InspireME Crate Review – July 2017

InspireME Crate is a monthly box that helps you get back to drawing

Art supplies, themed prompts, motivation and more each month! Let’s get drawing!


  • Month to Month: $35 + FREE SHIPPING in the US
  • 3 Month PrePay: $99 ($33/month) + FREE SHIPPNG in the US
  • 6 Month PrePay: $90 ($30/month) + FREE SHIPPING in the US

*International shipping in calculated

I couldn’t wait to receive my June InspireME Crate because I love how this box brings you a month’s worth of art lessons!

The box comes in a small parcel, and it has InspireME Crate’s logo on it.  The box is high-quality, and it can be used to store your art tools in!  I love boxes that I can reuse and not just throw away, so that is one of the perks of InspireME Crate.

Upon opening the box, you can see how the lid has a note about the box on it!  The items are also wrapped in tissue paper and paper shreds.  I love the care that goes into this box, and it does not look mass produced.  I am all about that small business feel, so InspireME Crate never disappoints!

Adding to the small business feel is a note that lets you know who packaged your box!

Each month, InspireME Crate comes with an insert card that describes each item in the box!  I love how this box gives you full-size samples from different brands to try.  I have found some of my new favorite art brands this way, and I appreciate the variety!  The card also has a sphere where you can try out the different art tools together.

The back of the card has further descriptions of each tool, as well as a coupon code for one of the items!  This is great if you want to buy more of one of the tools.

The best parts of this box are the activity booklets that InspireME Crate creates for subscribers each month!  The box comes first with a WarmME Up booklet which includes various exercises to warm you up to drawing and creating.

The box also comes with the main activity booklet that includes a month long calendar with art challenges!  The booklet also contains articles to help you expand your art knowledge and skills.  I love how this booklet is like a full month of art classes in one!

A sketch book is also included in every box to give you something to work on as you go through your lessons!

The first art tool included is an Ohuhu Art Marker!  These markers are perfect for coloring or highlighting, and they are artist grade.  I love them because they come with a fine tip and a broad tip for various art projects.  Also, these markers are on sale on Amazon right now for 50% off!  If you are in need of artist grade markers, I highly recommend them!

The next items are a couple of Prismacolor art pencils!  Prismacolor pencils are my favorite colored pencils to work with, so I always enjoy receiving more for my collection.  These colors blend so well, and they last for quite a long time.  They are a must for artists.  These are also on super sale on Amazon right now, so pick up a set if you are in need of some awesome colored pencils!

The next tool is a Tombow brush marker!  I love these as well, and I actually have every set of them available.  They come with a fine tip as well as a brush tip, and they are perfect for doing watercolor techniques.  I like using them with colored pencils to create deeper pictures.  Tombow markers are on a great sale on Amazon right now as well!

The last tool is a Tombow Mono Drafting Pencil!  These pencils are high-grade artist pencils that are perfect for sketching.  I love the high quality of the lead, and how sturdy it is.  I highly recommend them for sketching because of the high definition that they bring.

Final Thought: I LOVE how much work the InspireME Crate owners put into the box!  They hand-create each box by inventing exclusive booklets with different art projects each month, while also bringing you high-quality artist tools.  This box is cheaper than paying for art classes, and it provides you with hours of entertainment.  InspireME Crate is perfect for artists of all levels, and I love how much it has helped me advance my art skills!  As a professionally educated artist, I cannot recommend InspireME Crate enough.

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers received this box to review.