50+ Best Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

As little boys grow up and get to their late elementary years, several things begin to change besides just their bodies. Their tastes change too, from what they watch, eat, wear, books, and other things they prefer to buy.

However, being a 10-year-old doesn’t mean he’s all grown up; he’s still a kid and still wants some exciting and creative stuff around him to play with as he discovers the world.

For a boy who has everything, it can be challenging to find the right gift especially because you’re unsure whether he already has what you want to buy for him.

While that could be true, there are still some great age-appropriate gifts for such a boy. Plus, he’ll appreciate more stuff added to his growing collection.

There are plenty of unique items you can get for such a boy, making it even more daunting to think outside the box for the perfect gift.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for a 10-year-old boy who has everything, so you don’t have to struggle shopping for him.

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Best Gift Ideas For 10-Year-Old Boy Who Has Everything

From a light-up football and science kit to a waterproof digital camera and solar robot, here are the perfect gift ideas for a 10-year-old boy on your list who has it all.

1. National Chemistry Science Kit

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set - Perform 10 Amazing Easy Tricks with Science, Create a Magic Show with White Gloves & Magic Wand

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Many boys love to discover things around their world, especially related to chemistry. If the boy you want to get a gift for has such interests, you can get them this science kit by National Geographic.

The kit has 10 science experiments that will spark their curiosity and get them looking for answers. It’s a learning adventure they’ll have fun exploring with.

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2. Waterproof digital action camera

PROGRACE Children Kids Camera Waterproof Digital Video HD Action Camera 1080P Sports Camera Camcorder DV for Boys Birthday Learn Camera Toy 1.77'' LCD Screen (Navy Blue)

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If your son, or the boy you’d like to surprise with a gift, loves playing in the water, you can get them this waterproof digital video action camera.

It helps them explore the deep, and learn about coral, ocean waters, and fish while capturing fun memories.

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3. Spinning rod and reel combo

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo Set with Fishing Line, Fishing Lures Kit & Accessories and Carrier Bag for Saltwater Freshwater (2.7)

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Add a spinning rod and reel combo for the 10-year-old who loves water adventures or fishing. This gift helps them learn how to fish and if they do it with their family members, it’s a nice item to help them bond over a fun adventure.

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4. Skill toy

pindaloo Skill Game with 2 Balls | an Exciting New Game for Kids Teens and Adults - Indoor and Outdoor Play | Have a Whole Lot of Fun Developing Motor Skills and Learning to Juggle Toy(Blue)

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If you want to stimulate the boy’s brain through an informational and educational gift, this skill toy by Pindaloo is a great idea. The toy is set to stimulate the boy’s eye, brain, and hand coordination with the goal of making them master ball toss-and-catch or juggling.

The skill toy uses the easy loop principle to help the child master such skills. It’s set up with some basics, which once mastered, will take him to the next level of other tricks for educational play and inventive interaction.

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5. Remote control car

Remote Control Car RC Cars - Drift High Speed Off Road Stunt Truck, Race Toy with 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 4 Wheel Drive, Cool Birthday Gifts for Boys Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 Year Old Kids Toys

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Nothing excites little boys than a shiny new toy car. This Free to Fly remote-control car allows them to have fun while racing around.

It comes with rechargeable batteries and can do several stunts like climbing rocks and other types of terrain.

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6. Bluetooth headphones

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office

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For a boy who loves music, a cool pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones can give them hours of listening time.

They can chill in their room or car on the go and enjoy uninterrupted music. The headphones recharge fast and are durable enough so he can keep them for a long time to come.

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7. Robotics science kit

Thames & Kosmos | Robotics Smart Machines | Robotics for Kids 8 and up | STEM Kit builds 8 Robots | Full Color Manual to help with assembly | Requires tablet or smartphone | Parents' Choice Gold Award

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Robotics is a great skill to have and fun activity for any boy who loves science and exploring the world of technology.

With this simple and fun robotic science kit, the boy can program a robot using his mobile device to make it perform different things. It’s a creative and interactive gift that any 10-year-old boy will love.

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8. Mountain bike

Schwinn High Timber ALX Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, Aluminum Frame and Disc Brakes, 24-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed, Orange

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A mountain bike is a great gift for any boy, even if he has everything already. It makes for a steady and smooth ride that will make the boy the envy of his peers.

