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150 Futuristic Boy Names (with meanings)

Are you eager to give your son a name that he’ll love even in his old age? Then futuristic names are the way to go.

These names are unique, modern, and extremely versatile. They not only let your son stand out, but are evergreen as it just never gets old.

Choosing names may appear easy, but it isn’t and that’s why I have compiled a list of futuristic boy names that you (and your son) will love, as well as their meanings.

Without much ado, let’s dive in!

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Futuristic Boy Names and Their Meanings

1. Adlai

Adlai is a fitting futuristic name for your son, especially if you’re a Jew or Christian. It means ‘God is just’ and has its origin in a Hebrew word.

2. Aidan

Aidan is another uniquely cute name for a baby boy. It means ‘fire or born of fire.’ The name also originated from St. Aidan of Iona, who was the founder of the popular Lindisfarne Monastery.

3. Aquila

Aquila is derived from a Latin word that means ‘Eagle.’ It is a unique futuristic name that showcases man’s love for nature and let’s be honest, it sounds quite elegant.

4. Anton

Anton is a lovely name for your son. It is derived from an old Latin name ‘Antonius’ which means ‘priceless.’ Giving your son this name goes a long way to reinstate just how much he means to you.

5. Asher

If you’re looking for a name that radiates love and happiness, consider calling your son Asher. It is of Hebrew origin and is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Osher’ which translates to ‘Happiness.’ This name suggests that the birth of your son filled your household with lots of joy and happiness.

6. Axel

Axel, also spelled as Axl, is a Scandinavian name that means ‘Father of peace.’ It is cute, futuristic and of course the name of the leading band member of the Guns ‘N’ Roses band.

7. Axton

Axton is of English origin and it simply means ‘Someone from the Town of Ash’ or ‘From The Town of Ash Trees.’ It is a variant of the name, Ashton.

8. Arsenio

Arsenio is a nice, rare name for a son. It originates from the Spanish word and means ‘strong, energetic, masculine or virile.’

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9. Aurelius

If you’re looking for a futuristic Latin name for your son, you should consider Aurelius. It means ‘The Golden One and is derived from the name of a famous Roman emperor known as Marcus Aurelius.

10. Alan

The name Alan has various origins and meanings. It is believed to be of Irish and Gaelic origin. In Irish, the name may mean ‘Little Rock’ or ‘Handsome.’ In Gaelic, it means ‘handsome or cheerful.’

Image by Daniel Reche via Pexels

11. Alaric

If you need a rare and aristocratic me to call your son, Alaric is a great choice. It is of German origin and means ‘Ruler.’ It may also mean ‘Emperor of all.’

12. Aiko

Aiko is an endearing yet futuristic name for boys. It has both Japanese and Scandinavian roots. The name means ‘Beloved’ or ‘Little Loved One.’

13. Ash

It is an English name that means ‘From Ash Town.’ Ash is a short, elegant name for your son if you don’t want the long versions which are Ashton or Axton.

14. Avery

Avery is of English and French Origin. It is a cute, unique name that means ‘ruler of elves.’ It is also used to describe someone wise and noble.

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15. Armani

This name is of Italian, Hebrew, and Persian origin. It means ‘warrior’ or ‘child of Armano.’ Armani is a rare and cool name that is unique and leaves an impression.

Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pexels

16. Atlas

Atlas is of Greek origin and it means ‘to carry.’ In Greek mythology, Atlas was the name of the Greek god who carried the world on his shoulders.

17. Astra

Astra is of Latin origin and it means ‘stars.’ Although it is more associated with girls, it is a gender-neutral name that is also suitable for boys.

18. Asa

Asa is a name of Hebrew and Japanese origin. It means ‘Healer’ or ‘Of the gods’. It is mysterious and quite elegant.

19. Aries

Aries is of Latin origin and means ‘ram.’ It is also a zodiac sign and a variation of Ares, who was the Greek god of war.

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20. Auryn

‘Auryn’ is derived from an Old English or Celtic word that when translated means Gold. This unique name will make your son easily stand out from his peers.

21. Adan

It is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘Earth’ or ‘Fire.’ Adan is also the Spanish variation of the Hebrew name, Adam.

22. Beck

Beck is another common yet futuristic boy name that’s elegant. It is of German and Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, Beck means ‘martyr’ and in German, it means ‘stream.’

