15+ Sentimental Gifts For Pregnant Sister

Pregnancy can be the best thing to happen to a lady. It is also the worst nightmare considering the physical, mental, and emotional toll that pregnancy has on women.

Gifting your pregnant sister a sentimental pregnancy gift can help her cope with the rigors and changes associated with pregnancy.

Follow me as I show you some sentimental gifts for your pregnant sister.

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15+ Sentimental Gifts For Pregnant Sister

1. Hospital Bag

Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit for Labor, Delivery, & Postpartum | Nursing Gown, Socks, Peri Bottle, Disposable Underwear, Ice Maxi Pads, Pad Liners, Perineal Foam, Toiletry Bag (15 Piece Gift Set)
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By the 35th week, I already had my hospital bag packed with the essential items needed for my delivery day. In my hospital bag were two nursing gowns, two pairs of labor and delivery socks, 1 Peri bottle, six pairs of disposable underwear, pads with pad liners, healing foams, a storage caddy, and carry case, etc.

A prepacked hospital bag comes with all needed hospital essentials. That way, your pregnant sister wouldn’t be wasting much time packing together hospital essentials in an old bag when you can gift her a prepacked hospital bag.

Frida Mom and Kate Aspen Deluxe hospital bags are two of the best-prepacked hospital and delivery bags I recommend if you’re planning to gift a prepacked hospital bag to a pregnant relative. These classy bags are already prepacked with essential delivery items for a memorable hospital stay and smooth delivery.

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2. Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Advanced Stretch Mark Removal Cream | Postpartum cream | Pregnancy Gift | Natural moisturizer cream | Organic Skin Care Lotion For Men & Women | Cellulite Remover – 4Oz
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Pregnancy causes stretch marks in women. A woman develops stretch marks on her belly, breasts, hips, thighs, and arms due to stretching of the skin beyond its elastic point due to rapid weight gain during pregnancy. 

Call them tiger stripes or what you will; stretch marks are not a pleasing sight to anyone. However, they can be eradicated using stretch mark removal creams. 

ML Manuela Lubin, Body Merry, or Paula’s Choice are some of the best stretch mark removal creams you can give your pregnant sister. That way, she can get rid of stretch marks and maintain supple and beautiful skin during pregnancy.

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3. Herbal Tea For Pregnant Women

Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Herbal Tea - 16 Tea Bags (Pack of 2)


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Consuming herbal tea can help your pregnant sister meet up with the daily amount of recommended fluid intake. Plus, it serves as a natural remedy for pregnancy symptoms and prepares women for childbirth. 

However, not all tea is ideal for a pregnant woman. Research shows that consuming caffeinated tea, whether black, green, or chai tea, can pose considerable dangers to the infant since their liver is not mature enough to break down the caffeine in teas. 

Recommended non-caffeinated, gluten-free herbal tea for your pregnant sister includes Organic Pregnancy Tea, Earth Mama, and Woman’s Raspberry Leaf. These teas contain organic herbs that relieve stress and pregnancy-related symptoms, ease tension, and promote sleep. 

As a mother, consuming herbal tea has helped me cope with physical, mental, and emotional symptoms associated with pregnancy. Thus, getting your pregnant sister or relative any of the herbal teas I have mentioned above will help her relax. 

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4. Belly Speakers 

Womb Music Baby-Bump Belly Speaker - [Belly Speaker Only - Without Controller] - Play Soothing Music & Sounds to Baby with Prenatal Pregnancy Headphones for Pregnant Women - Great Shower Gift


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One easy way of promoting bonding between a pregnant woman and her unborn child is by playing music for the unborn infant using belly speakers. 

Belly speakers are speakers designed to play music for infants in the womb. These specialized speakers have safe-to-use adhesive pads that make them stick gently to the baby bump. Also, they emit low-frequency waves suitable for an infant’s hearing. 

Although there are no conclusive studies, many believe that the developing baby has fully formed hearing at 20 weeks after conception, and they can hear and respond to sound, including music. 

Playing music to your unborn infant can make them smarter and help them relax to familiar tunes before and after birth.

If you’re thinking of the best belly speakers to give a pregnant sister or relative to help build a bond between mother and child, Womb Music and belly buds are my recommended picks. These belly speakers produce low-frequency clear sounds. They can also play back the baby’s sound and movement to the would-be mother.

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5. Maternity Clothing

Cherokee Workwear Professionals Maternity Straight Leg Scrub Pant, S, Black


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At 16 weeks post-pregnancy, I was due for a wardrobe change as my baby bump protruded more, making my pregnancy visible to the outside world. At 20 weeks, I was already moving around in comfortable maternity wear. 

Two things are expected for pregnant women: a growing uterus or womb and weight gain. Both call for a change of wardrobe if you’re a pregnant lady. 

Thus, one of the most appreciated gifts you can give your pregnant sister is maternity wear suitable for the home, outdoors, working out, or the office.

Cherokee Workwear, Mother Bee Maternity, BBHoping Maternity Tops, and Suekaphin 5pack Nursing Bra are some of the recommended maternity clothes retailers on my list. These clothes are designed to give comfort to pregnant women as they go about their daily activities.

