70 Cute Nicknames For Husbands On The Phone

If you love your husband, it’s normal to call him sweet names from time to time. You can extend this show of love by saving his phone numbers on your phone with a cute nickname.

There are so many possible cute nicknames to choose from. However, I’m sure you’d want the best there is. That shouldn’t be a problem. In this post, I’ll be listing out 70 cute nicknames for husbands on the phone.

Check them out below:

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Cute Nicknames For Husbands On The Phone

1. Mi Amor

First, here is a relatively popular nickname. Mi Amor literally means “My Love” in Spanish and is something you can call not just your husband but also any family member you love.

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2. Romeo

You already know the famous Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet – that’s where this name comes from. Romeo is known to be an incessant lover of Juliet, so much so that he gave up his life.


XOXO is a common word people use while texting and means “hugs and kisses.” I’m sure you’ll want to give your husband as many hugs and kisses as you can, so, XOXO.

4. Prince Charming

Not many fairy tale characters are as famous and symbolic as Prince Charming. A Prince Charming is a man who has a kind of charm towards women, just as your husband has, towards you.

5. Mi Rey

Here’s another cute nickname, of Spanish origin, to save your husband’s number with. Mi Rey is Spanish for “My King.” If your husband is royalty to you, then, by all means.

6. Ma Paix

Most times, people love, get married, and find peace. If that’s the story of your relationship, there’s no better name to use than this. Ma Paix means “My Peace” in French.

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7. Dhahabi

Dhahabi means “Golden” in Arabic. Not many elements are as valuable as gold. Using this name for your husband will show him just how much you value him, and your marriage.

8. Smilemaker

Does your husband bring you smiles? I’m sure he does. You can recall all the joyful moments whenever your phone rings and you look at your screen and see “Smile Maker.”

9. Dominus

Dominus is Latin for a range of imperial titles. However, the most common meaning is “Master” or “Lord.” These are respectable names you might choose to call your husband.

10. Superman

You probably know about the prowess of the superhero, Superman. Away from that, a superman is generally a man with exceptional abilities. It’s likely that you already see your husband as a superman.

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11. Alfa

Alfa is a title of respect in Guinea. However, you’d want to use this cute nickname as it means “Alpha.” Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s ideal to show how important your husband is to you.

12. Mi Vida

Once again, we have a cute Spanish nickname; it seems Spanish names are very romantic. Mi Vida literally translates to “My Life” in English which again shows how much you value your spouse.

13. Rockstar

A Rockstar traditionally refers to a successful and famous rock musician. Nowadays, a rockstar is anyone that draws attention, one that is highly admired. Does that define your husband? You know the answer.

14. Angelo

If your husband calls you Angel, you should call him Angelo. Angelo is simply a masculine version of Angel, just as Angela is the feminine version. Angles are benevolent like your husband should be towards you.

15. Beloved

According to the Oxford Dictionary, beloved means “dearly loved” or “a much loved person.” Other meanings include “dear to the heart” or “one that you feel great affection for.” As a result, it’s only natural for your husband to be your beloved.

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16. Saccharo

You likely call your husband Sugar. What’s sweeter than sugar? Well, if you check, you’ll find Saccharin. To make it cute, use Saccharo which is simply Latin for “Sugar.”

17. Nikko

You won’t find so many cute Japanese nicknames better than Nikko. Nikko means Sunshine. In love language, your sunshine is someone that makes you feel happy and bright like the sun does to the earth.

18. Captain

A general meaning of the word Captain would be “Leader” – the person in charge. It’s another respectable name to use for your husband. Let him know he’s the person in command of the (relation)ship.

19. Firecracker

You only find firecrackers where there’s merry and celebration. Typically, firecrackers make loud noises when they explode. If your husband brings so much joy to your life, Firecracker is a befitting name to use.

20. Allo Miso

Allo Miso (Αλλο μισο) is a Greek phrase that means “Other Half.” If you don’t call your husband your Other Half, who will you call?

21. Alter Ego

Just like Allo Miso, Alter Ego is another cute nickname to use for your husband. Although alter ego is a regular phrase in English, it literally means “Other Self” in Latin.

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22. Amorzinho

Amorzinho is a regular pet name you’ll hear in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. It literally means “little love” but has come to mean darling, sweetheart, and other regular cute names.

23. Bond

This is a simple nickname that means a lot. It’s typical for you and your husband to share a bond. The name can also refer to the popular fictional character, James Bond – known as an ultimate gentleman among his other traits.

