10 Male Versions of Cinderella

Cinderella is a very popular name that will never be obsolete. This female name comes from the main character in the traditional fairy tale, Cinderella.

According to the Cambridge online dictionary, the name means, “A girl who’s badly treated by her stepsisters but meets and marries a prince.” The name also means, “Someone who becomes successful when people least expect it.

These meanings come from the story’s traditional plot that has been told from generation to generation by many countries and cultures.

It’s about a girl who lives with her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters. Through a spell cast by her fairy godmother, she gets a chance to attend the Prince’s ball, but under one condition – she must leave by midnight.

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At the ball, she meets the Prince who becomes instantly attracted to her but before she can get the chance to tell him her name, it is midnight. She needs to get home quickly before the spell is broken.

In her haste to leave, she leaves behind her glass slipper which happens to be the only way the Prince can find her. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters try as much as they can to prevent the Prince from finding Cinderella, all to no avail.

Eventually, the Prince finds Cinderella and they live happily ever after. To date, the story still resonates with us primarily because everyone loves a “rags-to-riches” story.

If you can relate to the story and want to bestow a similar name upon your baby boy, there are male versions of Cinderella that will serve you.

Though most of the names are derived from movies, books, and illustrations inspired by Cinderella, we have uncovered some male-lead characters.

These men rose from rags to riches, with the help of either their godmothers or godfathers. Without much ado, let’s get on with the male versions of Cinderella.

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Male Versions of Cinderella

1. Cinders

Cinders sounds a lot like “Cinderella”. Guys who bear this name have a lot of good fortune. It’s like their birthright even though it may not be obvious at first.

Cinder also best describes a guy who’s charming, lively, and the center of attention just like Cinderella. In addition, the name is inspired by Babette Cole’s illustration book, “Prince Cinders”.

Like Cinderella, Prince Cinders lived a hard life, always buried with house chores while his brothers attended the Palace disco with their beautiful girlfriends.

Cinder wanted to be like his brothers but had no idea how to go about it.

Eventually, a dirty fairy godmother fell from the chimney one evening and attempted to grant his wishes. But the spell didn’t work as expected.

Cinder ended up looking like a large monkey and couldn’t enter the Rockin’ Royal Bash. Princess Lovelypenny was frightened by the sight of him.

But when midnight strikes and Cinder goes back to his shy little self again, he loses his trousers while attempting to run away from the Princess.

The next day, Princess Lovelypenny mandated every prince to try on the trousers. In the end, they only fit Prince Cinders and he married the princess.

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2. Cinderfella

This is another male version of Cinderella coined from Jerry Lewis’s classic story “Cinderfella”. The story has a male-lead character, “Fella” who, after the death of his father, was left at the mercy of his wicked stepmother and two stepbrothers.

He was reduced to a mere servant, attending to all their needs. Meanwhile, Fella’s stepmother and stepbrothers were busy trying to decipher where Fella’s father hid all his treasure before he died.

When Princess Charming comes into town, Fella’s stepmother decides to throw a fancy ball for her to get her to marry one of her sons, Rupert, in hopes that the union will reinstate her fading fortune.

Fella wasn’t allowed to attend the party but his fairy godfather appears and turns him into a blossoming prince. He eventually attends the ball and catches the Princess’s interest. But before he can tell her his name, midnight strikes and he has to get back home.

Eventually, the Princess is able to find Fella using his lost shoe. The story is a typical Cinderella story but with a male protagonist.

Even the dictionary attributes the name, Cinderfella to mean a boy who shares similar attributes with the character Cinderella.

According to Slang.net, the name best describes “A guy who must get home by midnight” for different reasons.

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3. Joecinders

The name Joecinders is inspired by Marianne Mitchell’s book titled, “Joe Cinders”. In the book, Joe Cinders, the male protagonist encounters the same harsh experience as Cinderella.

He lived with his three wicked stepbrothers and spent all his days doing the house chores and enduring their harsh treatment. When the rich miss Rosalinda invited them for a fiesta at her big ranch, poor Joe was unable to attend.

His brothers made him stay at home to watch the cattle while they all attended hoping to win Rosalinda’s heart. Eventually, a strange fella dressed in baggy overalls came through for Joe and turned him into a charming cowboy with a warning to be home by midnight.

At the party, Joe knocked Rosalinda off her feet but had to get back home before the spell broke. He left one of his red boots behind while escaping.

Days later, Miss Rosalinda arrived with the boot seeking the owner and it turned out that it belonged to Joe. The two lovebirds lived happily ever after.

In plain words, Joecinders merely means, “A man or boy who rose from rags to riches” just like Cinderella.

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4. Bubbarella

Bubbarella is coined from the American nickname, “Bubba” which is mainly used as a term of endearment to someone who’s like a brother to you.