23. Blaze

Blaze is derived from Latin and it means ‘fire or flame.’ The French variation is Blaise.

24. Banks

This is a stylish, contemporary name for boys. It is from old English and means ‘by the banks.’ Banks is the perfect name if you want your son to exude confidence and wealth.

Image by Tu Nguyen via Pexels

25. Blake

Blake is derived from the old English word ‘blac’ which was a nickname used to describe someone with dark hair or skin. It is also derived from ‘blaac’ which means pale.

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26. Blair

Blair is of Gaelic origin and means ‘battlefield, plain field or meadow.’ The name is gender-neutral but is perfect for a boy.

27. Castor

Castor originated from Greek and means ‘beaver’, ‘the pious one’, and ‘To Shine.’

28. Cael

Carl is derived from a Gaelic/Irish word that may mean ‘Slender or Fine.’ It has a magical ring to it which makes the name a perfect and modern name for your son.

29. Carlton

Carlton which can be shortened to Carl or Tony is another savvy, futuristic name to call your son. It means ‘From the town of free men’ or ‘Free peasant settlement’ and is of old English origin. It is stylish, modern and has a cute ring to it.

30. Cameron

The name Cameron is of Scottish origin and it means ‘Crooked nose’ or ‘Crooked river.’ You can decide to switch to the variant, Kameron which means the same thing.

Image by kelvin octa via Pexels

31. Coen

Coen is a Dutch name that is futuristic and unique for a boy child. It means ‘bold advisor.’

32. Caspian

This name is inspired by the Caspian Sea which is located between Asia and Europe and is the largest inland body of water.

33. Calihan

Calihan in Irish means ‘someone who loves churches.’ It is a unique and perfect name if you’re a religious person.

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34. Cashel

Also, this name is derived from an Irish word that means ‘stone castle’ or ‘a fort built with stones.’

35. Cian

Cian is another Irish name and it means ‘Hollow.’

36. Carrew

Carrew is an Irish name with a toponymic origin. It means ‘A fort located close to a slope.’

37. Cersei

There’s no denying that the name Cersei became more popular following a Game of Thrones character named Cersei Lannister. However, it is of Greek origin and simply means ‘bird.’

38. Connor

Connor is of Irish and Scottish origin. It means ‘Wise’ or ‘Lover of hounds.’

39. Calvin

Calvin is a contemporary yet futuristic boy name that is stylish. In French, it means ‘bald.’ You can choose to shorten it to Cal or Kal.

40. Carson

Carson is of Scottish and Scandinavian origin. It means ‘sons of Marsh dwellers.’

41. Corey

This name is derived from Cora, which is the male version of the Greek goddess’s name, Persephone. It means ‘In a Cauldron’ or ‘One who loves close to a hollow.’

42. Chase

Chase is another elegant and stylish futuristic boy name you should consider. It is of French origin and means ‘Huntsman.’

43. Drake

The name originates from ‘Draki’, a popular Old Norse nickname and surname In Latin, it means ‘Male Duck.’ This name will be perfect if your dream is to have a son as musically talented as, ‘Drake.’

44. Damon

Damon is derived from the Greek name Damazein and means ‘The one who tames.’ It also means to overpower, subdue or conquer.

45. Declan

Declan is an Irish name and it means ‘full of goodness and is a lovely name to call your child.’

Image by Pixabay via Pexels.

46. Dexter

Dexter is of Old English and Latin origins. In old English, Dexter means ‘Dyer of clothes’ and in Latin, it means ‘right-handed.’

47. Denver

Denver is another futuristic boy name that is slowly gaining popularity among parents. It is from old English and it means ‘Crossing of the Danes.’ Denver is also named after the capital of Colorado, a state in America.

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48. Dylan

Dylan is of Welsh origin and derived from ‘dy’ which means ‘great’ and ‘llanw’ meaning ‘flow.’ Putting both meanings together, the name means ‘born from the ocean or Son of the sea.’ According to Welsh mythology, the name Dylan is associated with the God of the sea.

49. Evander

Evander is derived from a Scottish word that loosely translates to mean ‘Bow warrior.’ The name best describes a powerful person.

50. Edsel

If you need a name that gives off a rich, noble aura, then consider calling your son Edsel. It means ‘Noble and bright.’ With a name like this, there’s almost no way your son won’t be thought of as a Gentleman.

