15 Best Male Versions of Margaret

Unarguably, Margaret is one of the most popular female names on earth. If a list of evergreen female names is released, it is almost impossible to not spot the name, Margaret.

According to Wikipedia, Margaret is a female first name derived from three origins. It is derived from the French word ‘Marguerite’, the Latin word ‘Margarita’, and the Greek word ‘Margarítēs’, all of which mean ‘pearl’.

The name Margaret has been popular since the 11th century and became even more popular following the name of the first British female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

With its unique meaning, Margaret is certainly a name any parent would want to call their child. However, it would be weird to call your son Margaret, no matter how much you love the name and its meaning.

Fortunately, I have compiled a list of extremely cool names that are the male versions of Margaret, alongside their origin and meanings.

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Best Male Versions of Margaret You’ll Love

1. Mette

Image by Bess Hamiti via Pexels

The name Mette is of Scandinavian origin and it means ‘pearl.’ It also has a meaning in the Old High German language which means ‘strength in battle.’

Mette is originally a female Scandinavian name, although, in recent times, it has been accepted as a gender-neutral name and works well for boys.

Not only does Mette mean pearl, which is the same as Margaret, but it is also futuristic and would surely leave an impression on others.

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2. Rhett

Image by Min An via Pexels

If you are looking for a male version of the name Margaret, especially one that sounds very similar, then you should consider the name, Rhett. It’s a stylish, and unique name that will not be instantly forgotten when your son introduces himself to people.

The name is of Latin origin which means ‘advisor’ or ‘to speak’. A baby with this name will be smarter than his peers and known for his wise counsel.

Aside from that, the name became more popular following Rhett Butler, a character in Scarlett O’Hara’s ‘Gone With The Wind.’ All in all, not only is it a cute, charming name but one that bears a close resemblance to the name Margaret, especially when pronouncing the last syllable.

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3. Magan

Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pexels

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Magan means Pearl in Greek. It’s also a popular Indian surname that means sunk. I love that the name is gender-neutral and works for both male and female children.

Since it is a unisex name, it is a worthy male variation of Margaret that you can call your son. Aside from that, it sounds cool, unique, and trendy.

A name like Magan will surely stand out from a sea of names, which is why it is the perfect choice for cutting-edge parents who want a name that sets their son apart from other children. There are a lot of popular and influential people bearing the name.

A good example is Ruán Magan, a popular Irish film director, producer, and writer known to have received lots of accolades and recognition for his films.

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4. Dar

Image by Mustafa ezz via Pexels

Dar may not sound exactly like Margaret but one feature stands out with this name – it’s not just cool but very rare! You would hardly see anyone bearing this name which adds to its uniqueness.

Dar is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘mother of pearl,’ the same meaning Margaret carries. Aside from that, it’s also a common Indian surname that means ‘master’. This unique meaning means that your son stands out from his peers.

He’s a born leader and will perform excellently wherever life takes him. You can choose other variations of this name which include Darby, Darwin, Darnell, Derby, and so on.

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5. Meghan

Image by Talha Riaz via Pexels

At first glance or pronunciation, it’s easy to dismiss that Meghan is specially reserved for females but the name is gender-neutral which means your boy child can bear this name. I particularly like that the name is rare and quite stylish.

Meghan is derived from the Latin word which means pearl. Another interesting fact about this name is that it equally has an Indian origin and is mainly borne by people practicing the Hindu religion.

In India, the name means, ‘roar of clouds’. Best of all Meghan is elegant, easy to pronounce, modern, and a great name choice for your son.

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6. Marka

Image by Polina Tankilevitch via Pexels

Marka is another rare and beautiful male variation of Margaret. Although they do not share the same meaning, Marka sounds very much like Margaret and can be a cute substitute for the name.

It is also a gender-neutral name that has its origin in Africa. The name means ‘steady rain’ and ‘a people in Western Africa’. It’s certainly a great choice if you’re fascinated by African culture or one of your family members is an African descendant.

All in all, the name has a nice ring to it and will certainly lend character to your child’s personality.

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7. Lir

Image by Henley Design Studio via Pexels

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If you are looking for a fascinating yet unique male version of the name Margaret, you’d like Lir. As we know, a pearl is gotten from the sea meaning that the name Margaret is associated with the ocean.

Well, Lir also carries an ocean-related meaning. The name is of Irish origin and means ‘sea’. It is often used to refer to an Irish sea god in most Irish mythologies. Lir is a fascinating, yet masculine name that is simple.

Although it is not a common name, you can be a trendsetter by calling your son this interesting name. There are several spelling variations of the name including Ler and Llyr.