This bike promises extreme enjoyment and provides great exercise while they’re at it.

9. Coding robot

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot: Drawing Robot for Homeschool & Classroom - STEM Toy, Ages 7+

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This gift is for the techie 10-year-old who loves to design code and Arti draws the lines. The boy can create his own trail, map, or path and the Artie coding robot will follow it.

This way, the young lad can start coding immediately and keep learning more as he knocks out the basic levels. It’s a great way for him to learn useful skills that he’ll use in the future, and have fun while they’re at it.

10. Light-up gloves

Light-up gloves are fun to have especially for the boy who loves to go camping. It’s also a great gift for family gatherings or birthday parties, stage performances, and other entertainment venues.

The gloves are made of soft knit material with an elastic design and come with four batteries to power them so the boy can change light effects as he pleases.

11. Solar balloon

TEDCO Tedcotoys Kids Activity 50-Foot Solar Balloon

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This solar balloon is a great way to help kids experience the power of the sun while teaching them Pascal’s and Bernoulli’s Principles.

The large balloon measures 50 feet by 29 inches in diameter and can be used as a great science experiment while ensuring the boy has fun.

They can also learn about buoyancy, heat, thermodynamics, absorption, solar power, and convection among other science topics.

12. Discovering Constructions & Bridges

Engino Discovering STEM Structures Constructions & Bridges | 9 Working Models | Illustrated Instruction Manual | Theory & Facts | Experimental Activities | STEM Construction Kit, Blue

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At 10, most boys are at the prime of their creative lives. They love to be engineers and make things while discovering how they work. It’s a great way to encourage them to be creative and strive towards greatness.

13. Wall climbing robot

Thames & Kosmos Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot

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Boys love robots and gadgets, which is why this wall climbing Geckobot robot is ideal for them. It’s a cool toy that comes with an air system and suction cup feet, plus a body like a real gecko.

14. Wall climbing robot

Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01 11.6-inch, Exynos 5250, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Silver (Renewed)

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In this digital age, kids need the right devices to use when learning or playing. A Chromebook is a great laptop for kids that offers the 10-year-old boy an opportunity to study or play all in one device.

15. Remote control boat

Altair AA102 RED RC Boat for Pools or Lakes [Ultra Fast Pro Caliber] Free Priority Shipping | Water Safety Propeller & Self Righting System | 2 Batteries Included | 30 km/h (Lincoln, NE Company)

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Boys love remote control toys, and this boat is no exception. The lad can play with it in a pool, lake, or other water body in your surrounding area and control it however he wants.

16. Sniper Crossbow

CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK Powered By Helicoil Technology - Package Includes Cocking Sled, Quiver And Arrows, Camo

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If the boy loves hunting, get him this sniper crossbow package to help him enjoy his hunting adventures or big bow hunting trips.

17. National Geographic awesome facts

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) (National Geographic Kids)

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For the boy who loves magazines or books, this 5000 Awesome Facts package by National Geographic is a great gift idea. They can learn a lot about their planet and discover lots of things while having fun.

18. Saucer tree swing

Saucer Tree Swing ,Giant 40 Inches with Carabiners and Flags, 700 lb Weight Capacity, Steel Frame, Waterproof, Easy to Install with Step by Step Instructions, Non-Stop Fun! (Blue)

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Boys love to have fun outdoors and this saucer tree swing adds to the excitement. They can reach the sky or treetops on the swing and have fun with their siblings or friends.

19. Flipside game

Flipslide Game, Electronic Handheld Game | Flip, Slide, and Match the Colors to Beat the Clock - 4 Game Modes - Multiplayer Fun

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Boys love fast-paced activities. This game ensures the boy gets challenged as he moves different blocks to find and match colored lights. It’s a never-ending fun game that’s perfect for the boy to play at home or on the go.

20. Outdoor walkie-talkies

Kids Walkie Talkies for Girls Toys, 3 Pack Walky Talky for Boy and Girls Age 4-12, Two Way Radio Toys

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A set of walkie-talkies is great to have for outdoor fun with his friends. The boy can have lots of fun in the yard, when out camping, or in the house when he’s bored and needs a mood booster.

