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90+ Goddess Names For Your Girl

A name is usually something that sticks with a person forever. Hence, it’s only normal that you’ll want to choose the best possible name for your girl.

If you prefer goddess names, there are so many beautiful ones available. In this post, I’ll be listing out 90+ goddess names you can go with, and their origin.

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Goddess Names For Your Girl

1. Aditi

Aditi is one of the major goddesses in Hinduism, known as the mother of many other gods. The name can be translated as boundless, limitless, or innocent.

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2. Aja

The goddess Aja is an Orisha – spirit of the forest – in Yoruba mythology, Nigeria. She’s associated with medicinal healing and is celebrated as the goddess who gave this knowledge to humans.

3. Alala

Alala is a Greek goddess and her name literally means “battle cry.” She was the personification of the war-cry which Greek soldiers would usually call out when attacking their enemies.

4. Alethea

Alethea, in Greek mythology, was the goddess personification of truth and sincerity. She also was the daughter of Zeus although some legends say she was the work of Prometheus.

5. Anahita

Anahita is an ancient Persian goddess, associated with health and healing. She was revered as a goddess that gives life making her a patron for Persian warriors wanting to survive wars.

6. Ananke

Ananke was the Ancient Greek goddess of necessity and inevitability. Hence, she’s known as the dictator of circumstance and fate – and also called the Mother of Fates.

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7. Anansa

Anansa was the goddess of the sea and beauty in Efik-Ibibio mythology. She’s the most popular deity among the Efik people in Nigeria and is continuously celebrated with the sea-movement-like Ekombi dance.

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8. Anna

Anna, also Anna Perenna, was the goddess of the circle of the year. From her name comes the words annum and annual for yearly. She received prayers to guarantee a happy year.

9. Anona

Anona is another Roman goddess associated with annual offerings. She was the goddess of corn and grain and it was by her grace – or so they believed – that grains were imported and distributed in ancient Rome.

10. Apate

Apate sounds like a catchy goddess name. However, she was the personification of deceit in Greek mythology and the opposite of Alethea – the goddess of truth as mentioned earlier.

11. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is perhaps the most popular of all Greek goddesses. She was the goddess of love, beauty, passion, procreation, and pleasure among others. She’s the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

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12. Artemis

In Greek mythology, Artemis was revered as the goddess of nature, the wild, and the hunt. The goddess was also associated with virginity, childbirth, and young women in general.

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13. Asteria

Still from Greek mythology, we have Asteria, the goddess of shooting stars. She was a Titaness, the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe.

14. Atalanta

Atalanta may not have been a celebrated goddess but she was a heroine in Greek mythology. She’s considered a minor version – or as an ally – of the goddess Artemis.

15. Athena

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom; the city of Athens was named after her. She was also revered as the goddess of warfare and handicraft; her abode is Mount Olympus.

16. Aura

Aura was a Titan goddess in Greek mythology. Her name means “breeze.” Hence, she was the goddess of air, most especially fresh morning air. Aura also exists in Roman mythology.

17. Aurora

In Latin, Aurora literally means dawn. Hence, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology. She was believed to self-renew every morning and announce the coming of the sun.

18. Belinda

Belinda doesn’t refer to a particular goddess. It’s the female equivalent of Bel – meaning “Lord” – which was used as a title for various gods in various ancient myths.

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19. Beline

The name, Beline, has the same origin as the previously mentioned Belinda. It’s the French version of the name and generally refers to goddesses. It’s also said to be related to Celine.

20. Bona Dea

Bona Dea would make a unique goddess name for girls. The name comes from Latin and literally means “Good Goddess.” She was a goddess of fertility, healing, chastity, and protection.

21. Bridget

Bridget is a variation of the name Brigid. Brigid or Brigit was the goddess of wisdom, healing, protection, and poetry in pre-Christian Ireland. She’s also considered a triple deity with sisters bearing the same name.

22. Cardea

Here’s a beautiful goddess name but with a funny origin. Cardea was the Roman goddess of hinges and handles – door hinges for example. She was believed to prevent evil spirits from coming in.

23. Clio

Daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Clio, also written as Kleio, was the Greek goddess of history and a member of the muses. She’s also known as the goddess of memory.

