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My Garden Box Unboxing- May 2017

My Garden Box delivers a themed box filled with plants, garden decor, and a touch of DIY

The idea behind My Garden Box is a simple one: provide gardeners with a monthly box of gardening grins.

We use our creative skills and plant knowledge to put together a uniquely themed box that month-to-month offers beautiful plants, creative decor, and a touch of fun DIY.

Every box is gardener-tested and given the green-light by our own growers and gardening staff. We love all things plant related and we pack that love into every box we ship.

Happy gardening!


Monthly- $29.50 + 12.99 shipping (same price whether you choose recurring or a single months box)

3 Months pre-paid $27.50/month + US shipping

6 Months pre-paid $26.50/month + US shipping

12 Months pre-paid $25.50/month + US shipping


Please note: They ship to all US states except AZ, due to AZ agricultural restrictions

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What’s in the box:

3 Air Plants

Zen garden wooden box

Wooden rake

White sand

Stacking Rocks


E6000 craft Glue

Bonus Kit: 1 plant with dirt, small clay pot and moss



Final Thoughts: I am amazed at how much is included in the box compared to what they actually charge. The box is packed full, has wonderful plants and a fun DIY project AND comes with all the information you could need to garden your heart out.
The box is perfect for the beginner and expert gardener. Definitely one of my TOP FAVE BOXES!

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers received this box to review.