40+ Cool Sci-Fi Girl Names With Meanings

If you’re looking for unique, futuristic, and creative names for your baby girl, there are a lot of names out there for you. If you’re a sci-fi fan, the perfect idea would be to choose a cool sci-fi name for her.

Over time, these names have become popular among parents and they aren’t just unique but very impressive and chic for baby girls. What better time to tap into the current trend and give your daughter a profound name with a meaning that will stay with her forever?

I’ve compiled a helpful list of cool sci-fi names alongside their origin and meaning that you can choose from.

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Cool Sci-Fi Names For Girls You’ll Love

1. Anastasia

Anastasia is a feminine name that doesn’t just sound cute but is a science-fiction-inspired name perfect for your daughter. It is of Greek origin and is derived from the Greek word ‘anástasis’ which means ‘resurrection’.

Aside from that, it’s the name of a character in Battlestar Galactica, a famous American TV sci-fi series. In the movie, Anastasia Dee Dualla was the former Communications/Executive Officer of the Battlestar Pegasus.

Going further, a girl named Anastasia would most likely grow to be authoritative, ambitious, and fearless.

2. Arya

Every parent who was a huge fan of the Star Wars and Game of Thrones fantasy movies will surely agree this is a cool sci-fi girl name. It is of Sanskrit/Indian origin and it means ‘noble or honorable’.

Aside from its beautiful meaning, Arya was also the name of the daughter of Silas and Padme Portrun, all characters in Star Wars fanfiction. Most of all, Arya made an appearance in the popular fantasy movie, Game of Thrones.

I particularly love how rare the name is. You don’t see lots of girls bearing this name.

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Image by J Carter via Pexels

3. Axton

This is another appealing science-fictional girl name that will surely make your daughter stand out from the crowd. Axton is also a rare name and is of Old English origin. It simply means ‘swordsman stone’.

The name was made popular by the lead commando character/hero in the sci-fi game, Borderland 2. Though it sounds masculine, it is actually a feminine name that is elegant and exudes authority.

4. Angel

This cool name is gently infiltrating the mainstream media in recent times. It is a simple name, yet possesses a deep meaning that is perfect for your girl child. Angel is a name derived from the Greek word ‘angelos’ which means ‘divine messenger’.

Girls named Angel often turn out to be beautiful, intelligent, and possess an aura of goodness about them. If you are looking for a cool, simple sci-fi name for your daughter, you have found it.

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Image by Bess Hamiti via Pexels

5. Aquila

This is another beautiful name that is rare among baby girls. It has the biblical meaning of ‘an eagle’. Girls named Aquila are high achievers and distinguished in any field. The name is popular in the Ladyhawke series.

6. Astrid

There’s something distinctive about this name that makes it a perfect sci-fi name for girls. The name has a Scandinavian origin that means ‘divinely beautiful’.

If your little girl has a heartwarming beauty that is easy on the eyes, then pick Astrid. In the Fox science-fiction series Fringe, Astrid Farnsworth is a character who had high computer skills and was also a statistics specialist.

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7. Athena

Athena has always been a classic name, yet it still has a modern, stylish vibe to it. This name is perfect for a beautiful girl especially as it is the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom.

She is also known as the goddess of handicrafts and warfare. Athena is also the name of a female character in Battlestar Galactica.

She was the daughter of Adama, the sister of Apollo, as well as a pilot and bridge officer in the famous sci-fi series. Athena is not only feminine but is a name that exudes confidence and superiority.

Image by Shanice McKenzie via Pexels

8. Alura

There’s something about the name Alura that strikes a cord. It isn’t just another feminine name but a sci-fi name that is quite appealing and befitting your little princess.

It is of English origin and it means ‘divine counselor or god-like advisor’. Alura In-Ze is also the name of a popular DC fictional comic character. She is the Kryptonian daughter of In-Zee and the wife of Zor-El. She is also the mother of Supergirl.

Alura is one of those names you can’t help but love. Aside from being perfect for the daughter of sci-fi fans, it gives off an aristocratic and charismatic vibe.

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9. Beverly

This is one of those rare names that just seem perfect for girls. Beverly is unique, stylish, and very simple to pronounce. You can’t go wrong with this name.

It is of English origin and it means ‘dweller/woman from the beaver meadow’. Beverly Crusher was a fictional character in the popular American science fiction television series, Star Trek.