51. Ellery

Ellery is of British origin and means ‘cheerful.’ It may also mean strength, confidence, and determination

Image by Helena Lopes via Pexels

52. Eilian

Eilian is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘God is my Family’ or ‘The Lord is my God.’ It is believed to be a variant of the Hebrew name, Elijah.

53. Everest

Everest is of English origin and was a popular surname in the past. It means ‘Dweller of the Eure River.’ It is also the name of the highest mountain in the world known as Mount. Everest.

54. Fynn

Fynn is an interesting and futuristic name for your son. In Irish, it means ‘Fair or Bright.’

55. Farren

Farren in Britain means ‘handsome servant’ or ‘adventurous.’ The name is perfect for kids that are cute and likely to be adventurous as they grow.

56. Finian

The name is inspired by Finn Mac Cumhai, an Irish hero in the 3rd century. His followers identified themselves as Finians. The name also means ‘fair.’

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57. Fletcher

Fletcher is of Irish, English, French, and Scottish origin and when all put together means ‘Maker or seller of arrows.’ It can also be shortened to Fletch.

58. Giovanni

Giovanni is a nice Italian classic name. The name means ‘God is Gracious.’ Its Hebrew/English version is John.

59. Gray

Just like the name indicates, Gray simply means ‘the grey-haired one.’

60. Gavin

Gavin is a Scottish name that means ‘White Hawk, Battle or God Send.’ It is simple, short, and has some sort of romantic feel to it.

Image by Henley Design Studio via Pexels.

61. Gael

Gael means ‘Gaelic’ and is used to describe someone who speaks the Gael language. It has Welsh/Scottish origin.

62. Gandalf

When you hear Gandalf, the first person that comes to mind is the wizard from J.R.R Tolkien’s novels, Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. The name means ‘Staff Elf.’

63. Harlin

The name is rare. In English, it means ‘rocky land.’

64. Haven

Haven is a cute, unusual name for a boy. It means ‘safe place’ or ‘place of refuge.’

65. Hazel

Hazel is another fascinating and futuristic name that is perfect for boys, although it is gender-neutral. It is of old English origin and is associated with the hazel color or tree.

66. Hunter

The name Hunter is of old English origin and was a popular surname among huntsmen. It means, ‘One who hunts.’

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67. Horus

If you’re a fan of exotic names, then this name with its Egyptian origin will thrill you. It means ‘sun god.’

Image by Anna Shvets via Pexels

68. Hendrix

This name is inspired by the popular guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. It is also of German origin and it means ‘ruler of the home.’

69. Irving

Irving is named after River Irvine in Dumfriesshire in Scotland. Its Irish version means ‘Handsome.’

70. Ivan

The name Ivan has several origins including Russian, Slavic, and German Origin. It means ‘God is gracious.’

71. Jordan

Jordan has Hebrew roots and is derived from the word, Yarden. It is also inspired by the River Jordan in Israel. Other than that, it means ‘To Descend’ or ‘Flow down.’

72. Jayden

Jayden also has Hebrew roots and is a variation of the Hebrew name, Jude. It means ‘Thankful’ or ‘God will Judge.’

73. Jett

The name is simply a variation of the word, Jet, which means black stone. In Hebrew, it means ‘Excellence or abundance.’

74. Jax

Jax is gender-neutral but perfect for a boy child. It means ‘God has shown favor.’

75. Jace

Jace is a Hebrew and Greek name. In Hebrew, it means Lord of salvation and in Greek, it means ‘Healer.’ Other variations include Jason or Jase.

Image by Ilkin Safterov via Pexels.

76. Kai

Kai has several origins including Japanese, Chinese, Greece, Scandinavian, Welsh, and even Korean. Some of its meanings are ‘ocean, open, keeper of the earth and keys, and food.’

77. Kendric

Kendric is of Welsh origin and is also a variation of Kendrick. It has several meanings which include ‘Greatest champion, hero, and Royal chieftain.’

78. Klay

This is a modernized version of the name/word ‘Clay.’ It means ‘one who works with clay.’

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79. Knox

Knox is a Scottish name that means ‘round hill.’

80. Kyle

Kyle means ‘Strait’ or ‘Narrow.’

81. Kris

Kris is a much cooler and shorter version of the name Christopher. It means ‘Carrier of Christ.’

