25 Best Female Versions Of Thomas

Thomas is an incredibly cute Hebrew name that means ‘Twin.’ It is the perfect moniker for when you’re expecting twin boys.

Though if you’re expecting a twin girl or need to pay homage to the family name ‘Thomas,’ there are feminine options for you.

Of course, it would be awkward to call your daughter a traditional, masculine name like Thomas. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best female alternatives to Thomas, to help give your child a befitting name.

So, without much ado, let’s dive right in!

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Best Female Versions of Thomas For Your Little One

1. Thomasine

Thomasine makes it to our list of best female versions to consider if you like the name, Thomas. It is of Aramaic and French origin, and it means ‘Twin.’

The name is a popular variant of Thomasin. It’s also a beautiful, chic, yet very simple name to pronounce. Some famous people with this name include Thomasine Christine Gyllembourg-Ehrensvärd, a famous Danish author in the 17th century.

Another is Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie, a New Zealand actress known for her role in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. A name like Thomasine is also unique and will surely garner some attention whenever it is mentioned.

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2. Thomasina

Thomasina is another well-known female version of Thomas that easily stands out. It is of Aramaic, English, and Greek origin, which means ‘Twin.’

Thomasina is a unique name that will deformity set your child apart from her pairs. Besides, it is the perfect fit if you don’t want a generic twin-girl name. It is quite easy to pronounce, elegant, and has a beautiful ring.

A famous person with this name is Thomasina Winslow, an American Blues musician. A child called Thomasina will surely be popular among her peers because her personality will always shine through, just like her name.

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3. Tamasine

Tamasine is an appealing female name that describes a twin. The name is of English and Aramaic origin, and it means ‘Twin.’

It is a highly unusual yet intriguing name that immediately lets your child stand out from a sea of children. Tamasine also has its variant, Tamasin, which is also unique.

A popular person with this name is Lydia Tamasin Day-Lewis, an English food critic and TV chef, popular for her publications in The Daily Telegraph, Vogue Magazine, and Vanity Fair.

A child called Tamasine will grow bold, beautiful, pleasant, and highly focused.

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4. Tameka

This is another delightful twin girl name you should consider. The name is of African American and Native American origin, and it means ‘Twin.’ It also means ‘Sun’ in some Native American languages.

Tameka, also known as Tamika, is an outstanding and extremely cute name that is perfect if you don’t want to go for the more obvious versions of Thomas. Some famous people with this name include Tameka Dianne Cottle Harris, an American singer, and songwriter.

Another is Tameka Yallop, an Austrian soccer midfielder who is also a member of the Australian national team. A child called Tameka would likely grow to be passionate, caring, and dynamic. She is also bold, intelligent, and a natural-born leader.

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5. Tamitha

Tamitha is the perfect feminine version of Thomas for Christian parents. It is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Twin,’ and is a common name in many Christian/Jewish homes.

Tamitha is a short, simple, and beguiling name that often gets mistaken for ‘Tabitha’ even though they have different meanings. A child named Tamitha will most likely grow to be a compassionate and selfless person.

She will also be known for her pioneering spirit and proud personality. Tamitha is a great choice because it will make your child stand out from her peers and make her quite popular.

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6. Tammi

You should pick this name if you’re looking for a cute and simple name to call your lovely twin girl. It is of Aramaic, English, and Hebrew origin, and it means ‘Twin.’

Tammi also means ‘date palm’ and ‘Life’ in Hebrew. I love that the name is a chic and adorable moniker for your child. It doesn’t only sound unique and isn’t hard to pronounce at all.

A famous person with this name is Tammi Terrell, an American singer, and songwriter popular for her duets with the singer Marvin Gaye. Another is Tammi Reiss, an American actress and former professional basketball player.

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7. Tamsin

Tamsin is one of the most popular feminine names that also means ‘Twin.’ That name is one of Britain’s most common female names, especially in Wales and Cornwall.

It is also known by the spelling Tamzin which is a great variant. One popular person with this name is Tamsin Olivia Egerton, a British actress known for her role as Guinevere in the tv series Camelot.

Another is Tamsin Margaret Mary Greig, known for her role in the sitcom, Episodes. It is also the title of the 1999 fantasy novel by Peter S. Beagle.