Played by Gates McFadden, Beverly Crusher was the Chief Medical Officer of two starships, Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.

Image by Davis Sánchez via Pexels

10. Clara

Clara is another classic, yet stylish, name for your daughter. It originates from Latin and means ‘bright, clear, or famous’. That’s quite a profound meaning attached to the name.

The name is also inspired by the fictional character in the famous British sci-fi series, Doctor Who, Clara Oswald. She was the companion of The Doctor, an alien time traveler.

All in all, Clara is surely a girly name that gives off a soft, classy vibe making it a great choice for your baby girl.

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11. Bella

This name screams femininity, class, and beauty. This is an awesome name choice for your daughter. Bella has a multilingual link to the Spanish, Greek, Latin, and Italian meaning ‘beautiful’. Best of all, Bella Swan is also the protagonist of the popular science and fantasy series The Twilight Saga.

12. Chiara

Simple names are beautiful and that is exactly what the name Chiara is. It is easy to pronounce and means ‘bright’ in Latin. Girls who have this name are often competent, sweet, and energetic.

Image by Davis Sánchez via Pexels

13. Ezri

This name is not only exotic but rolls easily from the tongue. Although it’s a unisex choice, you can give it to a girl. It has the Hebrew meaning ‘helper’. This name will certainly ring a bell if you are an avid fan of the popular sci-fi series, Star Wars.

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14. Inara

If you are looking for an unusual name that is beautiful, feminine, and rare, then you should consider calling your baby girl, Inara. The name has multiple meanings in different languages but refers to a ‘shining light’.

If your daughter is a ray of sunshine in your life, this name can tell the perfect story. It is the name of a character in the science-fiction motion film Firefly.

15. Diana

This name is of Greek, Roman, and Latin origin and it means ‘divine’. Diana was popular as it was the name of the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, and fertility. It also means ‘sky or daylight’ in Latin.

While Diana may have been a classic name, it became more popular after sci-fi fans got to know the famous DC sci-fi comic character, Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira.

She was an Amazonian warrior, princess, and also the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Diana is also a prominent member of DC’s famous Justice League.

Image by Samer Daboul via Pexels

16. Dana

Another beautiful sci-fi name to consider for your daughter is Dana. It is one of those rare names with different exotic origins. In Persia, the name Dana means ‘wise’ while the Hebrew version means ‘God is my judge’.

It is also of Arabic origin and it means ‘beautiful pearl’ while in Sanskrit, it means ‘generosity’. With such a long list of beautiful meanings, Dana is impressive and deserving of your little one.

It makes our list of cool sci-fi names for girls as it is the name of the female character in the Fox sci-fi series, The X-files. Dana Scully was a Medical Doctor and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent, as well as a prominent protagonist in the series.

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17. Elektra

If you want a name that is as rare as can be, Elektra should rank at the top of your list. It is of Greek origin and it means ‘bright, shining, or amber’. This feminine Greek name is quite chic, modern, and gives off a hippy vibe.

I recommend this name in recognition of the famous fictional comic character in Marvel’s Daredevil. Elektra Natchios is a trained (and violent) assassin of Greek origin and is also the love interest of Matt Murdock, who was Daredevil. She eventually becomes the new Daredevil in the 2020 release.

Image by Elina Sazonova via Pexels

18. Eretria

Eretria is another unique sci-fi name perfect for your girl. It is of Greek origin and means ‘city of rowers’, which was an ancient town in the Euboea area of Greece.

The name gives off a friendly and homely vibe, hence a girl called Eretria would most likely be self-reliant, friendly, and very compassionate.

Eretria makes it to our list as it’s attributed to one of the main characters in Shannara Chronicles. Eretria is the adopted daughter of Cephalo, the leader of the caravan of Rovers.

19. Ender

Although it is commonly used for boys, Ender is a gender-neutral name that also works for a baby girl. The name is of Turkish origin and it means ‘extremely rare or scarce’.

More interestingly, it became more popular among English-speaking parents following the release of the popular sci-fi novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

With its meaning, Ender is a cute name perfect for parents who had to wait a long time before birthing their little one. It is also a great choice if you’re a huge fan of Ender’s Game and want to express your fan love through your child.

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Image by Steshka Willems via Pexels

20. Elora

The name Elora is perhaps one of the most unique feminine names you’ll come across. It is of both Hebrew and Greek origin.