82. Kaiser

Kaiser is another excellent futuristic name for boys. It is derived from an old German word that means ‘Ruler Or king.’

Image by Yan Krukov via Pexels

83. Leo

Leo is often associated with a ‘lion,’ which symbolizes majesty, leadership, and strength. It’s also a shorter version for Leonard or Leonardo.

84. Luca

Luca is one of those exotic Italian names you can’t just help but love. It’s often used to describe someone from the ancient city of Lucania, located in southern Italy.

85. Lyle

Surprisingly, Lyle has been around as far back as 1920. It is of Scottish, French, and English origin. When translated, it means ‘Island’ or someone who lives on the island.

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86. Levi

Levi in Hebrew means ‘Joined together’ or ‘Harmony.’ Even though it’s a biblical name, it is still modern and has a futuristic appeal.

87. Logan

Logan is a very common name in Scotland. It became a lot popular following the emergence of a popular comic character, Wolverine, whose real name was Logan.

88. Lex

Lex is another contemporary short version of Alexander. In Greek, it means ‘Defender of men.’

89. Landon

Landon is of English origin and it means ‘Long Hill’ or ‘Ridge.’

90. Lynx

Lynx has Latin roots and it means wild cat.

Image by Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels

91. Larkin

Larkin is of Russian, English, and Irish origin and is a variation of Laurence or Lawrence. It means ‘one from Laurentium’ or ‘Victory, Achievement, or Laurel.’

92. Mircea

Pronounced “Mee-sha”, this is another gender-neutral name that works perfectly well for boys. In Roman, it means ‘Peace.’

93. Mercury

Mercury means ‘messenger of the gods.’ in Roman. The name is inspired by the Roman Messenger God who had wings on his helmet and shoes.

94. Milo

Milo has both Latin and German roots. In Latin, it means ‘soldier’ and in German, the name means ‘merciful or soft-hearted.’

95. Mika

Mika in Japanese means ‘beautiful fragrance.’

96. Max

Max is the short form of Maximillian. The name means ‘The greatest’ in Latin and was a common Roman surname although it was then known as Maximus.

Image by Yan Krukov via Pexels

97. Marion

This is another intriguing futuristic boy name. It is of French origin and it means ‘star of the sea.’

98. Micaiah

Micaiah in Hebrew means, ‘Who is like God?’ It is perfect for spiritual parents who want a profound name for their son.

99. Marcin

This beautiful futuristic name is derived from the Latin word Martinus and it means ‘war-like.’

100. Maverick

The name Maverick is of English origin and it means ‘Independent’ or ‘non-conforming.’

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101. Milan

Milan is of Slavic and Roman origin. It means ‘Gracious’, ‘loving’, or ‘Favour.’

102. Nestor

Nestor in Greek means ‘one who travels.’ It’s a perfect name if you feel that your son will be adventurous.

103. Naren

Naren is of Indian origin and it means ‘superior man’ or ‘king of men.’

104. Nova

Nova in Latin means ‘new.’ The birth of your son signifies a new beginning.

105. Niles

This name is derived from the popular Egyptian River Nile. In Greek, it also means ‘People Victory’ and in Gaelic, it means ‘Son of Neil.’

Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pexels

106. Noe

In Hebrew, Noe means ‘consolation, reassurance, tranquillity or peace.’

107. Oren

Oren means ‘Pine tree’ in Hebrew.

108. Orion

Orion is a classic name and means ‘Dawning’ or ‘rising in the sky in Greek.

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109. Onyx

Onyx is of Greek origin which means ‘Black Gemstone.’

110. Phoenix

Phoenix means ‘reborn’ from the ashes in Greek. The name is also inspired by the mythical bird which currently symbolizes survival and reformation.

111. Perrin

Perrin means ‘rock’ in Greek. It’s a perfect name if the birth of your son solidified your relationship with your partner.

Image by Marcin Jozwiak via Pexels

112. Phineas

Phineas is another religious yet trendy name for a boy. It is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘face of trust’ or ‘Esteemed.’

113. Quinn

Quinn in Irish means ‘descendant of Conn.’ Its Latin variation means ‘Essence.’

114. Rye

Rye is a very unusual and elegant name for your son. It means ‘Island meadows.’

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115. Rhett

Rhett means ‘Advisor’ in Dutch. It became more popular following the character, Rhett in Gone with the Wind.

