Squint Box Review – March 2017

SquintBox is a subscription service delivering an assortment of hand-crafted miniatures to subscriber’s doors each month. This first-in-category service offers up to six quality 1/12th scale miniature items from popular categories such as food, flowers, books and accessories. SquintBox miniatures can be used for collecting, crafting or display; they can be used in a dollhouse, room box, shadowbox, memory box or placed on a shelf. Some folks just enjoy them because they love how they make them feel!

The product arrives in a charming gift-wrapped-like package along with a pamphlet which includes tips on maximizing the SquintBox collection. Additionally, surprises and incentives are included each month encouraging subscribers to continue their subscription, to gift and to refer SquintBox to friends and family.


  • Month to Month: $29.95/month + FREE SHIPPING in the US
  • 3 Month PrePay: $80.87/3 months + FREE SHIPPING in the US
  • 6 Month PrePay: $152.75/6 months + FREE SHIPPING in the US

*NOTE: Worldwide shipping is calculated.

Full box photo!

I received the March 2017 SquintBox to review, and March’s theme was “Hippity – Hoppin'”!  I love this theme because spring is my favorite season, and each item in this box goes with the coming of spring.  I was very excited to receive this box because my favorite handcrafted miniatures shop is over an hour away and I don’t get to visit often.  Other handcrafted miniatures are also hard to find, so it is nice to have them delivered while supporting a small business!  SquintBox comes in a small kraft box with the inner box wrapped in tissue paper.

The miniatures in the box are gift wrapped in a small jewelry box!  I love how this makes the box feel personal while also keeping that small business feel.

The miniatures in the gift box are sealed in adorable blue tissue paper!  I love how each of the miniatures are handcrafted by SquintBox or the

shops and artisans that they feature.

The first miniature is this spring wreath!  The quote that goes along with the wreath is perfect.  I love how carefully crafted the wreath is, and it is perfect for spring!  This miniature was crafted by SquintBox.

The next miniature has been created by LDMG Miniatures, and it is a food item!  This miniature comes in an adorable mini bakery box and the inside contains a pair of salted American pretzels.  The effort and care that went into making this item is astounding!  Miniature food is my favorite area of miniatures.

This miniature was handcrafted by SquintBox as well!  I love the simplistic design of this mini painting.  It reminds me of cross stitch art that you can often find hung in older homes!

This next miniature is handcrafted by Home Petite Home!  It is a small jar of candy canes, and I love the detail that went into the label on the jar as well as the cloth covering the jar!  This miniature is so unique and I love it.

The last miniature in the box is this adorable nest with Easter eggs!  This miniature is also crafted by SquintBox, and I love the careful structure of it.


Final Thought: SquintBox is a great box for miniature enthusiasts or crafters!  I love how carefully each miniature is crafted, and this box has a great selection of miniatures that go along with the theme.  If you love crafting with miniatures or collecting them, then SquintBox is a great way to try out new brands and miniatures!  The care that goes into these miniatures is amazing.

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers were sent this box for review.