24. Cynthia

Cynthia is a byname of the Greek goddess Artemis since she was born on Mount Cynthus. It was also the byname of Selene and Diana, moon goddesses in Greek and Roman mythology respectively.

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25. Demeter

In Ancient Greece, Demeter was the goddess of grain and agriculture. She was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea and is believed to be the reason why there is winter.

26. Diva

Diva is a common name nowadays. The name comes from Latin and means “goddess,” a feminine version of Divus or Deus which means god.

27. Devi

Devi is the feminine version of the name Deva. Both are terms for deities in Hinduism. The name translates to “heavenly” or “divine.” It’s also short for Devika.

28. Devika

As mentioned earlier, Devi is short for Devika. Therefore, Devika also refers to female deities in Hinduism and translates to “heavenly” or “divine.”

29. Diana

Known for her beauty, Diana was the Roman goddess of hunting, forests, the moon, and fertility, among other things. The name is a derivative of the Latin words for “sky” and “daylight.”

30. Dione

Dione literally means “Goddess” and is related to Zeus, Diana, and other Greek gods. The goddess is characterized by beauty and is linked with the sea or water in general.

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31. Doris

Doris is a Greek name that means “gift”. It can also mean “bountiful.” As a goddess, Doris was the daughter of Oceanus and mother of the sea-nymph Nereids in Greek mythology.

32. Electra

Electra is known as the goddess of the Sea Clouds. She is an Okeanide, a water-bearing cloud child of Okeanos and Tethys, and Gaia’s Sea Goddess daughter.

33. Eris

Eris is a nice name, unlike its origin. Eris was the Greek goddess of strife, dissension, contention, and rivalry. She was also known as the daimona of war and haunting the battlefield.

34. Eudora

The name Eudora means “generous gift” or “good gift” in Greek. It is the name of one of the five minor Greek goddesses and a significant goddess in modern American literature.

35. Fauna

Fauna is a Roman rural goddess who is thought to be Faunus’ wife, sister, or daughter. Some others considered her as Faunus’ female equivalent. She is also known as Fatua among other popular names.

36. Flora

Flora was the Roman goddess of the flowering of plants. It’s not a coincidence that her name sounds like the word “flower.” Hence, Flora is associated with growth, youth, and rejuvenation.

37. Fortuna

Fortuna means “luck” or “chance” in Latin. Fortuna was a fascinating Roman goddess who represents so much. In Ancient Rome, believers would ask her for predictions about the future.

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38. Freya

This name means “noble woman” and comes from the name Freyja. Freya was the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She was a goddess who used magical arts and divination to predict and change the future.

39. Fulla

Fulla, in Old Norse, means “bountiful” and was a deity associated with Frigg. In Norse mythology, Fulla appears as one of Frigg’s waiting maidens and Frigg confides in Fulla her secrets.

40. Gaia

This name is linked to birth and population. Gaia was a Greek goddess who symbolized the earth. She gave birth to Uranus, the Titans, and the Cyclopes among other numerous offspring.

41. Grainne

Grainne is a popular goddess in Celtic mythology. She’s known as the Winter Queen, Dark Goddess, and Solar Sun Goddess. Grainne also represents the spring rebirth.

42. Harmonia

Harmonia was the ancient goddess of peace. She presided over marital harmony, calming contention and dissension. She was also occasionally depicted as a divinity who presided over cosmic balance.

43. Helena

Helena isn’t necessarily a goddess. However, she was the daughter of Leda (mortal) and Zeus (god). Some also say Helen’s mother is the goddess Nemesis, the Greek goddess of divine vengeance.

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44. Hemera

The goddess Hemera signified daytime. She was the sister and wife of Aither and daughter of Nyx and Erebos. Hemera is usually linked to Hera, the goddess of the skies, and Eos, the dawn goddess.

45. Hera

Hera was the sister-wife of Zeus – the major god in Greek mythology – and the Olympian queen. She was the daughter of Rhea and Cronus.

46. Hestia

Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth, was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She’s famous for – being afraid of losing her virginity to the gods Apollo and Poseidon – promising to remain a maiden forever.

47. Idony

Also known as Idun, Idony was a Norse spring goddess and wife of Bragi, the poet god. She guarded the immortality apples, which the gods ate to stay young.