116. River

The name River is of both English and Latin origin and describes a riverbank. Your son will stand out with this name.

117. Ryan

Ryan means ‘Little King’ in Irish. The name is cool and stylish.

118. Reeve

Reeve is another trendy name perfect for boys that exude optimism and happiness. In Welsh, the name means ‘enthusiasm.’

119. Rey

Derived from Spanish, Rey means King. It became more popular following the star war character called Rey.

120. Rory

Rory is of Gaelic/Irish origin and it means ‘Red King.’ It is an adorable name for a baby boy.

Image by Samer daboul via Pexels.

121. Raven

The name is inspired by the popular Raven bird. In English, it means ‘dark-haired or wise.’

122. Rune

Rune is another futuristic and rare name for boys. It originated in Belgium and Norway, and it means ‘secret.’

123. Sven

If you’re from Scandinavia or a lover of Scandinavian culture and folklore, this is the perfect name for your baby boy. In Scandinavian, it means ‘Youth.’

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124. Sage

Sage is derived from the Latin word ‘Sagus.’ It means ‘prophet’ or ‘wise one.’

125. Solon

This utterly cool, futuristic name means ‘wise one’ in Greek. The name bears a close semblance to Solomon, one of the wisest men in the Bible.

126. Salix

Salix is of Greek origin and means ‘willow.’ The name is unique and will make your son easily stand out.

127. Storm

This name became more popular following the fictional character in the American comics, X Men. It means ‘Tempest.’

128. Shae

Shae is of Irish and Gaelic origin and it means ‘Majestic’ or ‘Honorable.’

129. Sean

It is another variation of the Hebrew/English name, John and it means ‘God is Gracious.’

130. Snow

Snow is of English origin and it means ‘white-haired’ or ‘frozen rain.’ The name is a perfect pick for a blond-haired baby boy.

131. Tae

For Koreans or lovers of Korean culture, Tae is the perfect name for your baby boy. It means ‘great or famous.’

132. Torin

Torin is another beautiful, futuristic boy name. In Irish, it means ‘chief, leader or ruler.’

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133. Terence

The name Terence in Latin means ‘soft, smooth and tender.’

134. Trey

Trey is of British origin and means ‘Third.’

135. Tate

Tate is another incredibly upbeat, futuristic boy name to call your son. It is of Norse and English origin and it means ‘joyful.’

Image by Tuấn Kiệt Jr. via Pexels.

136. Tatum

A gender-neutral name, Tatum works for girls and boys. It is of English origin and means ‘Tate’s homestead.’

137. Tristan

Tristan means ‘melancholic’ in Welsh.

138. Travis

Another cool, distinctive, and futuristic boy’s name is Travis and it is of French origin. The name means ‘To Cross’ or ‘Toll Collector.’

139. Van

Van is a fashionable name that has a modern yet classic appeal. The name is derived from ‘Vance’ which means ‘marshland.’

140. Xander

Xander is the short form of the Greek name, Alexander. It can be loosely translated to mean ‘defending men.’ It is cool, futuristic, and just never gets old.

141. Xavier

The name Xavier is of Arabic origin and means ‘bright.’

142. Zuna

Zuna is an African name that means, ‘To be sweet.’ What better way to introduce your sweet baby boy?

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143. Zeus

Zeus is inspired by the powerful Greek god of sky and thunder. The name means ‘sky god.’

144. Zephyr

Zephyr is a beautiful name that is perfect for an adorable boy child. It means ‘Messenger of spring.’

145. Zane

Zane is a unique version of John. It means ‘God is Gracious.’

Image by Natasha Babenko via Pexels.

146. Zenith

Zenith simply means ‘highest point.’

147. Zen

Zen in Greek means ‘Gift of Zeus.’ The name is simple, unique, and has a soothing feel.

148. Zev

Zev is a biblical name. In Hebrew, it means ‘God’s Given’ or ‘Wolf.’

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149. Zander

This is a variation of Alexander and it has a Latin origin which means ‘Defender of Men.’

150. Zeke

Another biblical yet modern name you can call your son is Zeke. It is of Hebrew Origin and it means ‘God strengthens.’

Wrapping up!

There you have it! Go ahead and choose any of these futuristic names for your baby boy.

However, before making your choice, consider the meaning of the names and choose the one that will go well with the personality and character you want your son to embody in the future.