40 Japanese Names Meaning Star

If you want a unique name for your child that means star and don’t want to go for the generic English options, Japanese names are a great choice.

Japanese names are becoming the new rave among parents due to their uniqueness and distinct meanings. These names usually revolve around nature and are laced with the country’s cultural heritage.

The fact that you’ve chosen to name your little one a star shows just how much you’ve envisaged how bright your child’s future will be and it’s something to be excited about.

In this article, I’ve listed several Japanese names meaning star, so you don’t have trouble choosing the perfect one for your adorable little one.

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Japanese Names Meaning Star You’ll Love

1. Akari

Akari is a beautiful Japanese name that makes it to our list. It is a gender-neutral name meaning ‘Star, Bright or Light.’

The name is perfect for your baby boy or girl as it heralds a bright future. Akari is simple to pronounce and sounds unique to the ears.

Interestingly, it’s a common name in Japan, so if your child finds himself in the country, they’ll immediately feel a kinship.

2. Akemi

Akemi is an enchanting name from Japan that means star. It is primarily a female name, and it means ‘star,’ ‘light,’ or ‘beautiful.’

Akemi is stylish, catchy, and quite easy to pronounce. It is a great name whose meaning is a form of endearment, letting your daughter know she is beautiful and bringing warmth and light to your life.

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3. Akiho

Akiho is another beautiful girl’s name of Japanese origin, and it means ‘rising sun.’ In case you don’t know, the sun is the brightest shining star.

Hence, it is a befitting name to call your child. It indicates a life full of wins, happiness, and prosperity. Although Akiho is predominantly a female name in Japan, it makes for a great boy name as well if you’re non-Japanese.

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4. Arisa

Arisa is another fascinating name of Japanese origin, and it is a great name for baby girls. It means ‘Star’ and ‘There is sand,’ which isn’t unusual considering most Japanese names bear attributions to nature.

Arisa sounds beautiful and is also unique. A girl with this name will stand out from her peers whenever her name is mentioned.

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5. Eriko

Eriko is a short, fun, and interesting name you can call your child. It is primarily a girl name of Japanese origin with various meanings. It means ‘Love Star,’ ‘Child,’ ‘Blessing,’ and ‘Truth.’

Eriko sounds chic, elegant, and rare, so it is quite a sensational choice for your daughter.

6. Honami

If you want a beautiful Japanese female name, then Honami is the perfect choice for you. It means ‘South Star,’ ‘Beautiful,’ and ‘To Protect.’

With all of these special meanings, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on this list. A child called Honami will surely be the star of her group and will shine wherever she goes.

One celebrity with this name is the Japanese actress Honami Suzuki.

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7. Hoshi

Hoshi is another enchanting Japanese name that you should consider calling your child. It is a gender-neutral name that means ‘Star.’

Hoshi is also used to refer to Japanese Buddhist priests or monks. It is an adorable traditional Asian name that indicates a luminous life for your child.

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8. Hoshia

Hoshia is primarily a female name of Japanese origin, although it is uni-sex. It means ‘Star’ and is the perfect name to let your child know they bring light to your life.

Hoshia is short, simple, and beautiful, so it is a great choice if you want a Japanese name that others can easily pronounce. A name like Hoshia will surely shine through a sea of names.

9. Hoshichiro

If you want an exotic Japanese name, you should consider choosing Hoshichiro. It’s a boy’s name and it means ‘Star shining in the night sky.’

Hoshichiro is also a common surname among important people. It is also used in the Japanese language to describe the flow of days, months, and years.

Hoshichiro is a great choice for a boy child because it sounds aristocratic and almost futuristic.

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10. Hoshimi

Hoshimi is another great Japanese name that means Star. It is a feminine name and represents ‘Starlight’ or ‘Star.’

I love that the name is unique. Hence you can be sure that your daughter will get a lot of attention whenever her name is called.

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11. Hoshino

Hoshino is another perfect Japanese name to give your little one. The name is gender-neutral and means ‘Star Field.’

In addition to that, it is also a common surname among the Shinto priests at the Atsuta Shrine in Owari. Hence, it has a profound and spiritual connotation, which makes it a great choice.

12. Hoshiko

If you need a special and enthralling name for your beautiful daughter, you should consider Hoshiko. It is a feminine name of Japanese origin that means ‘Star Child.’

With such a profound meaning, it indicates how brilliant your child will grow to become. Hoshiko is an elegant and unique Japanese name that will amplify your child’s personality whenever it is mentioned.