48. Irene

Irene was the Greek goddess of the spring and sister to Dike and Eunomia. She was one of the three Horai season-goddesses and gatekeepers of heaven.

49. Iris

Iris was the Olympian gods’ messenger and goddess of the rainbow. Notably, she was the handmaiden of Hera. She was also a sea and sky goddess, whose parents were Thaumas and Elektra.

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50. Isis

Isis, “The mother of all gods,” was a powerful goddess in ancient Egypt. She was revered throughout antiquity and was a major Greek and Roman deity both in Rome and the Roman world.

51. Jaya

The goddess Jaya, a female deity in Buddhism, represented the triumph of the spirit over all difficulties. She is known as Shiva’s life breath – Shiva is one of the main deities of Hinduism.

52. Jord

Jörd is a goddess in Norse mythology. She is Odin’s sexual companion and the mother of Thor. Her name is widely used in poetry and to describe the earth.

53. June

The name “June” comes from the Roman goddess, Juno. Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. Also known as Regina, June was the patron goddess of Rome.

54. Kali

Kali is a Hindu goddess who is the master of time and change. She is also known as Parvati which means the greatest power or ultimate reality. It’s a very powerful goddess name.

55. Kanya

Here’s another Hindu goddess. Kanya symbolises an adolescent girl child. Her other names are Kanya Devi and Devi Kumari. She’s also said to be the incarnation of Bhadrakali.

56. Leto

Leto was a Titaness, Zeus’ bride, and mother of Apollon and Artemis. She was the mother goddess and protector of the young with her children. She’s also a goddess of modesty and womanly humility.

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57. Levana

Levana was a Roman goddess associated with childbirth. She’s usually called upon when a child is to be dedicated, sharing a similar role to the Greek goddess Artemis.

58. Lyssa

If you like this name, you should forget about its origin. In Ancient Greece, the goddess Lyssa represented anger, frenzy, and rabies in animals. Hence, she was associated with craziness and insanity.

59. Luna

Luna literally means moon. In ancient Roman mythology, Luna was the goddess personification of the moon. Monday – Moon’s day in English and Dies Lunae in Latin – is dedicated to her.

60. Metis

Metis was a Titan-goddess of good counsel, forethought, cunning, and intelligence. During the Titan War, she helped Zeus devise a plan to force Kronos to regurgitate his consumed offspring.

61. Minerva

Minerva was a major Greek and Roman goddess. Her armour and spear show that she is a fighting goddess. However, she fought for just causes.

62. Nike

Nike was a Greek goddess of art, music, war, and athletics. In Greek art, she is commonly shown as Winged Victory in flight. Nike was also known as Zeus and Athena’s attendant.

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63. Nixi

Short of Di Nixi, Nixi is the name of ancient Roman birth deities. Hence, while Nixi referred to one goddess, Di Nixi referred to the entire goddess tribe.

64. Nyx

Nyx is the goddess of the night. As such, she is a mysterious personality in Greek mythology but is often considered a goddess of extraordinary beauty and might.

65. Oba

Oba is a Yoruba goddess revered in West Africa and Latin America. She’s the goddess of the River Oba and the first wife of Sango – the thunder god.

66. Phoebe

Phoebe may not be one of the more recognized Greek goddesses, however, she does serve an important part in uniting the many generations of deities in Greek mythology.

67. Pinga

Pinga, meaning “the one who is up on high,” was an Inuit goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine. She was also a psychopomp, transporting newly deceased souls to the underworld.

68. Pomona

Pomona was a Roman fertility goddess. Her name derives from the Latin word pomum, meaning “fruit”. Hence, she’s otherwise known as the goddess of fruit trees and gardens.

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69. Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a Welsh horse goddess from the Mabinogion. She resembles the Gaulish Epona and later became a goddess of sovereignty who safeguarded the king against betrayal.

70. Rhya

Rhya, known as the Mother-goddess, is a goddess of love and fertility. The name can also be written as Rhea, representing the Green goddess and Titaness daughter of Gaia.

71. Rosmerta

Rosmerta, known as ”The Great Provider” was a Celtic and Roman Gaul goddess. The name means “fecundity and riches” and she was revered in Gaul, the Rhone and the Rhine.