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6. Sonogram Photo Frame 

Baby Sonogram Photo Frame - 1st Ultrasound Picture Frame - Idea Gift for Expecting Parents,Baby Shower, Gender Reveal Party,Baby Nursery Decor (Silver Text, White)


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Another sentimental gift for a pregnant sibling is a sonogram photo frame. With sonogram photo frames, a pregnant woman can make a collection of their fetal ultrasound scan at various developmental stages.

Do you want to make a pregnant mother proud of her developing infant? Get her any of these recommended sonogram frames to tell the story of her baby’s development right from conception.

Baby Sonogram Photo Frame, Sonogram Picture Frame, and IHEIPYE Triple Sonogram are ideal sonogram frames you can gift a pregnant sister. That way, she can relate more with her unborn infant and keep lasting memories of her developing baby.

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7. Pregnancy Body Pillows

Boppy Slipcovered Total Body Pregnancy Pillow, Gray/White


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At the onset of the 12th week, sleeping can become uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. I could remember how I twisted, turned, and rolled on my bed, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Notably, the safest sleeping position for a pregnant woman is the side sleeping position.

However, with pregnancy in its twelfth week, this position rarely brings comfort without using pregnancy body pillows to support the body. 

Do you want a pregnant sister, wife, friend, or family member to enjoy her sleep without complaints of body aches in the morning? Boppy Slipcovered Total Body Pregnancy Pillow, PharmeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, or Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy Pillow are suitable pregnancy pillows you can consider buying. In fact, any of these pillows are safe to use and portable.

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8. Rocker/Recliner Chair 

Dutailier Adele 0367 Glider Multiposition-Lock Recline with Ottoman


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Another sentimental gift for a pregnant sister is a recliner chair. Typically, recliner chairs can improve blood flow within the body and alleviate obstructive sleep apnea. This makes it beneficial for both pregnant women and the developing fetus.

Dutailier Sleigh Glider with Comfort Cushions, Oneinmil Power Life Recliner chair, and YITAHOME Power Lift Recliner Chair are recommended picks for a recliner chair suitable as a gift to your pregnant sister or relative. 

These chairs provide the needed comfort for a pregnant lady and relieve back pain. They also incorporate a footrest that helps to improve blood flow in the leg region and improve sleep.

9. Pregnancy Journals

Pearhead My Pregnancy Journal, Pregnancy Book, Capture Every Precious Moment of Your Pregnancy, Gift for New Mom


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Pregnancy is an important event in a woman’s life worthy of tracking. Without keeping a pregnancy journal, I wouldn’t have been able to recommend any sentimental gifts for a pregnant sister or share my experiences with you.

For the expectant mother, keeping a pregnancy journal can keep them busy. Also, it allows them to record beautiful moments, experiences, achievements, hopes, and dreams they can share with their child or other family members.

If you intend to gift a pregnancy journal to your pregnant relative, My Pregnancy Journal, Bump to Birthday, and Planning for Joy are some of the best picks for a Pregnancy journal. Gifting any of these journals will provide an avenue for your pregnant sister to detail her experiences while doing away with boredom.

10. Pregnancy Bath Salts

Dr Teal's Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt, Purple, Soothe & Sleep, Lavender, 34 Fl Oz


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Giving myself a salt bath treat was the best time I had in my pregnancy days. Although dead sea salt and Pink Himalayan salt are sometimes constituents of salt baths, Epsom salt in its pure form enjoys more popularity.

Conversely, saltwater baths help to soothe sore muscles, alleviate aches in the body, soothe and smooth the skin, improve digestion, supplement daily required mineral intake, and reduce stress.

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath, Epsoak pure Epsom salt, and Ancient Minerals are some bath salts I recommend. These salt baths contain pure Epsom salt and other required minerals needed as supplements by a pregnant woman. 

Gifting a pregnancy bath salt to your pregnant sister is the best way to show you care about her state of health. Total immersion in a salt bath will help her enjoy a relaxing day free from aches and discomfort.

11. Pregnancy And Baby Care Books

What to Expect When You're Expecting


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My husband and I had just moved to Georgetown from North Dakota, in a lonely suburb. My delivery due date was getting nearer as I inched towards the 40th week. Well, I wasn’t shaken even as a first-time mother, I knew with books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Mayo Clinic Guide, and The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide, I could get on well all by myself.

Reading those books was the best thing to happen to me as they served as a detailed guide for what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth. I was amused at the funny ways in which facts were presented in these books. 

The most amusing of all was the What to Expect When Expecting pregnancy book; it is detailed and loaded with ‘how-to’ guides. Reading this book made me feel like a supermom ready for an umpteenth pregnancy and birth experience.

If you’re still confused about the best sentimental gift for your pregnant sister, friend, or relative, any of these picks would make an excellent and educative read for an expectant mother.

12. Essential Oil And Oil Diffuser 

Bloomy Essentials Top 3 Organic Essential Oils Starter Set 10 mL (1/3 oz) - USDA Certified Organic - 100% Pure Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade


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Essential oils proved helpful in my pregnancy days, mostly when I felt nauseous. Essential oils like Bloomy Essentials and Nausea Relief were essential oils I tried out during pregnancy. 