24. Mi Corazon

Need more cute nicknames in Spanish? Well, here’s another. Rather than using “My Heart” for your husband on your phone, use “Mi Corazon,” they mean the same thing.

25. Choco Pop

If you’re a fan of chocolate pops, or your husband is, I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re very sweet snacks. Your husband is likely one of the sweetest persons in your life so this name suits.

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26. Khal

Here’s a cute nickname for fans of Game of Thrones. Seen the series? Khals are simply the chieftain of Dothraki clans. The name has come to mean Leader or King.

27. Valentino

The story of valentine and valentine’s day needs no introduction. Valentino is the masculine version of valentine just as Valentina is feminine. It’s one of the best romantic nicknames.

28. Peaches

Peaches are sweet stone fruits. That alone makes it a sweet nickname to give to your husband. The name has been made even more popular by Justin Bieber’s song, Peaches.

29. Bambino

Bambino is Italian for “baby” but in the sense of a young child. Everyone calls their husband Baby, why not be different and use Bambino, which even sounds more romantic.

30. Rodnoy

Do you care about your husband? I won’t expect any answer other than a big YES! In that case, you’d love a nickname like Rodnoy which means “the closest person” in Russian.

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31. Lady Killer

According to the Oxford dictionary, a Lady Killer is “an attractive, charming man who habitually seduces women”. Other meanings say “a man who is irresistible to women,” except, in this case, you’re the only woman.

32. Omega

While getting married, you take your vows and promise to be together to the end. In other words, you want your husband to be your Omega; the last man you’ll ever be with.

33. Tarzan

When you think of Tarzan, you could easily picture someone swinging in the jungle. Well, Tarzan is better known as a man with agility and virility. Not to mention his underlying love for Porter’s daughter, Jane.

34. Chico

In Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries, chico is something every other male is called. Well, in English, chic refers to stylishness and elegance. Hence, Chico is an ideal male nickname if you find your husband elegant and stylish.

35. Zeus

In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the ruler, protector, and father of all gods and humans. That’s a very powerful position for any title for anyone – man or God. This name will show how much you believe in your husband.

36. Adonis

Still on Greek and Greek mythology, here’s another befitting nickname, Adonis. This name simply refers to a very handsome young man; handsome enough to be loved by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

37. Hamdam

Hamdam means “intimate companion,” a person you can tell your secrets to, especially those that concern love. There are not many better ways to describe your husband. The name comes from Urdu.

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38. Papa Bear

You can use this cute nickname if your husband is hairy, like a teddy bear. Ladies love teddy bears, why? Because they are warm and cuddly – what more could you want in a companion.

39. Papi Chulo

Papa Chulo refers to an attractive man, a ladies’ man. It’s a popular informal nickname in Latin American countries. You can use Papi Chulo for your husband on your phone while he uses Mami Chulo in return.

40. Oreo

Orea is a Nabisco sandwich cookie that’s been around since 1912. This cookie is renowned for its sweet taste. You often hear phrases such as “sweet like an Oreo.” It’s definitely a sweet name.

41. Mr. Good Looking

I’m sure you don’t need anyone to explain why this would make a good name for your husband. Aside from being a romantic name, it’s also a compliment especially if your husband knows how to look sharp.

42. Hunk

When you hear the word Hunk, what comes to mind is a large piece of something. However, Hunk is also an informal term for a strong and attractive man. You’re not formal with your husband, are you?

43. Dimples

This name would fit, especially if your husband has got dimples. If he’s got it on just one cheek, you can go with “dimple.” Although an indentation, dimples have come to be a very attractive trait.

44. Hot Shot

When you’re a hot shot, you’re very successful at what you do. In other words, you’re an expert, maestro, and a genius to name a few. I’m sure that’s something your husband would love.

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45. Beau

You must have come across this word multiple times. Well, it’s common because it’s a French word that literally translates to “handsome.” Rather than use “handsome,” use “beau.”

46. Dewdrop

Unlike rain, dewdrops are gentle. As a nickname, dewdrop means someone that brings blessing and good luck to your life; just as dewdrops usually introduce dawn. It’s a unique name to go for.

47. Romancer

If you check the dictionary meaning of the word “romancer,” you wouldn’t want to use it for your husband. Fortunately, you don’t have to be literal. Like a dancer is someone who dances, a romancer can refer to someone who “romances.”