21. Iron Man mask

Rubie's mens Captain America: Civil War Iron Man 2-piece Costume Mask, Multi, One Size US

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For the boy who loves superheroes or wants to play one, this Iron Man mask will psych him up to experience the world of superheroes in an augmented reality toy.

22. Electronic piggy bank

HUSAN Great Gift Toy for Kids Code Electronic Piggy Banks Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank Box for Children Password Lock Case (Black/Red)

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Encourage the boy to cultivate good saving and spending habits by giving him a mini-ATM as a gift. It will also encourage him to make better decisions on how to use his monthly allowance.

23. Exit: The game – House of Riddles

Exit: The House of Riddles | Exit: The Game - A Kosmos Game from Thames & Kosmos | Family-Friendly, Card-Based At-Home Escape Room Experience for 1 To 4 Players, Ages 10+, Multi-colored

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Gift the lad a series of escape room-style games he can play at home with his siblings or friends as they solve mysteries. It’s a fun way to learn and play as the boy figures out some challenging puzzles and riddles so as to escape.

24. Sushi making kit

Kracie Popin Cookin Sushi Making Kit (Grape Flavor)

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It takes some effort for the boy to cook, but if they’re into kitchen matters, this sushi-making kit is a great way to get them started. They can follow instructions and create something they can eat as a snack at any time.

25. Classic groovy lamp

Lava Lite 2124 Lava the Original 14.5-Inch Silver Base Lamp with Yellow Wax in Blue Liquid

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Even if the boy already has a lamp in his room or play area, this classic groovy lamp is a fun addition to his collection.

The lamp brightens the mood in his room as it comes with shapes that form blobs and move up and down in a calming manner.

26. Spirograph fun shapes set

Original Spirograph Fun Shapes Set

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A shape doodler is a fun and creative gift to give a 10-year-old boy for them to use when playing with their peers.

The set comes with 15 different shapes, a 14-page design booklet, colorful markers, and 20 sheets of paper that your child will appreciate and enjoy in equal measure.

27. Telestrations

USAOPOLY Telestrations Original 8 Player, Family Board Game, A Fun Family Game for Kids and Adults, Family Game Night Just Got Better, The Telephone Game Sketched Out, Multicolor

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Telestrations is a well-drawn game that comes with basic landscapes and stick figures. The board game combines the childhood game of telephone and offers a sketchbook, dry-erase marker, and objects that the boy will enjoy working with.

28. Instax Square Camera

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 - Instant Film Camera - Graphite Grey

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For the boy who loves photography, this Instax Square instant camera is a great way to snap pictures with friends. It takes reliably good images that any novice can capture great shots with and has fun features like filters, flashes, and instant photos to preserve their memories.

29. Mini fish tank aquarium with LED clock

Docooler USB Desktop Mini Fish Tank Aquarium with LED Clock (White)

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This USB desktop fish tank aquarium sports a creative design that will excite any 10-year-old boy. The aquarium comes with artificial plants, decorative pebbles, LED lights overhead and underwater, a water pump, tranquil nature sound modes, and a backlight display.

It also has an alarm clock, calendar, temperature, and snooze, plus a pen holder or desk organizer.

30. Digital doodling tablet

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac, PC, Chromebook & Android (small) with Software Included - Black (CTL4100)

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If the boy loves doodling on paper, get him this digital drawing tablet that will get him even more interested in art and creativity.

He can connect it to any computer and use a stylus to draw digital artwork with great precision. It’s also good for sketching, animation, doodling, or just taking notes.

31. The Don’t Laugh Challenge

The Don't Laugh Challenge - 10 Year Old Edition: The LOL Interactive Joke Book Contest Game for Boys and Girls Age 10

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Want to make a 10-year-old boy laugh? Get them this book that will not only challenge them not to laugh but will keep him and his buddies entertained for longer.

32. Digital wristwatch

Boy Digital Watch Gifts for 5-15 Year Old Boys Girl Teen, Sports Watch Toys for 6-16 Year Old Boy Girl Present for Kids Age 6-16

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Boys love cool gadgets, and this digital watch doesn’t disappoint. It’s suitable for children aged 6-15 so your 10-year-old boy is sure to love it.