13. Hoshihito

Another popular traditional Asian name that you’ll love is Hoshihito. It is a masculine name of Japanese origin, and it means ‘Star’ and ‘Human.’

Hoshihito is a great name that isn’t just unique but also has a nice meaning that is bound to positively impact your child as he grows. Your child is bound to succeed in whatever he does.

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14. Hoshitani

Just like most Japanese names, Hoshitani has a variety of meanings. It is a gender-neutral means ‘star’ and ‘valley’ bearing attributions to celestial bodies and nature.

Aside from its distinct meaning, Hoshitani is very easy to pronounce and unique. With a name like Hoshitani, you can be certain that it will make for a great conversation starter the moment it is mentioned.

15. Hoshizawa

Hoshizawa is a boy name of Japanese origin that also means ‘Star.’ The name is a common surname among many Japanese families.

Hoshizawa will certainly catch the attention of anyone who hears it for the first time. If this is your goal, then Hoshizawa is a name to consider for your baby boy.

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16. Hoshizora

Another fascinating Japanese name that means ‘Star’ is Hoshizora. It’s a feminine name that also means ‘Starry Night’ in the Philippines.

If you like, you can shorten Hoshizora to either ‘Zora or Hoshi.’ I love that it’s such a delightful name with a special meaning that will lighten the life of your little princess as she grows.

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17. Issei

Issei is a very common first and last Japanese name with various meanings. First, it means ‘star,’ and its kanji character also means ‘one.’

Aside from this, Issei means ‘first generation’ and is a common term for first-generation Japanese immigrants in North and South America. Hence, it is a traditional Japanese name you should consider if you’re a fan of their cultural heritage

18. Kasei

Kasei is a unique and enthralling Japanese name that means star. It is a gender-neutral name, meaning that you can give it to your baby boy or girl.

Most interestingly, the name also means ‘Mars and ‘Song.’ I particularly love that Kasei is one of those names that has a futuristic feel and is also quite stylish, which makes for the perfect modern name.

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19. Kanata

Kanata is a Japanese name worth giving a try if you have a baby boy. And that’s because the name not only has an authoritative feel to it but is also particularly designed for boys.

Aside from “Star”, the name also means ‘Ruler, and To Play Music.’ It also means ‘Pleasant and Love.’ Kanata is a classic name that will stand out from several others and will increase your child’s appeal among his peers.

20. Kensei

Another impressive Japanese name, meaning a star that makes it to our list, is Kensei. This cute and catchy Asian name means ‘Star and Sacred.’ It is also a very important title for Japanese warriors skilled in swordsmanship.

That is to say, Kensei is also used to refer to a sword, which may also mean ‘Sword Saint.’

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21. Kiara

Like most Japanese names, Kiara has a variety of meanings based on its Kanji character. It is a feminine name that means ‘Star’ and ‘To shine,’ which means your child will always light up the room due to her sunny disposition.

Kiara also means ‘Fortunate,’ which will show that your child won’t have difficulty getting through life. The name is beautiful and has an elegant touch that will be perfect for your baby princess.

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22. Kiho

Another intriguing Japanese name for parents who are admirers of the country’s culture is Kiho. It is a girl’s name that means ‘Star or Bright.’

Kiho is an interesting name that is short, catchy, and super easy to pronounce. With such a name, your child is bound to be the center of attraction wherever she appears.

23. Kinsei

Kinsei is a gender-neutral Japanese name that means ‘Gold Star’ and is also used to refer to the planet, Venus. The name also means ‘Discreet’ and ‘Humble.’

A child called Kinsei will surely stand out from others because it is a very rare name. It also has a catchy ring that will make anyone stop for a minute once it is mentioned.

24. Kirara

Kirara is another distinctive Japanese name to love because of its beautiful meaning. It is a unisex name but is more commonly borne by females.

Kirara means ‘Star, Love, and Hope. I am particularly fascinated that the name is also an important Japanese title given to the daughters of high-ranking parents.

Aside from that, it is also an honorary title given to a woman of high rank. Having such profound meanings, Kirara is the perfect choice for parents who want powerful names for their kids.

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25. Kousei

The name Kousei is a special Japanese name that has nice meanings. It is a gender-neutral name that means ‘Star’ and ‘Navigation and Life.’

Kousei is also a Japanese term used to refer to incense. It is a great name that indicates a bright and beautiful future for your child.

26. Miho

Miho is a renowned name from Japan that means “Star.” It is predominantly a female name that also means ‘Beauty, Kindness, Hold and Ear of Rice.’