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8. Tamsen

Tamsen is of English origin, and it means ‘twin.’ It is a great name for spiritual parents, especially Christians. Tamsen is a popular variation of the name Tamsin and Tamzin.

I love that the name is elegant and sweet to the ear. One famous person with this name is Tamsen McDonough, known for her roles in The Incredible Hulk and Chloe.

A child called Tamsen will grow to be sophisticated, generous, and highly artistic. She will have a striking and extremely appealing personality that will endear many people to her.

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9. Tamsyn

Tamsyn is another beautiful feminine version of Thomas you should consider. In English, Ecclesiastic Greek, and Late Latin origin, the name ‘twin.’

It’s a captivating and stylish name to call your little princess. A famous person is Tamsyn Carolyn, also known as Tamsyn Manou, an Australian media personality, and former athlete. Another is Tamsyn Leevey, a professional squash player from New Zealand.

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10. Taoma

If you’re looking for a unique moniker, Taoma should be your top pick. The name is of Aramaic and Hebrew origin, which means ‘twin.’

Taoma is rare, intriguing, and appealing whenever it is mentioned. A child called Taoma will grow to be ambitious, confident, adventurous, and easily the life of the party.

She will be compassionate, empathetic, and known for her thirst for justice.

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11. Teoma

Teoma is another fascinating feminine version of Thomas you will love. The name is of Aramaic origin, and like Thomas, means ‘twin.’

I particularly love that the name is also a perfect fit for boys. Aside from that, Teoma is easy to pronounce, elegant, and an attention-grabber.

A child called Teoma will grow to be romantic, creative, and intelligent. She will grow to be a happy child who loves to make everyone in the room smile.

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12. Tasmine

Tasmine is an appealing name of American origin. It means ‘A twin sibling’ and combines Tasmin and Jasmine. This beautiful girl’s name is rare and makes a lovely moniker for an adorable baby girl.

A common name variation is Tasmeena, and a child called will be confident, regal, and attractive. Everyone would want to be friends with her, and she will be a compassionate person who deeply cares about those she loves.

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13. Thomae

Another unexpected but fabulous girlie variation of Thomas to consider is Thomae. This cute name means ‘Twin’ in Greek.

You can choose the shortened form ‘Mae,’ as that makes for an endearing nickname. A child called Mae is an empathetic yet strong-willed woman who has great leadership qualities.

She will also grow into a friendly, caring, humble, and elegant woman.

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14. Thomasa

Thomasa is of Spanish and Aramaic origin, and the name means ‘twin.’ It is a cute, endearing feminine name with a stylish ring. Your little princess will stand out as the name will intrigue everyone she meets and they will be eager to know more about her.

The name and its variant ‘Tomasa’ are quite rare, especially in English-speaking countries. A famous person with this name is Tomasa TVives Preciado, a Mexican politician who served as the deputy of the LXI Legislature of the Mexican Congress.

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15. Toma

The name Toma is of various origins, all of which means ‘Twin.’ It is a common name of Aramaic, European, Assyrian, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, and even Hungarian origin. In Hebrew, the name means ‘date palm tree.’

With this name, your daughter will grow into a logical, intelligent, calm, and highly organized woman. She will also be highly reliable, accountable, and trustworthy.

A famous personality with this name is Sanda Toma, a retired Romanian tower and Olympic gold medalist. It is a simple yet endearing name that is unique and captivating to the ears, which makes it the perfect choice.

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16. Tomasita

Another female name you can use in place of Thomas is Tomasita. It is an enthralling name of Spanish origin and means ‘Little Thomas.’

In addition, the name is the perfect endearment moniker for a little girl twin. I love that the name is easy to roll out of the tongue plus it has a melodic sound that is highly appealing.

A child called Tomasita will likely grow to be independent, kind-hearted, and a humanitarian. She will also be a spiritual, determined, and strong-willed woman who commands attention whenever she enters a room.

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17. Tommi

Tommi is an interesting female version of Thomas you should consider for your little girl. It is of English and Finnish origin, and it means ‘twin.’

Surprisingly, the name is quite rare, especially among English-speaking parents. However, be rest assured that your princess will stand out from her peers.

It’s also a great choice if you predict that she will be art-inclined like Tommi Rose, the popular American actress and music artist.