33. Blank comic book

Blank Comic Book (Draw Your Own Comics): A Large Notebook and Sketchbook for Kids and Adults to Draw Comics and Journal

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Get the young lad a blank comic book that allows his creativity to soar. He can create adventures or superhero stories from his own thoughts and make a masterpiece he’ll remember for years to come.

34. Slow-motion race game

Hasbro Gaming The Slow-Motion Race Game for Kids Ages 8 & Up

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Racing in slow motion is just as fun as fast-paced races. For a 10-year-old boy, this game offers excitement and the thrill of racing but in a unique way.

They get headbands that light up and buzz when they’re going too fast so they can monitor their speeds while on the track.

35. Microscope kit

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W),White

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With a microscope, the boy can get into STEM at an early age while learning fun things about the organisms and creation around them.

36. Outdoor exploration kit

Adventure Kidz - Outdoor Exploration Kit, Children’s Toy Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Fox Whistle, Magnifying Glass, Backpack. Great Kids Gift Set for Camping, Hiking, Educational, Pretend Play.

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If the boy needs something to keep him busy as they play in the backyard or even the great outdoors, this fun exploration kit is worth considering.

The kit comes with all the things boys love like a whistle, flashlight, compass, backpack, magnifying glass, and more.

37. Sketcher projector

smART Sketcher SSP213 Learn To Draw, Blue/White

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This cool, art-centric sketcher projector uses stencils and light to help the boy trace his way to beautiful illustrations. It’s a great way to keep him busy while exploring his creative side.

38. Brainbolt

Educational Insights BrainBolt Brain Teaser Memory Game, for Kids, Teens & Adults, Puzzle Game For Ages 7 to 107

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With this game, the boy can use electronics to learn lots of things. It’s a brain teaser memory game that will keep him captivated each time he plays it.

39. Compact binoculars

Toys for Age 3-12 Kids, Compact Binocular Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Easter Gifts Boys Toys Age 3-12 Binoculars for Kids Real Bird Watching Toys Stocking Fillers TGUS8

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For the boy who loves adventure and checking out things around him, this pair of compact binoculars are great for exploring nature. It has soft rubber around the eyepieces, which acts as a guard against any possible eye injuries so you know he’s safe as he explores the outdoors.

40. Waterproof video camera with recorder

EKEN H9R Action Camera 4K WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Full HD 1080p60 2.7K30 4K30 720p120 Video Camera 20MP Photo Includes 11 Mountings Kit 2 Batteries Black for Tríp

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Boys love exploring stuff around them, which is why this waterproof video camera is a great gift idea. They can use it to explore underwater and make creative films while playing in the pool or ocean.

41. Animal science kit

hand2mind Animal Science Kit for Kids 8-12, Kids Science Kit with Fact-Filled Guide, Learn About Animal Biology and Dissect Owl Pellets, STEM Toys, 10 Science Experiments

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This STEM animal science kit comes with eight lab tools and 10 learning activities to help the boy learn how to study stuff like bones, dissect animal parts, and more.

42. Miniature Pac-Man arcade game

Tiny Arcade Pac-Man Miniature Arcade Game Multi-colored

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A tiny arcade is a great classical game that the boy can slip into his backpack or pocket and enjoy a game or two when he’s bored, on the go, or just needs something to uplift his mood.

43. Table Top robot

4M 5576 Table Top Robot - DIY Robotics Stem Toys, Engineering Edge Detector Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls (Packaging May Vary)

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For the budding scientist, this table top robot is a great gift idea. The robot teaches him the basics of robotics to inspire the inner techie and scientist in him.

44. Build-on brick mug

Fun Brick Mug-FUBARBAR Creative Building 12oz Coffee Cup, Build on Blocks Desk Drinkware, Funny Toy for Kid Birthday Gift, Christmas, Party, Xmas, 3Pack Blocks (Black)

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If he loved Legos as a little kid, he’ll definitely love them as a 10-year-old boy. He’ll never be too old to play with this build-on brick Lego mug.