Bubba was also a main character in Helen Ketteman’s “Bubba, the Cowboy Prince”. He is the male version of Cinderella in Helen’s book.

In the story, Bubba lived with his wicked stepfather and stepbrothers – Dwayne and Milton. Just like Cinderella, Bubba was constantly overworked and bullied but he never complained.

One day, Miz Lurleen, the prettiest girl in Texas, decided to throw a fancy ball to find a handsome husband who liked ranching as much as she did. Bubba’s stepbrother left him behind to take care of the ranch while they attended the ball.

A fairy god-cow came to Bubba’s aid and turned him into a cowboy prince that eventually won Miz Lurleen’s heart.

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5. Billy

Billy is the short form of the name, William. The name is said to have a German origin and means “Desire, will, and protection”.

Billy is also the male version of Cinderella in a traditional Irish fairy tale written by Ellin Greene titled, “Billy Beg and His Bull”. In the story, Billy Beg was subject to his stepmother’s evil plots until he finally escaped with the help of his pet, Bull.

Before Bull passed away, he gave Billy a magic napkin to feed him and a magic stick to pump him with strength. He also left instructions on how to make a bull-hide belt to keep Billy away from harm.

Billy used all these gifts to defeat giants and dragons to win the princess’s heart. After the dragon-slaying test, Billy attempted to run away before the princess could meet up with him.

Fortunately, she was able to tear off Billy’s shoe before he rode away. The next day, the princess embarked on a search with the shoe until she found Billy. The two ended up living happily ever after.

I think the full meaning of the name, “Billy” goes well with the attributes of the character in the story. It takes lots of will and determination to move from your current situation to seek a better life.

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6. Eli

Eli may not sound like Cinderella at first, but the name served as the male version of Cinderella in the 2022 musical comedy movie, “Sneakerella”. The story was adapted from the traditional Cinderella story.

Eli, a very talented shoe designer, worked at his late mother’s shoe store. He continually hid his talents from his stepfather and stepbrothers who were always frustrated with opportunities that came his way.

The boy later fell in love with Kira King, the daughter of Darius King, a sneaker mogul and basketball star. This pushed him to pursue his career as a professional sneaker designer in hopes that Darius would elevate his career.

His best friend and fairy godfather stepped in to help him. Unfortunately, Eli ran out of time to make a lasting impression at the banquet.

But he left one of his sneakers behind and Kira eventually tracks him down with it.

The name Eli also has a Hebrew origin and was very popular during the 17th century in the United States. It is said that the name means, “High and elevated” which is typical in every Cinderella story.

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7. Charlie

Charlie is derived from an old English word, “ceorl” which means, “Freeman”. It is often used to describe a strong and manly man. The name is also popular in the Christian religion and has a German origin.

In the 2012 Nickelodeon Original, “Rags”, Charlie portrayed the male version of Cinderella. In the story, he was an orphan who lived with his sharp-tongued stepfather and overpampered stepbrothers.

Charlie Prince was a talented singer and songwriter but couldn’t seem to actualize his dreams no matter how hard he tried. And then there was Kadee Worth, the daughter of an international music tycoon, Reginald Worth.

She was a superstar but behind the fame and wealth, she was frustrated and tired of people controlling her career. She desperately wanted the world to hear her voice rather than sing other people’s songs.

Kadee eventually met Charlie Prince and despite all the obstacles that got in their way, their love story blossomed. Charlie, the poor boy with great talent fell in love with an influential lady that changed his life forever.

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8. Sumorella

This name sounds a lot like Cinderella. “Sumo” is a heavyweight wrestling competition popular amongst the Japanese. This will make a great nickname if you love wrestling and are based in any of the countries in East Asia or North America.

Sumorella is also inspired by Esther Szegedy’s illustration book. The fairy tale, set in Hawaii, features a young boy who yearned to be a sumo wrestler but he was handicapped by his numerous house chores.

This was until his godmother appeared and worked some magic on him enabling him to win the sumo wrestling competition.

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9. Ethan

The name Ethan means “enduring, strong, and firm”. The traditional Cinderella embodied all of these attributes. She was strong enough to endure the harsh treatment from her stepmother and stepsisters and visit the ball and meet the Prince.

Ethan also has a Hebrew origin and was first mentioned in the Bible. He was well known for his exceptional wisdom.

The name has endured many eras, cultures, and generations and still interests modern-day parents.

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10. Cheluva

Cheluva is a boy’s name. The name has an Indian and Hebrew origin and means, “looking handsome, charming, beautiful, and attractive” just like Cinderella.

People who bear this name are usually religious. They are cool-minded, passionate, and multi-talented individuals.

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Wrapping Up

While a boy can’t bear the name Cinderella, no matter the “grass-to-grace” situation surrounding his birth or how charming he is, you can pick any of the male versions of Cinderella above for him.