Madbomr Review – Welcome Box

A monthly Graffiti Subscripton Box

Madbomr is a subscription box service that provides Graffiti and street artists the option to try new products and get a great value at a low price. We deliver 4-8 items monthly to our subscribers door. In addition to the great items, we send our subscribers monthly trade stickers and provide them with an art interaction challenge.

Four to Six graffiti/street art related items will be delivered monthly. Items will include markers, paint pens, mops, eggshell stickers, caps, scribers, dabbers, dvd’s, mini’s and etc. Some items will be exclusive/limited edition.

Madbomr was created by graffiti artists who believe in the strength and power of self-expression through art and because of this, they are now delivering art tools and inspiration to other graffiti/street enthusiasts.


  • Month to Month: $24.99 + shipping
  • 3 Month PrePay: $72.97 + shipping

*Shipping: FREE in the US, International shipping is calculated

I received the Madbomr “Welcome Box” to review!  This box originally went out in March 2017.  I was so excited to find this box because I am a street artist myself.  This is such a specific niche and it is often hard to find companies that serve this community!

Here is some background information on the difference between graffiti writers and street artists courtesy of Madbomr!


 Word Based

 Harder to read: Their artwork speaks to other graffiti writers

 Hip hop based

 Have crews


 Image Based

 Easy to read: Their artwork speaks to the public

 Subset of graffiti writing

 Work alone

I personally work as a street artist because I do love creating art for the general public!  There is so much emotion that goes into art, and street art is one of the most valuable ways to keep art a constant in everyday life.

Madbomr comes in a small white box with a logo sticker on the top!  I love how the logo for Madbomr looks like street art.  It is perfect!

The inside of the box has a black envelope attached to the lid!  The envelope is filled with numerous stickers featuring graffiti writing and street art.  The rest of the box is carefully wrapped with tissue paper, and this keeps all of the items safe!

Here are some of the stickers from the envelope!  Madbomr’s brand spotlight this month is Spray Planet, so they included a sticker for that company as well.

Here are some various art stickers that were included in the box!  The art sticker on the top left is by Nook, one of the box owners.  I love these pieces!  They are gorgeous and add a personal touch to the box.

This sticker was included for two of the owners of Madbomr!  It helps you to find their Instagram account so that you can see more of their art.  The postal labels are also commonly used in graffiti writing and street art, so a handful of those were included in this welcome package!

Here is an example of street art using the mail labels:

(Photo courtesy of

The box also came with this item list so that subscribers know where the different tools and accessories came from.

The first tool included in the box is this 4 x 6 PRO ART sketchbook!  I personally love sketching my street art before I finalize it, so this sketchbook is perfect.  The sketchbook is of high quality, and the paper is thick enough to hold paint or marker ink.

This information card was included to tell the subscriber more about the box owners!  I feel more connected to the owners now that I know their stories.  It is awesome how connected they are to the graffiti writing and street art communities.  The theme/challenge of this box is #wildcard!

The back of the card features the website of the month: Spray Planet!  This website sounds like the go-to website for graffiti and street art supplies, so it is nice to know about them.  I will be purchasing more tools from them in the future!


The next tool included in the box is this Street Dabber Squeezable Marker by Montana Colors!  The color is Guacamole Green.  This dabber has a nice tip, and I love how easy it is to use!

These spray paint caps were also included in fat and skinny sizes.  They are very useful for getting different sized streams of spray when working!  The caps can be changed out when using spray paint cans.

The next item is this Sakura Solid Meanstreak!  The color is a fluorescent yellow, and I adore the brightness of it.  Solidified paint is one of my favorite tools to use, and this paint is of high quality.

This red Markal B Red Paintstik was included as well, and it is made of solid paint like the Sakura pen!  I love how bright this red is, and it is weather and fade resistant as well.

The next item is this unique Carbide Tip Scriber Etching Pen!  These pens can be used to engrave steel, glass, stone, metal, or even ceramics!  I really like how this item gives the subscriber a new medium to work with.

This Sakura Micron Liner was included in the box as well!  I love how fine the tip of this pen is, and the ink is very easy to work with.

I used the liner to make this quick sketch in the sketchbook that was included in the box!  The ink is very defining.

The next item is this Uni Posca Marker with a Fine Bullet Tip.  This is a paint marker, and I love how smoothly it writes!  This pen makes working with paint easier because you can control it.  Markers like this one are perfect for outlining edges or cleaning up different patches of color and adding details.

Final Thought: Madbomr is an awesome subscription box to serve the graffiti and street art communities!  I love the curation of the items, and how many different brands were represented in the box.  The box itself inspired me, and I think that Madbomr does great with keeping street artists and writers going by giving them different challenges.  If you are a graffiti writer or street artist who wants to try different brands and connect with a new community, then Madbomr is perfect for you!  I love how this box expanded my horizons as a street artist.

More Graffiti Fun Facts Courtesy of Madbomr!

• Graffiti artists and street artists like the attention of being noticed without a face.

• The word graffiti originates k-word ‘graphein’ which means life writing.

• Graffiti artist and street artists vary from Spray paint to etchers. The most commonly used tool is a spray can

• Graffiti is found everywhere now in both public places and private museums.

• It is now accepted and embraced by the art community


*NOTE: This box was sent to The Box Reviewers for review.