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8. Magnus

Image by Denafi Sy via Pexels

Magnus is a very appealing boy name that will certainly come in handy in place of Margaret. Both names sound similar which is very interesting.

Magnus is of Latin origin and it means ‘greatest or greatness’. It is perfect for both Christian and non-religious parents who want a unique name with profound meaning for their son.

From the powerful meaning ascribed to the name, your son will be great in the future. He’ll make exploits that will set him apart from his peers. You’ll be a proud parent.

It’ll interest you to know that Magnus is also a royal name, which means your son can also be fondly described as being a cute baby prince. I love that the name is very versatile and just never gets old.

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9. Dylan

Image by Henley Design Studio via Pexels

Dylan is originally from Welsh and is derived from two Welsh words ‘Dy’ which means ‘sea’ and ‘Llanw’ which means ‘tide’. Together, the name means ‘son of the sea’.

Just like Margaret, Dylan is an oceanic name which makes for an appealing substitute for boys. It is perfect for parents who are eager to showcase their love for the sea without resorting to obvious names like Sailor.

The name Dylan was made popular by the Welsh writer and poet, Dylan Thomas. Your boy will grow up with an adventurous and carefree spirit that will endear people to him.

Not only is the name a suitable masculine variation of Margaret, but it is also cute, simple, and has an elegant ring to it.

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10. Maj

Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pexels

Maj is another appealing and unique boy name that can be used in place of Margaret, especially because both names sound a little bit similar to each other. The name is of Scandinavian origin and it means ‘of the sea’.

Since pearls (the meaning of Margaret) are found at the bottom of the sea, it makes a lot of sense to call your son Maj considering the relative meaning it shares with Margaret.

In addition to that, Maj sounds chic, short, and unique. In the Slovenian language, it means ‘May’. The name is very much gender-neutral and isn’t so common. It is perfect for parents who want a cute, simple name that has an ocean-related meaning just like Margaret.

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11. Garett

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

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Garett does sound a lot like Margaret. For starters, the name uses the last five letters of Margaret. It’s a stylish name that will suit your cute little boy.

The name is of German origin and it means ‘one who rules with the spear’. It also means ‘brave with a spear’. With this name, be rest assured that your son will live and face adversities with the heart and brevity of a lion; never backing down.

Not just that, Garett is a rare name that’s very suitable for someone with charisma and a bold personality. I recommend this name to parents who like assertive names or names with strong or special meanings.

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12. Marcus

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

In love with the name Margaret but need a variation of it that will suit your baby boy perfectly? Marcus is an excellent pick. At least it uses the first three letters of Margaret.

This boy’s name has its root in Gaelic, Greek, and Latin origins. It means ‘of Mars’ or ‘war-like’ which isn’t far-fetched because Mars was the Roman god of war.

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13. Caspian

Image by Tuấn Kiệt Jr. via Pexels

Just like Margaret, Caspian has a sea-related meaning. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘caspii’ which means white. Caspian also has a topographical meaning related to the Caspian Sea, a large body of salty water between Asia and Europe.

Caspian is a cool male version of the name Margaret because both meanings resonate well. The name got popular following the release of C.S Lewis’ novel, ‘Prince Caspian,’ who was the hero in the novel.

The name has a romantic feel to it and is currently one of the most trendy names winning the hearts of 20th Century parents, especially those of the Christian religion.

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14. Martin

Image by Natasha Babenko via Pexels

Martin is derived from the Latin name Martinus which is also a name used to describe the Roman god of war. Hence, the name means ‘god of war’, ‘of Mars’, or ‘war-like”.

Even though it doesn’t bear the same meaning, Martin comes in as an appealing and masculine version of Margaret.

It is popular, stylish, and modern which makes it a great option for parents. The name also gives off an aristocratic and charismatic vibe.

That means in terms of personality, your son will be very expressive, inspiring, outgoing, and charming. He will be the life of the part and will effortlessly win a lot of hearts, becoming a sweetheart to many.

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15. Morgan

Image by Subham Majumder via Pexels

Morgan is of Welsh origin and it means ‘circler of the bright sea’ or ‘sea-born’. It bears almost similar meaning to Margaret since both are related to the sea.

Morgan is an aristocratic name that is elegant, simple, and has a lot of character to it. Since it is a gender-neutral name, it is perfect for boys.

Although it is a very common name, it remains an evergreen name that is loved by many due to its versatility. I particularly love that despite being one of the oldest names, it still sounds super cool in this century.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it!

The name Margaret may be your favorite name but considering that it sounds really feminine and is specially reserved for baby girls, you’re free to choose any of the male variations of the names reviewed above.

Pay special attention to the meanings ascribed to each of them and be sure you want your son to represent that before making your choice.