much as venomous snakes. If you don’t know, the boomslang is one of the deadliest snakes and a member of the largest family of snakes (tree snakes). One Google search and other players will know not to mess with you.

28. Brown Skulls

If you opt to use this sweaty clan name, you can also use this popular saying from Game of Thrones as your Motto. A skull is a representation of death; you can’t kill death, can you? But the reverse is the case.

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29. Wolf Swords

Swords are among the most effective weapons in Fortnite. If you are a specialist in using them, you should consider using this name for your sweaty clan. It’s a name that speaks for itself. For reference, Wolf Swords are basic sidearms of the Shadow Hunters in Prophesy of Pendor.

30. Limbo Ravens

Here’s another Limbo name, also relating to the afterlife. As mentioned before, you either send others to Limbo or get sent. In addition, ravens are known for their rigorous nature toward threats. Limbo Ravens will work best as a clan name for female players.

31. Royal Thorns

Whenever you see or hear the word, Thorn, what comes to mind is many sharp points. Thorns deter animals from eating plant material. It’s also a symbol of pain; you touch a thorn and you get hurt; the same goes for any opponent that touches the Royal Thorns.

32. Night Sailing Squad

If you didn’t find the previous Cardinal Sailors enthralling, you can go for this one. Night Sailing Squad brings a lot of valor with it; it shows you’re not scared of anyone or anything. Not even sailors during the Age of Sail sailed at night because it’s dangerous, they usually bring down the sails once the sun sets.

Photo by Luis Alberto Pérez Avilés Via Pixabay

33. Cobra Riders

Who rides a cobra? No one. Aside from cobras being highly venomous and dangerous snakes, they are limbless, like all snakes. Seeing Cobra Riders next to your clan or player icon depicts the will to do the impossible – like being the last player standing.

34. Flaming Anarchists

Most sweaty clans create and stick to rules and game plans. If your clan does the contrary, then there’s no better name than Anarchists. Even if there’s no organization and control, you’re a flaming clan and will burn fiercely any opponent in your path.

35. Ghost Spiders

Spiders are known as intelligent insects. While quick action is what brings about success in a survival game like Fortnite, it pays to be smart too. As the Ghost Spiders, you possess the extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger – just like Spider-Man.

36. Black Syndicates

Black, as a color, means a lot of things including power and mystery; it also instills fear. As the Black Syndicates clan, you’re a self-governing clan with a common interest. What’s this interest? To become the last team standing when you clash with other opponents.

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Photo by mohamed_hassan Via Pixabay

37. Yellow Raven Tribe

Did you fancy the Limbo Tribe name mentioned earlier? If yes, here’s an equally interesting one; Yellow Raven Tribe. The name comes from the song “Yellow Raven” by the popular German rock band, Scorpions. It’s a creative name and like the former will work best for female players/clans.

38. Dragonfire Pistol

Here’s another sweaty clan name for fans of Game of Thrones. It’s a genius of a name if pistols are your signature weapons in Fortnite. Dragonfire is said to be 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, capable of cutting through stone. Hence, you’ll be bringing a whole different type of heat when you join the battle.

39. Death Bringers

The description of this sweaty clan says it all. Death Bringer is a popular weapon in games like ShadowKeep and Horizon Zero Dawn. Other players will acknowledge that your gameplay is as destructive as the Deathbringer machine; you bring death and nothing more or less.

40. The Alpha Division

To end this list, here’s an ideal name for male players/clans. Division adds a military feel to it and as an Alpha, you’re a dominant player or clan on the battlefield; opponents better be wary. Want to make it even more dreadful, go with “Division Alpha.”

Why Should You Join a Sweaty Clan?

When you play individually for so long and record lots of wins and K/D, you’ll want more action and more competition. Fortnite clans are simply groups of players. You can join a clan with your friends, family, or other random players.

As a team (clan), you can play and record more wins which will do your social stats good. In the gaming world, statistics are everything. Also, you can play tournaments together and win money.

Typically, the clan leader sets the gaming framework that all players must follow. This, however, isn’t typical for all clans.

Furthermore, joining a clan is like belonging to a religion. There are rules, holy sites, heresies, and others you must adhere to. You have to level up spiritual abilities and others with hours of gameplay.

There are lots of perks to joining Fortnite clans. However, ensure you do your homework before joining any clan.

Bottom Line

The 40 names in this post cover different gaming personalities and styles. You should easily find one that suits you and makes you stand out from the other players.

Good luck with your gameplay.