45. Kinetic Sandcastle kit

Kinetic Sand The One Only Sandcastle Set 1lb Sand, Molds Tools (Colors Vary)

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Sandcastles are not only addictive but allow your boy to get creative. The kit adds to the plain old sandcastle by offering accessories that help him master the largest sandcastle they can possibly build.

46. Codenames game

Codenames Board Game / Code Names Cooperative Spy Boardgame for Adult Family Friend / Party Codeword Secret Agent Game Bundle with Chessex Drawstring Bag

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Codenames game is designed for all ages to play, but 10-year-old boys will find it particularly exciting. The game is about word cards, which the boy and his friends can play together on a board. It’s super fun because he and his friends can make imaginative connections between words.

47. Bananagrams

Bananagrams Duel: Ultimate 2 Player Travel Game | Small Space Word Race

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Bananagrams is an anagram game that involves a race toward building word grids using all the letter tiles like a Scrabble game of sorts. The boy can play with siblings or friends to help keep his mind sharp and creative.

48. SmartLab outdoor science lab

SmartLab Toys Outdoor Science Lab Bugs, Dirt, & Plants

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This is an educational and splurgy gift idea that helps keep the boy engaged outside as he learns scientific stuff.

The kit comes with 21 different activities that introduce them to sciences like geology, chemistry, entomology, and botany while exploring the outdoors. The kit is portable and easy to play with during their outdoor play dates with their friends.

49. FPV drone with camera

Potensic D58 FPV Drone with 2K Camera for Adults, 5G WiFi HD Live Video, GPS Auto Return, RC Quadcopter for Beginners, Portable Case, 2 Batteries, Follow Me, Tap Fly, Altitude Hold, Expert-Upgraded

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A drone is a costly gift, but for the boy who has everything, this is an exciting idea. The drone comes with a 1080P HD camera, a 500-meter range, advanced capabilities, and more than 30 minutes of flight time.

This ensures he can enjoy flying his drone while taking the best photo or video shots wherever he goes.

50. OgoSport Copter Darts

OgoSport Copter Darts - Outdoor Lawn Game Set with 4 Foam Darts & 1 Ball - Aim, Toss, Spin - Kids & Adults 6+

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This is a fun game that the boy can play with friends. They can aim, toss, and spin darts together outdoors on the lawn and see whose darts land head down first.

51. Revenge roller coaster

K'NEX Thrill Rides-Kraken's Revenge Roller Coaster Building Set-Ages 9+ -Engineering Education Toy (Amazon Exclusive) (17616)

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If the boy is bored playing with Legos or other toys, get him this roller coaster kit he can design using his creativity and imagination.

The kit comes with light-up cars and a motorized coaster track that he will enjoy playing with.

52. Tegu magnetic blocks

14 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints

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The lad will enjoy playing with magnetized blocks, unlike using ordinary blocks, and create a wide array of different structures and animals.

He can rearrange them however he wants and they’ll also be decorative pieces in his room.

53. Tin can robot

4M Tin Can Robot - DIY Science Construction Stem Toy For Kids & Teens

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This tin can robot is a fun way to keep the boy busy. The best part of this gift is that the boy can get creative putting the robot together, giving him a sense of pride having built it, then enjoying how the robot moves around.

54. Logrotate

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors Galaxy Lamp Kids Night Light 3D Printing Star Moon Light with Stand/Remote Control/Touch/USB Rechargeable, Moon Light Lamp for Kids Baby Friends Family Gifts (4.8 inch)

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This is a fun moon lamp that makes for an awesome room upgrade gift. The lamp is 3D printed and looks like the surface of the moon. It comes in four sizes, lights up in 16 colors, and comes with a timer mode that makes it shut off automatically.

55. ANKI overdrive starter kit

Anki DRIVE Starter Kit (Previous Version)

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This is an adventure starter kit for 10-year-old boys that helps them build battlefields and then race against friends or artificial intelligence supercars in real time.

Each AI supercar becomes smarter the more he plays making it a fun game of wit and luck.

Wrapping Up

Shopping for a 10-year-old boy can be deceivingly stressful, especially if he pretty much owns everything he could possibly want.

While that may be true, you can opt for any of our favorite gift ideas that they’ll be thrilled to open and use without worrying whether they already have it buried in their closet.