48. Kahraman

Kahraman is a Turkish for “hero.” It’s another unique name to use rather than just using “hero” which is very common nowadays. You can spice things up by using “My Kahraman” as well.

49. Mellizo

Mellizo – pronounced as Meyizo – is a Spanish word for “Twin.” Just like Other Half and Alter Ego, here’s another name that shows that your husband is an important part of your life.

50. Cupid

Cupid is a relatively common name. Did you know Cupid was the Roman god of love in all its varieties? Now you do and that’s what makes this nickname a fitting one for your husband.

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51. Nightlight

At night, we all need a light source to help us see. We can’t do without light in the dark; the universe knows which is why the moon exists. This is an ideal name since your husband is someone you can count on when the going gets tough.

52. La Ultima

We’ve had many Spanish cute nicknames on this list and more just keep coming. La Ultima simply means “The Last” – the ultimate. If you wish to spend forever with your husband, here’s a perfect name.

53. My Forever

As the previous name, here’s another perfect name if you wish to spend forever with your husband. With this name on your phone, you’ll always remember your promise to your husband.

54. Hercules

Hercules is one of the most popular heroes in Roman and Greek mythology. When your call your husband Hercules, you mean he’s your hero and ultimately, a divine blessing.

55. Kingitus

This name, Kingitus, has nothing to do with kingship, royalty, or anything related. Surprised? Don’t be as it still has a sweet meaning. The word is Finnish for “gift” or literally “a gift.”

56. Preferito

You prefer your husband, which is why you chose him out of the over 4 billion men in the world. Preferito is an ideal name to commemorate this. The name comes from Italian and simply means “favorite” – someone you prefer.

57. Husbando

The name husbando doesn’t exist in any language. It’s simply a cute nickname for a husband or lover. Although its origin is from Japanese anime, it would easily pass as a Spanish name.

58. My Spartan

The Spartans were known as great fighters in ancient Greece. Nowadays, the word Spartan is associated with strength and discipline. As your Spartan, your husband will always fight and be there for you no matter what.

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59. Kealoha

Kealoha originates from Hawaiian where it means “The Love” or simply love. It’s a masculine name and was made popular by the 2005 song “Ke Aloha” by Natalie Ai Kamauu.

60. Monsieur Amour

In French, Monsieur means “Mr.” and Amour means “Love.” Put them together and you get Mr. Love. There are not many French nicknames as cute as this one.

61. Snuggles

To snuggle means to “settle or move into a warm, comfortable position.” If there’s anyone you feel warm and comfortable around, it’s your husband. It also means to move close to someone for affection.

62. Cowboy

In business, a cowboy is not a name anyone would like to be called. However, when it comes to love and romance, it’s different. In lots of western romance literature, the best lovers are the cowboys.

63. My Viking

Vikings were raiders during the 8th–11th centuries. While it may seem like a rough name rather than cute; it’ll show you believe your husband can conquer the world for your sake. The Vikings conquered Northern Europe with influence reaching Russia, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

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64. King Kisses

This name says all there is about it. Already, you consider your husband a king. If he’s a good kisser, then, by all means, crown him King Kisses.

65. Bello

Bello is the masculine form of Bella. Hence, just as Bella means beautiful, Bello means handsome. It’s a cute nickname of Italian origin. In West Africa, Bello means “Helper” in Fula which also fits.

66. Bonnie

Bonnie and Clyde has come to be a favorite couple name despite its infamous origin. Nevertheless, the takeaway is that both were loyal till the end. So, if you make your husband your Bonnie, he’ll make you his Clyde.

67. G-Man

G-man is a slang term for FBI and other government agents meaning “Government Man.” In this case, however, G-Man means “Gorgeous Man”, a fitting nickname for your husband.

68. Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba is a popular bubble gum brand loved for its different flavors. It’s a slang nickname for a sweet person and is used to express approval and excitement, especially in a sexual sense.

69. Bambi

Another cute nickname for husband on the phone here is Bambi, a relatively popular nickname. Although popular as a female name, it can also work for men as it loosely translates to “Baby.”

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70. BB

Last here is BB, a nickname that is derived from the acronym for ‘Big Baby’, ‘Baby Boo’, or even ‘Boo Boo’. It is the shortest cute nickname with only two words that you can use to save your husband’s name on your phone.

Bottom Line

There you go! You can choose from any of the cute nicknames that suit your husband. They’re among the best available.