Fandom of the Month Club – Hufflepuff Special Edition

Fandom of the Month Club is a monthly box that sends you jewelry pieces and accessories based on a certain fandom each month.  This review is for the special edition Hufflepuff box that they offered as a one time purchase for $16.98


One of the best things about this box is that the owners design all of the jewelry and have it made specifically for the box.  That means that the pieces you receive are one of a kind and are only available through them.  For this particular box you could choose which Hogwarts house you wanted your jewelry based on, and these were the items that were included:


An adorable sorting hat print that was designed specifically by the creators for the box.  The print reads:

“There’s nothing hidden in your head that The Sorting Hat can’t see, so try me on and I will tell you where you ought to be.”


A one of a kind bag designed with Hufflepuff’s mascot, the badger, and the word “Loyal” which defines the house of Hufflepuff.  This bag holds all of the jewelry included.


A Hufflepuff cup ring that has three different bands to be able to hold the entire cup on the ring.  When worn, this ring takes up the bottom third of my middle finger.  It is cold toned, and can be adjusted to fit a specific size.


A three chain necklace that has small plaques that read: “LOYAL”, “FRIENDLY”, and “HUFFLEPUFF”.  I love this chain necklace, but it is hard to get untangled.  Once it has been put in the bag that it came in, you have to work to get the tangles out before wearing it again.


A Hufflepuff charm bracelet.  This piece is my favorite from the set.  It is stretchable and contains charms that represent the house of Hufflepuff.  The first charm is of the sorting hat, a black bead charm, and a yellow jewel charm to represent the colors of Hufflepuff, and a small Hufflepuff charm that reads:

“You might belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.”


The last item included was a magnet with the Hufflepuff crest on it.  The art was created specifically by the company for the box, and the magnet is paper thin which made it perfect to put on my bookcase.  I also loved how the background was yellow.

Overall, this box was well worth the $16.98 paid. The pieces can’t be found elsewhere, and that makes this box one of a kind.  You can purchase their limited edition boxes once in a while when they are released, or you can choose to subscribe to their box and receive jewelry from a different fandom each month.  This box is perfect for those who love fandom themed jewelry, and for those on a budget.