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240+ Funniest Names For Kahoot

Kahoot is not just a learning platform. It’s also a platform where you can have fun.

Whether you’re using Kahoot from school, at home, at work, or at an academy, you can host or join learning games. Unlike other Kahoot alternatives, there are over fifty million games available on the Kahoot platform.

To use Kahoot, you must choose a username, and since it’s a fun platform, the best names to use are the funny ones.

However, it might be hard for you to settle on a name as millions of people from over 200 countries use Kahoot. Perhaps someone else has taken the name you wanted to use.

Not to worry, there are still lots of other funny names you can use. Listed in this article are over 240 funniest names for Kahoot.

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What Is Kahoot?

Launched in March 2013, Kahoot is a game-based learning platform. As a user, you can either create a learning game and share it with others or join learning games created by others.

When you create a game, you can share the game PIN with others. Likewise, to join a game, you need its unique PIN.

You can engage in live games or challenges. The latter can be completed at any time, and not immediately.

Kahoot works for everyone, irrespective of the learning subject or language. So far, the platform boasts more than 500 million monthly users.

However, Kahoot is more popular among schools and businesses. Teachers create games to help students learn and interrelate with each other.

Likewise, businesses use Kahoot for business meetings, training, and presentation. In fact, companies like Amazon, Facebook, HP, and Salesforce use Kahoot.

You can join Kahoot games for free, but to host a game, you must subscribe to a paid plan. Kahoot features different types of paid plans, including individual, teams, enterprises, and one-time event plans.

Now that you know what Kahoot is all about, it’s time to discover the funniest names.

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240+ Funniest Kahoot Names

Below are 240+ funniest Kahoot names. You can go with any that suits your style.