In Hebrew, Elora means ‘God is my light’ and in Greek, it means ‘sun ray’. It is the perfect choice for parents who see their daughter as the burst of sunshine in their lives.

The name also represents the fictional character from the fantasy movie, Willow. Elora Danan was a gifted child who was born with a special mark and predicted through prophecy to overthrow the evil Queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar.

21. Emmett

This is yet another lovely name choice for your baby girl. This name gives off warm yet vibrant energy. Emmett is a character in Back to the Future; a science fiction movie. The name has an English and German origin that means ‘universal’.

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22. Felicity

There is elegance that comes with the name Felicity. It is a great choice for a girl’s name. One of the lead characters in the crime science fiction TV series, Arrow was Felicity Meagan Smoak. She was a highly intelligent analyst and eventually married the hero, Oliver Queen.

23. Flora

This is another common name in many science fiction movies and books. What can be better than giving your beautiful girl a perfect name that is translated from its Latin roots as ‘flower’? As simple as the name is, it is unique and rare.

Image by Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels

24. Gandalf

Although this name has a masculine ring to it, it’s gender-neutral and can be the perfect name for your baby girl.

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings and other science fiction movies, then this name will resonate with you. The name has an Old Norse meaning of ‘a wand or magic’.

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25. Kael

If you are looking for a name that will give your daughter an awesome unisex twist, then Kael is perfect. The name has an Irish origin from the word ‘coal’ which means ‘slender’.

Kael is the main character in the 2006 popular science fiction movie series Kael XY about an alien boy who came to earth with supernatural powers and no belly. Kael has a futuristic twinge that will ensure your girl stands out in the crowd and the rarity of this name adds to its uniqueness.

26. Kara

Another simple yet unique name for your baby girl is Kara. The Italian meaning of the name is ‘dear or beloved’. This is a name you choose if you share a deep bond with your girl. Kara Zor-El is the lead character in the TV series, Supergirl.

27. Iris

Iris is one of those names that have been in existence for a very long time but are still rare. It is derived from the Greek word ‘iris’ which means ‘rainbow’. Mostly, Iris was known to deliver messages to the gods on a rainbow bridge.

In one of the popular sci-fi series, The Flash, Iris West-Allen was a 25-year-old investigative journalist who eventually worked and fell in love with Barry Allen, the superhero in the series.

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Image by Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels

28. Katniss

Katniss is a name of American origin and it means ‘beautiful plant or pure’. It has an attractive ring to it, and of course, is a perfect feminine name to call your daughter. The name can even be shortened to Kat, a cute variation or nickname.

Katniss was also the main female protagonist in the famous sci-fi novel and series, The Hunger Games. Her family came from District 12, which was the smallest and poorest district in Panem.

29. Leia

If you do not just love rare names, but those with rich exotic origins, then you would surely love the name, Leia. It is of different origins including Hebrew, Latin, Akkadian, and Hawaiian.

In Akkadian, Leia means ‘mistress’ and in Hebrew, it means ‘weary or relaxed’. The name means ‘lioness’ in Latin and ‘heavenly flowers’ in Hawaiian. In Star Wars, Leia Organa was a brave Alderaan princess and the daughter of Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker as well as one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance.

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30. Leta

Almost every mother would agree that Leta is a beautiful baby girl’s name. There’s just something about it that is elegant and very attractive.

Aside from its elegance, it is one of those uncommon names that will be unforgettable whenever it is mentioned. It was the name of a female pure-blood witch, Leta Lestrange in the novel, Harry Potter.

Image by Rene Asmussen via Pexels

31. Mazarine

If you want a name that will make your daughter stand out, then you should consider adding Mazarine to your list.

It is of French origin and it refers to a ‘deep blue color’. In addition to that, it’s also the real name of the actress who played Alison in the popular movie, Reflector.

32. Nova

Although still scarce, Nova is one of those names that is currently climbing up the popularity ladder.

Modern parents are embracing this feminine name, not just for its novelty but because it sounds quite stylish.

It is of Latin origin and it is derived from the Latin word ‘Novus’ which means ‘new’.

Aside from that, the name is also used to describe a shooting star that suddenly appears.

It’s also the name of Richard Rider, one of the most powerful allies of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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33. Peggy

This is not exactly a new name but it has an evergreen quality. This is an elegant, fun name for a girl and is also simple to pronounce.

Peggy is a stellar character in the Captain America series. The English name Peggy means a ‘worker on a ship’.

