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Stage Gurl Review – June Box + Coupon

Stage Gurl

Stage Gurl is the very first to offer monthly subscription boxes with exotic dancers in mind

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry we know exactly what every dancer needs in her stripper box to look her best and get those benjamins!  We have boxes for every budget with a variety to meet every need.


  • The Feature Stripper Box – $110/month
    • Get your hustle on with this monthly box!  You’ll get 1 or 2 outfits with matching garters, a body spray, a pack of baby wipes, 6 tampons (2 super, 3 regular, 1 light), 1 accessory (such as legwarmers or a money bag), and other useful items (such as cosmetics, razors, lotion).  You’ll even get some themed boxes!
  • The Main Stage Stripper Box – $55/month
    • This monthly box gives you what you need to feel confident on stage!  You’ll get 1 or 2 outfits with matching garters, a body spray, and other useful items such as cosmetics, makeup pouches, money bags, leg strings, and more.  You’ll even get themed boxes!
  • The Basics Stripper Box – $25/month
    • Get flirty with this monthly box! You’ll receive a 2 piece outfit, 1 matching garter, a body spray, and at least 1 other item. You’ll even get themed boxes!
  • The Essentials Stripper Box – $25/month
    • This monthly box delivers the essentials that every dancer needs.  You’ll receive a  thong or tri-top, a garter, six tampons (2 super, 3 regular, 1 light), and a pack of baby wipes.  No need to run to the store before work.  They’ll be delivered to your door ready to go.
  • Box O’ Outfits – $70/month
    • Don’t want or need all of the extras in our other boxes?  Just want outfits and nothing else?  Want fancier outfits than what is in our other boxes?  This box is for you!  You’ll get 1-4 outfits every month.  You’ll get to customize what types of outfits you want, too!
  • Box O’ Thongs – $30/month
    • Never run out of thongs!  In this monthly box you’ll get 3 thongs in different styles and colors.
  • Box O’ Garters – $10/month
    • Never run out of garters!  In this monthly box you’ll get 3 garters in different styles and colors.

Use code “UNIQUE” to receive 15% off of your first box!

I received the June “Main Stage” Stage Gurl box to review, and I couldn’t wait to open it!  I have experience working in this field, so I was so excited to come across a box that caters to this population.  Stage Gurl is so original, and I love that they celebrate women and their sexuality.

Stage Gurl comes in a gorgeous pink box, and I love how the logo isn’t too obvious for those who like to keep their matters private!

The packaging of Stage Gurl is gorgeous!  I love the pink shreds and glittery tissue paper.  The design is very burlesque, and I am all about that!

The box comes with this pamphlet that describes everything included in the box.  This month’s theme is Stars & Stripes!  The pamphlet breaks the items in the box up into three different categories: Stage 1, Stage 2, and Backstage.  I love that creativity!

Stage 1

The outfit included in this box is this Spangled Stars Set!  It includes a tie bikini top, a pair of booty shorts, and a silver garter.  I absolutely adore the design!  It is perfect for the Fourth of July.

These star bead necklaces were included to complete the outfit!  I love how they add some bling to the lineup.

Stage 2

The next item is this Bitzy Long Lasting Lip Gloss Iridescent Top Coat from Sally Beauty Supply!  It is a gorgeous, simple shade that can be used over solid lipsticks or on its own.  It is perfect to add some pop to your performance!

This Magic in the Air Diamond Shimmer Mist from Bath & Body Works is the next item included!  I am a huge fan of Bath & Body Works, so I was so excited to see this in the box.  When sprayed on, this shimmer mist makes your skin look like a diamond!  It compliments the Spangled Stars Set beautifully.


The first item in the backstage portion of the box is this Beyond Belief Green Tea Firming Mask from Sally Beauty Supply!  This mask helps to rejuvenate your skin, and it is perfect to use before a performance.

The next item is this Bitzy Liner Lip Pencil Sharpener from Sally Beauty Supply!  This is the perfect item to keep your eyeliner or lip pencils sharp and ready to apply.  It is a must have in every makeup bag!

Advil is a must if you have a headache before a performance!  These ready to go packs are perfect to keep in your bag backstage.

Keeping your feet soft and smooth is just as important as caring for the rest of your skin!  This pumice stone is beautiful, and it is perfect to use in the shower.

The last item included is this mesh laundry bag!  Mesh laundry bags are perfect for washing your lingerie in when putting it through the wash.  The bag makes sure that your lingerie ties don’t tangle, and it helps to prolong the life of your lingerie.  It is a must have!

Final Thought: Stage Gurl is an AWESOME service that caters to strippers and exotic dancers of all types.  I love how many different options Stage Gurl offers, and everything in their boxes is 100% usable.  I will be putting all of these items to good use, and I highly recommend Stage Gurl for anyone in this industry!

Use code “UNIQUE” to receive 15% off of your first box!

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers were sent this box to review.