1. Desperado

2. Popliteal

3. Kameez

4. Kahoot Tzu

5. Jumbo Dude

6. Ostinato

7. Kaleidoscope

8. Pedagogue

9. Hoot Oxter

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10. Sniff Hootseed

11. Manorexic

12. Aficionado

13. Rickettsia

14. Cacahuetes

15. Halcyon

16. Buffoon

17. Shalwar

18. Burnsides

19. Gazump

20. Red Skullet

21. Noggin Man

22. Bovicide

23. Osculate

24. Blimp

25. Monorchism

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26. Don Cahedron

27. Fribble

28. Hullabaloo

29. Bamboozled

30. Catawampus

31. El Rugrat

32. Mellifluous

33. Crudivore

34. Bedlam

35. The Bauble

36. Gumption

37. La Snarky

38. Ephemeral

39. Von Meatus

40. Al Assmosis

41. Gazpacho

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42. Gussied

43. Haberdashery

44. Black Rickrack

45. Moocher

46. Scatterbrain

47. Sousaphone

48. Kahoot Bust

49. Black Helmet

50. Arrow Verve

Image by Heiner via Pexels

51. Squeegee

52. Zeppelin

53. The Skiffer

54. Juggernaut

55. White Fard

56. Hobnobbed

57. Hyperbole

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58. Blockhead

59. Vuvuzela

60. Scuppernong

61. Hodgepodge

62. Cacophony

63. Crapulence

64. Heyday

65. Don Meme

66. Cahoots

67. Snookered

68. Big Snout

69. Jocund Girl

70. Octothorpe

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71. Scalawag

72. Spam Operator

73. K-Loophole

74. Friderday

75. Tightwads

76. Whodunit

77. Cuirass

78. Jalopy Man

79. Hoot Machinations

80. Ghost Hooter

81. Roustabout

82. Curlicue

83. Bloviate

84. El Hoopla

85. Borborygm

86. KaBomb

87. Resplendent

88. Jetsam

89. Jank Janky

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90. Switcheroo

91. Van Loopy

92. Thingaman Bob

93. Hokum

94. Henpeck

95. Kahootic

96. Babushka

97. Fussbudget

98. Mnemonic

99. Al-Huzzah

100. Zeugma

101. KaHozzity

102. La Fez

103. Zydeco City

104. Don Drizzle

105. Schmooze

106. Gongoozle

107. UpZonked

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108. Gizmotion

109. Trapezoid

110. Bumfuzzle

111. Razzamatazz

112. Bazinga

113. Gaberlunzie

114. Kazoo

115. Vuvuzela

116. Zygomatic

117. Kudzu

118. Gorgonzola

119. El Zigzag

120. Gazebolic

Image by Public Domain Pictures via Pixabay

121. GoogolHoot

122. Coxcomb

123. Volvox

124. Outfox

125. Lummox

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126. Hydroxyzine

127. FlummoX

128. MonoploHoot

129. Uxorious

130. Xiphoid

131. Hoot Phalanx

132. Brown Sphinx

133. The Elixir

134. Chatterbox

135. Jawbreaker

136. Snicket

137. Rickshaw

138. Monkeyshines

139. Hoot Burner

140. Kahoot Clone

141. Skedaddle

142. Hoot Knickers

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143. Ransackee

144. Knickknack

145. Hoot Winker

146. Spackle

147. Maverick

148. Blackguard

149. Crapkin

150. Cantankerous

151. Skullduggery

152. KaPoke

153. Kelvin Hoot

154. Kismet

155. Blonde Bonkers

156. Kinkajou

157. Cockatoo

158. Ka Flanker

159. Pannikin

160. Don Chocks

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161. Malarkey

162. Collywobbles

163. Poppysmic

164. Hootenany

165. Captain Kahoot

166. Hoot Sonic

167 Mister Eructation

168. Flyspeck

169. Ensorcell

170. Kahoot Ping

171. Scrofulous

172. Quicksticks

173. Jabberwocky

174. Colossus Boy

175. Ka Hootface

176. Peaster Beeman

177. Peak A Hoot

178. Hot Buns

179. Silver Gold

180. Bitty Spitz Booger Feet

181. Don Typhoot

182. Kahoot Catter

183. Gobsmacked

184. Cheeky Feets

185. Huckaback

186. Apoplectic

187. Antimacassar

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188. Avuncular God

189. Breakneck

190. Peristeronic

191. Chortle Boy

192. Piccadilly

193. Catamaran

194. Spackleman

195. Alfresco

196. Hootenanny

197. Scalawag

198. Golden Hoot

199. El Proctor

200. Hootligan

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

201. Doohickey

202. Puck Rune

203. Jimbo Tippins

204. Bad Hooter

205. Crapps Man

206. Engineer Porkins

207. Moonshiner

208. Apple Yardman

209. Ka Whoop

210. Joe Booger

211. Guffaw

212. Cahootson

213. Smellfungus

214. Hoot Waddle

215. Wallflower

216. White Scootch

217. Mister Peeve

218. Yellowbelly

219. Great Gimcrack

220. Cotillion

221. El Pagoda

222. Chockablock

223. Bumbershoot

224. Yahoot

225. Jackanapes

226. Miss Kalita

227. Hootaback

228. Katydid

229. Cockalorum

230. Don Quokka

231. Ka Punter

232. Kahuna Hoot

233. The Walkabout

234. Kazoo Kazoo

235. Don Kama

236. Club Hooted

237. HotHoot Foot

238. Blue Snooty

239. White Scootch

240. Footloose

241. Coot Blocker

242. Kahootsome

How To Change Your Name on Kahoot?

Image by Nothing Ahead via Pexels

If you’ve already created your Kahoot account with a different name, you can update it to any of the names listed above that you prefer.

It’s a straightforward forward process. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on the ‘your name and avatar’ icon at the top right of your Kahoot dashboard.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Then, click on the edit icon near the Username field in the User Information section.
  • Enter the new username. You can simply copy and paste from the above list so you don’t make any mistakes.
  • Click on “Change Username” to save.

That’s all. Your profile will now display a new username. Note that you can only change your username once in twelve months (1 year).

However, if it’s your first time after creating your account, you can change the username even if your account isn’t up to twelve months old.

Similar to changing your username, you can also change your Kahoot name. You can change your Kahoot name as many times as you want. It’s not limited to once per year.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the ‘your name and avatar’ icon at the top right of your Kahoot dashboard.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Enter the new name in the Name field.
  • Click on “Save” at the top-right.

What Names Are Not Allowed By Kahoot?

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

In short, Kahoot doesn’t allow inappropriate nicknames. Names that fall under the inappropriate category are determined by the Kahoot list.

So, when you try to change your Kahoot username, the platform checks the list to ensure that your name isn’t inappropriate.

If it appears on the list, your name will be automatically flagged and changed to a neutral one. Otherwise, you’ll be allowed to use it.

You can contact the Kahoot support team to report if your name was incorrectly flagged as inappropriate.

Bottom Line

Millions of people use Kahoot, so one way you can start out from the crowd is by using an interesting, funny name.

You can go with any of the 240+ funniest Kahoot names listed in this article. They are original names and you can admit that they are quite chucklesome.