Sundae Home – Theme Reveal and Coupon


It’s here!!! We are SO excited to announce the Sundae Home August Founders Box Theme Reveal!! COASTAL SEA! Look for items that are inspired by nature that will make the last days of the summer months truly unforgettable! Don’t worry – our items are fully versatile and aren’t limited for summer use. Orders yours now before we sell out!


Each inaugural August Founders Box from Sundae Home will feature an Organic Cotton Bodhi Throw Blanket by Zestt in either gorgeous color: Aqua or Coral. Worth $48+. Using the weave and style of traditional Turkish towels, these Bodhi blankets are soft, absorbent and the ideal companion for the great outdoors or snuggling indoors. Oversized at 72″ x 37″, these make a perfect sand mat, beach towel or cozy home throw. Can also be worn as a chic sarong. 100% organic cotton.

Why we love Zestt: “Fresh, inspired living. As the company and our product selection have grown, we’ve committed to social responsibility as a key component of our growth, from sourcing our cotton at organic farms to artisan partnerships.”

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