Beyond that, your daughter will grow to be a go-getter, adventurous, and creative lady. She is a natural-born leader, domineering yet a people person as everyone would want to be her friend.

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18. Tokka

Tokka is a feminine name of Hindi (South Indian) origin, and it means ‘One Who is Joined or United,’ which also translates to being a twin. The name is unique and interesting and isn’t so popular which makes it a great choice if you’re not looking for a trendy name.

Your little princess will grow into a dynamic, assertive, and highly opinionated woman who won’t be afraid to speak her mind and yet command great respect among her peers.

19. Foma

Foma is a nice name of Russian and Hebrew origin, and it means ‘twin.’ It is an enchanting and rare feminine version of Thomas that isn’t so trendy.

If you’re a fan of unique names, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t like Foma. Not only is it easy to pronounce and spell, but it is also the type of name that would make anyone pause whenever they come across it for the first time.

A girl called Foma will grow to be a warm, friendly, and highly supportive person. She will be known for her authoritarian and ambitious spirit. Although she may come off as a little bossy, Foma is dependable in your life.

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20. Gemina

Gemina is a beguiling name of Greek origin and means ‘twin.’ It is a variant of Gemini and is a lovely moniker to call your princess because it gives off a royal effect whenever it is mentioned.

A girl with this name will grow to be a highly organized and disciplined person. Unlike others her age, she is composed and avoids making irrational or spontaneous decisions.

More so, your daughter will grow to be a beautiful, well-grounded woman who lives up to the beauty of her name.

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21. Gemini

Gemini is a rare name of Latin origin that means ‘Twin.’ I love that the name isn’t generic. It’s also an elegant name that will fit your daughter perfectly.

Although no notable figure bears this name, your child could become the first. She will grow to be successful, sophisticated, and regal.

A girl called Gemini doesn’t get ruffled easily, and she knows how to command the attention of everyone the moment her name is called.

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22. Gemella

Gemella means ‘Twin” in Greek and is a nice fit for your little princess. This pretty and feminine name depicts beauty and poise.

A girl called Gemella is a born aristocrat as she knows how to carry herself like royalty. She will likely grow to be ambitious yet highly lovable. Your daughter will be grateful that you gave her such a beautiful name when she gets older.

I love that the name is universal and is known in most countries, though you don’t hear it often.

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23. Gemma

Gemma is of Latin and Spanish origin and has two meanings. One is ‘gemstone,’ and the other is ‘Twin.’

Gemma makes a fascinating choice because it sounds somewhat traditional but still manages to be a stylish, modern name. A famous person with the name is Gemma Elizabeth Whelan, known for her role as Yara Greyjoy in the Games of Thrones series.

Another is Gemma Chan, an English actress known for her role in Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Diary of a Call Girl. Gemma is a suitable choice because it symbolizes power, beauty, and wealth, which is why it is a befitting name to call your child.

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24. Jumelle

Jumelle is another attractive feminine version of Thomas you should pick for your little one. The name is of French origin, and it means ‘Twin.’ It also means ‘binoculars’ and is mostly used to describe items in pairs.

Although not very popular, Jumelle is an astonishing name that instantly makes for a conversation starter. A child called Jumelle will grow to be peaceful, calm, and lovable.

She is an unproblematic person who avoids drama because she tends to be sensitive. Jumelle is a philanthropist and an optimist who likes to look at the brighter side of things.

A name like Jumelle will not only be an attention-grabber but one she will grow to appreciate.

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25. Nashota

If you’re looking for a relatively unknown unique name that means ‘Twin’, Nashota is a perfect choice for you. It is of Native American origin, and it means ‘Twin.’

Nashota has lots of depth in it and that’s why your daughter will grow to be wiser for her age. She will also be a very fun person to be with, highly imaginative and creative. She will also be a strong-willed woman who always gets things done if she puts her mind to it.

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There you have it!

The best female versions of Thomas for your little girl. Each of these names has unique and deep meanings attached to it. There are also notable figures who bear the same name.

So, if you’re still uncertain about which name to go for, look at the meanings attached to the name and draw inspiration from there.

Alternatively, you can consider the celebrities bearing such names, what they achieved in their lifetime, and how they can influence your daughter positively.