Image by Jordane Maldaner via Pexels

34. Raven

Everything about the name Raven is beautiful. It is an English name that means ‘dark-haired or wise’.

This name is a perfect fit for your daughter with dark hair or an exceptional girl. Raven was one of the superhero characters in the animated TV series, Teen Titans Go.

35. Sarah

Sarah is a popular name choice for several sci-fi movies. It is an ideal feminine name for your girl. Although it is very popular, it is still a perfect fit for your sweet daughter. The Hebrew meaning is ‘princess’.

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36. Marty

This name is masculine but can be an ideal choice for your energetic baby girl. It means “warriors of Mars’. This name is simple and witty yet possesses a punch that adds to its uniqueness. Marty is a character in the sci-fi movie, Back to the Future.

Image by Nasirun Khan via Pexels

37. Violet

If you like naming your child after a flower, then Violet is a good name to pick for your baby girl. It is an English name of Latin origin that denotes the color purple. A character from the sci-fi movie A Series of Unfortunate Events is named Violet.

38. Willow

This name has an edgy, fun side to it, making it an ideal choice for your baby girl. A character who saves someone in the sci-fi movie Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is called Willow.

Willow is a female name of Old English origin meaning ‘willow tree’. This name has a futuristic appeal that isn’t going away soon. Girls who are named Willow are often strong and courageous just like the willow tree.

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39. Zazie

If you want to give a rare name that sets your baby girl apart, choose Zazie. It is a Hebrew word that means ‘movement’. This name is for your active, bubbly daughter with a strong personality. You can find this name in most sci-fi stories, and it’s cool.

Image by Sklei via Pexels

40. Nerys

Nerys is a feminine name of Welsh origin and while the exact meaning isn’t certain, it is used as a form of title hence it may mean ‘lady, master, or lord’. If you’re a fan of Welsh names, then Nerys makes for a nice option if you’re looking for the perfect Welsh name for your daughter.

Nerys is also the name of a fictional character from the popular series, Star Trek. Kira Nerys is from Bagot and is also a member of The Resistance.

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41. Rey

Although Rey has always been known as a masculine name, it is gender-neutral. The name is of Spanish origin and it means ‘king’. Rey started to gain popularity as the main female protagonist in the Star Wars franchise.

Rey Skywalker first makes an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and she is known for her heroic moves in fighting against evil.

42. Ripley

The name Ripley has always been known as a surname and it is of British origin. It is a gender-neutral name that means ‘strip of clearing in the woods’.

While the name Ripley has always been in existence for a very long time, there’s no denying that it gained popularity with the heroine in Alien.

Ellen Louise Ripley was one of the most loved characters in the Alien series. One thing to like about the name Ripley is that it sounds modern and stylish and there’s an edginess that can’t be denied.

Image by Natalie via Pexels

43. River

The name River also makes it to our list of best feminine sci-fi names to call your daughter. As it implies, River is of English origin and it means ‘a flowing body of water’.

River is a cute sci-fi name for your little one attributed to one of the female characters in the series, Doctor Who. River Song is a time traveler who was a companion of the Tenth Doctor and later became his wife.

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44. Seraphine

A great choice among religious and irreligious parents, Seraphine is a remarkable name for a lovely baby girl. It is of Hebrew origin and it is often used to refer to heavenly or celestial beings.

The name also means ‘burning one, flames or shining snake’. It was made popular following the game, World of Warcraft.

45. Sylvia

A known classic, the name Sylvia has been one of the most popular female names for as long as possible. It is of Latin origin and it means ‘spirit of the wood’. It was associated with a mythological entity known as the Forest God.

The name is on our list because of the major representation of Lauren Garland in the sci-fi movie The Truman Show.

46. Ruatha

If you’re a fan of Irish games, the name Ruatha will definitely ring a bell. Aside from being of Irish origin, the name carries a powerful meaning. It means ‘red fort’ and was used to describe one of the major holds in the Pern series, headed by the notable Lord Ashmichel.

47. Atreyu

Atreyu is a gender-neutral name that can also be given to a girl. The name originated in German and India and means ‘warrior’.

Wrapping Up

As a parent, choosing the perfect name for your child can be as tasking and demanding as ever. However, this list presents you with creative sci-fi names for your baby girl.

You’ll notice that they all carry powerful meanings plus most of them are inspired by major characters in your favorite sci-fi movies. Best of all, their special meanings will surely be reflected in your daughter’s life as she grows.