72. Sabrina

Sabrina is known as the fair goddess of the Severn and also the goddess of the silver lake. The River Serven is the longest river in Britain measuring 220 miles long.

73. Sachi

Sachi is one of the many names of Indrani, the queen of gods in Hinduism as the wife of Indra, the king of the gods. She’s known as the ruler of Venus and is said to be beautiful, kind, and pure.

74. Sedna

The goddess Sedna was an Inuit sea deity. She is said to bind sea creatures in her hair, only to release them when appeased by offerings, singing, or a shaman visit.

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75. Selena

Selena is related to Luna and refers to the Moon goddess. In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia and the sister of Helios and Eos. She’s identified by her moon chariot which traverses the heavens.

76. Selene

Selene is the primary name of the Greek goddess Selena mentioned previously. Selena is just an alternative spelling of Selene.

77. Selket

Selket was an Egyptian goddess associated with many things. She was, however, known mostly as the goddess of protection and the scorpion was her symbol.

78. Senuna

Senuna was a Romanised Celtic deity. Metal detectorist Alan Meek discovered a collection of 26 votive offerings to her in an undisclosed field at Ashwell End, Hertfordshire, in 2002. Up until then, she was unknown.

79. Seshat

Seshat was the Egyptian goddess of learning, knowledge, and writing. She is said to be the inventor of writing, as she was a scribe and record keeper in Egyptian mythology.

80. Styx

Styx was a deity and a river in Greek mythology. As a relatively popular primordial Greek goddess, she was the daughter of Tethys, for whom the river is named and who gave it supernatural abilities.

81. Syn

Syn was a Norse goddess who guarded Frigg’s vast hall, Sessrumnir, keeping unwanted people out. She was also used to help or shield defendants in court. Hence, she was a goddess of justice.

82. Tacita

Tacita, – or Dea Tacita – “the silent goddess” – was a Roman goddess of death (silence depicting death). She was also identified with Larunda, the earth goddess.

83. Tanit

Tanit, also Tinith or Tinnit, was a Carthaginian principal goddess. She was said to be connected to the heavens. Hence, she was a mother goddess, and fertility symbols are some of her common depictions.

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84. Theia

Theia was one of the Titaness, who existed a generation before Zeus. She was the Greek Goddess of Sight. Her siblings included Cronus and Rhea, and she was the daughter of Gaia and Ouranos.

85. Thora

Whether Thora was a goddess or not is uncertain but the name does fit. In Norse mythology, she was the wife of Ragnar Lodbrok, and Earl Herraur’s daughter.

86. Uma

Uma is another name of the goddess Parvati, a principal Hindu goddess and wife of the god Shiva. Uma is known as a goddess of power, harmony, and motherhood among others.

87. Uni

Uni is the ancient Etruscan goddess of marriage, fertility, family, and women. She was the patroness of Perugia and is said to be equivalent to Juno in Roman and Hera in Greek mythology.

88. Venus

Venus is a popular Roman goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, and fertility. She was the Roman version of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess but different since she was also a goddess of victory and fertility.

89. Veritas

Veritas, the Roman goddess of truth, is the daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtus. She is represented as a white-clad virgin and the “naked truth” clutching a hand mirror.

90. Vesta

Here’s another Roman goddess, Vesta, goddess of hearth and home. She was a popular and uncontroversial deity as all home prayers began and ended with her devotions.

91. Victoria

Victoria is a common name but not many know it’s a goddess name. Nevertheless, the Roman goddess Victoria was a personification of victory which is what the name means.

92. Vigdis

Vigdis is a popular Norse name, precisely Norwegian, and means war goddess. It can also be written as Vigdess.

93. Yara

Also Iara, Yara is a popular mother goddess in Brazilian mythology. She’s a river goddess and also depicted as a goddess of love. Other accounts say she was a warrior and hunter.

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94. Yemoja

Yemoja is a principal goddess in the Yoruba religion. She’s known as the goddess of the river, mother of all other gods, and the giver of life.

95. Ziva

Ziva is the female variant of Shiva, the supreme god of Shaivites.

Bottom Line

You can choose any of the 90+ goddess names above you believe will fit your baby girl.

Some of the names have infamous origins but they are mainly myths.