With essential oils, pregnant women can overcome achy muscles, minimize nausea, improve sleep, improve skin elasticity, and reduce stretch marks appearances on body parts. 

A note of warning, essential oils are toxic to the fetus, notably during the first trimester. Starting from the fourth month or 2nd trimester, she shouldn’t ingest essential oil, or apply it directly on her skin. The best method of applying essential oil is by aromatherapy using an oil diffuser.

Some of the best oil diffusers for applying essential oil include Urpower, Asakuki, and Vitruvi handcrafted Stone Diffuser. These oil diffusers are easy to clean and can be used in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even at the office. They are safe to use ultrasonic vibrations; hence, they do not require heat. 

13. Pregnancy Cookbook 

Natural Pregnancy Cookbook: Over 125 Nutritious Recipes for a Healthy Pregnancy


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Armed with my favorite pregnancy cookbook, I knew what meals were best for me and the ones to avoid. I must say, pregnancy cookbooks are handy guides to decide on the right choice of food to eat when pregnant.

The Natural pregnancy cookbook, Real Food for pregnancy, and Eating for pregnancy are good picks. These books contain over a hundred recipes for pregnant women. Also, they provide practical guides and detailed step-by-step preparation processes. 

Gifting a pregnant lady a cookbook, especially if she’s a good cook, will help take away the anxiety of worrying about food intake backed by reasons and experiences from extensive research.

14. Belly Bands

Maternity Belt Waist Abdominal Back Belly Band Pregnancy Belt Support Brace Black,L


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A noteworthy sentimental gift for a pregnant sister is a belly band. Moreover, a belly band can support a pregnant woman’s lower back and baby bump. Additionally, it also improves posture by supporting the extra weight of the growing fetus.

Maternity belt, JoyDaog Reusable Belly Bands, and Azmed maternity belt are recommended picks for a belly band. These belly bands are lightweight, breathable, and soft. Gifting any of these to a pregnant lady will give her a new lease of life as she goes about her activities with ease, better posture, and less pain.

15. Maternity Pads

COVIDIEN 2022A Covidien Curity Maternity Pad Heavy 4.33" x 12.25" (3 Packs of 14 Pads) (Pack of 42)


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Do you want to put a smile on your pregnant sister’s face? Giving the gift of maternity pads can help her adjust to life after delivery and is the ideal sentimental gift. 

Postpartum bleeding (bleeding after delivery) is a regular occurrence after delivery. This is due to the body shedding off the uterine lining after delivery since the uterus is no longer holding an infant. 

Covidien Curity, and Always Maxi are top picks for postpartum pads. Unlike conventional menstrual pads, these pads have a cotton cover designed to take in heavy flow without causing discomfort.

16. Organic Dates

Joolies Organic Pitted Medjool Dates | 11 Ounce, 2 Pack | Fresh California Grown Fruit | Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, No Sugar Added | Great Source of Fiber & Antioxidants


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Date fruit from the date palm tree is a healthy snack for a pregnant lady. In fact, it is an ideal gift for an expectant mother with strong cravings for sweet foods. For starters, dates make labor and delivery faster with no prolonged labor pains.

Aside from relieving labor pains, a date is an abundant sucrose source, which helps your body overcome pregnancy fatigue. It is also rich in iron, Vitamin K, and folate, which are essential requirements for a developing fetus. 

For instance, Vitamin K is vital for developing strong bones, healthy muscles, and high mental capabilities. Folate reduces the risk of a fetus developing congenital disabilities, while iron in the blood prevents iron-deficiency anemia. 

Gifting a pack of Joolies Organic Pitted Medjool Dates or Organic Pitted Dried Dates to your pregnant sister is not a mistake. Instead, it is one of the best decisions you can make, knowing she can supplement essential vitamins and minerals needed by the fetus for healthy growth and development. 

17. Footwear

TOMS Women's Classic Alpargata Slip-On Shoe Red Canvas 5.5 M


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A typical pregnancy symptom is leg swelling, altering the size and shape of the leg. When I started experiencing this symptom, I had to ditch my footwear for pregnancy shoes, sandals, and slip-ons. 

Toms Alpargata, Vionic Walker, and Dr. Scholl’s Originalist Sandal were some of the maternity footwear choices I had to switch to. These shoes are comfortable and lightweight with soft and flexible soles able to keep my feet relaxed for long hours. 

Looking for ways to improve her wellbeing? Gifting a pair of any recommended pregnancy slip-ons or shoes will keep her healthier and active for longer periods of time.

Wrapping Up – What Is The Most Sentimental Gift For A Pregnant Sister?

The most sentimental gift for a pregnant sister or relative is a prepacked hospital bag. That way, she won’t have to worry about randomly shopping for essential hospital items in preparation for the big day.

A pregnant woman experiences physical, emotional, and mental changes during the nine-month period.

By giving your pregnant sister any of the sentimental gifts listed above, she will appreciate them knowing that you care for her and understand the changes she’s going through.