With all these meanings, you can tell it is a name that holds weight. It is a simple yet attractive name that will amplify your child’s personality and make her a celebrity when her name is mentioned.

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27. Mihono

Mihono also means “Star” in Japan. It is a unique feminine name that you can give to your daughter. Aside from its profound meaning, the name sounds classic and will surely make an impression as a unique modern name.

28. Ousei

Ousei is one of those intriguing names that will surely catch your interest once you hear it. It is a masculine name of Japanese origin, and it means ‘Star’ and ‘Cherry Blossom.’ It also means ‘Firebird and Snow.’

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29. Raito

As you are a fan of Japanese names, you’ll definitely fall in love with the name, Raito. The name is basically for boys alone and means ‘Star or Light.’ It also means ‘To Soar’ or ‘To Fly In The Sky, ’ which connotes a life of victories and achievements. Raito sounds exotic and is a stylish modern name to call your son.

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30. Rento

Rento is another cute male name of Japanese origin that you should consider calling your son. It has several meanings, and one of them is ‘Star.’ Rento also means ‘Pure Heart, Human, and Lotus.’

There’s no denying that Rento has an authoritative feel and would make for a unique and attractive name for your little one.

31. Risera

Risera is a captivating Japanese name that most parents would love for their baby girl. It is a feminine name that means ‘A Star Shining in the Night Sky.’ It also refers to the flow of years, months, and days in Japan.

Risera is a beautiful girl name that will herald your daughter to a life of happiness, brightness, and ease.

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32. Ryuusei

Ryuusei is another unique Japanese name that you can give your little one. It’s a boy’s name that means ‘Star and ‘One Who is Holy or ‘Prosperous.’

Ryuusei is an enthralling name that not only has a great name but indicates a future of prosperity and peace for your son. A child called Ryuusei will likely grow to be intelligent, diligent, and a go-getter.

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33. Saki

Saki is one of the most popular Japanese names you’ll find. It is predominantly a female name, and it means ‘Star and Bright.’

It also means ‘Blossom and Hope’ and is a cute, funky name to call your baby girl. Saki is a short and simple name that will garner attention and instantly attract your child to many people due to its uniqueness.

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34. Sena

Sena is a unisex name of Japanese origin that has special meanings. It means ‘Star’ and is also a title given to someone highly knowledgeable in their field.

The name Sena connotes respect in the Japanese community, which makes it the perfect name for your child. Such a name will be reflected in your child’s life as they grow and become the best versions of themselves.

35. Seiji

Seiji is a Japanese name that means star, and one that makes it to our list because of how profound the meaning is. The name is a rare one and carries a cultural undertone.

In addition to that, the name also means ‘Lawful’ or ‘Just’ which means that your child wouldn’t just illuminate wherever he passes but will always stand up for what is right and wrong. He will be a true leader.

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36. Seika

Seika is another interesting Japanese name that immediately catches your attention. It is a gender-neutral name but more common among females. Seika means ‘Starry Summer’ or ‘Pure Summer.’

I love that the name is super easy to pronounce.

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37. Seimei

Seimei is a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means ‘Star, Pure, Brightness, or Clarity.’ Whether it is for a boy or girl child, Seimei is elegant and has nice meanings that will positively impact your child as they grow.

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38. Seina

Seina is a beautiful female Japanese name you shouldn’t ignore. It is a girl’s name that means ‘Star, Calm, or Serenity.’

Seina is also used to refer to a saint; or someone of superior skills or knowledge in their field. The name is a chic and beguiling name that will pique people’s interest in knowing more about your little one.

39. Seira

If you want an enchanting Japanese female name for your daughter, you’ll like Seira. First, it means ‘Star,’ but that’s not all. It also means ‘Music, Melody or Water’ and is an attractive name that even still sounds English. Seira is simple to pronounce and looks futuristic, coupled with its rarity.

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40. Toshiki

Toshiki is one of those names with a powerful meaning. It is a boy’s name of Japanese origin with several meanings, and one is ‘Star.’

Toshiki also means ‘Excellence or Genius’ and is used to express respect for people with superior knowledge. No doubt, the name is a unique and powerful one that will be reflected in your child’s life.

A child called Toshiki will likely grow into a powerful and intelligent person who excels at everything they do.

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There you have it!

The names above are all Japanese and all mean Star. As you can see, some also have other meanings attached to them and this just goes a long way to reinstate just how powerful the names are.

But most importantly, the fact a name that means star reflects brightness and excellence that can’t be dimmed. And I am super certain that you want this for your child.

So, go ahead and choose any of the names above.