Book Bath Box – Fall (October) Box

Book Bath Box is a bookish subscription box that focuses on reading in the bath.  Since my favorite time to read is in the bath, I just couldn’t wait to receive this box.  Book Bath Box is quarterly, which means that it ships 4 times a year and in the months of January, April, July and October.  The boxes generally line up with the seasons.

Each box comes with a book, a bath product, and 3 or so extras to help set the mood.  Sometimes the extra items do include food, so there is a place for you to list any dietary restrictions when you check out.  Since I have Celiac Disease and extreme dairy sensitivity I can’t do gluten or dairy, so Winx, the owner, was very receptive to those needs.  I have not found a non-food box that takes such care in making sure that allergies are taken into consideration, and that alone made this box a huge winner for me.

But perhaps one of the biggest perks of this box is that it includes FREE SHIPPING in the United States!  Since the box itself is $39.99, this makes subscribing more than worth it.  And believe me, once I received my first box I knew that I would not be cancelling any time soon.  The books included are adult fiction and generally fall under the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, which is perfectly fine with me.

Fall (October) Box Adventure

Now, you are probably saying, “enough with the talk, let’s get to the stuff”!  Okay, okay, I get the hint.  Here we go…


Book Bath Box comes in a plain white box with a sticker featuring Book Bath Box’s logo on the front.  I like how simple the packaging is, and it definitely fit everything perfectly.


Once inside, a few information cards are included.  There is one business card featuring information on Book Bath Box, a list of everything included, and a tip card that tells you how you can receive discounts on future boxes, or how to read safely in the tub.


The bath item for this box was an adorable “library bag” of bath salts from Tea Soap Books.

The salts smell of green tea and bergamot, and I seriously cannot stop smelling this adorable little bag!


The next item, which is one of the extra items, is a tin of Dragon’s Dream Tea by Aun-Juli Riddle at Adagio Teas.

I absolutely love Adagio Teas because they have many different variations of tea that relate to different fandoms, movies, or books.  I am also a huge fan of tea, so this delightful little mix of green chai, assam melody and cinnamon won’t be lasting long!  A cup of this will go perfectly with the bath salts as I read in the tub.


The next extra item was also supposed to be a couple of Pumpkin Truffles by Moonstruck Coffee Company:

These truffles were linked to the book specifically, but because of my allergies I was given a couple of dark chocolate covered orange peels that just look delightful!  There was also a note explaining why I received these chocolates, and it verified that they are indeed gluten free and vegan.  I was very impressed with this careful curation.


And the last, and possibly most important, item in the box was the book Asteroid Made of Dragons by G. Derek Adams.  This book is a Science Fiction/Fantasy book that sounds extremely exciting.  Here is the synopsis:

“When a lone goblin researcher stumbles across an artifact containing a terrifying message–that the world is in grave and immediate peril–she scrambles to find help. A very unusual asteroid (one constructed as a cage for dragons) is headed straight for the planet, and Xenon is the only person in the world who knows. As she clambers across hill and dale with her quill, journal, and dwindling coin purse to untangle the mystery, she’ll need plenty of luck to find the right clues and the right sort of help.

Meanwhile, our heroes have their own problems. They have a bank to rob, a sea to cross, and a kingdom to infiltrate. Luckily, Rime is a wild mage–the laws of reality quiver when she gives them a stern look–and her guardian, Jonas, wields a reasonably sharp sword. But Rime is slipping ever closer to the abyss of madness, and Jonas is wanted for murder at their final port of call. To make matters worse, the mage-killing Hunt and its commander, Linus, follow the duo like a patient shadow, bent on Rime’s destruction.

When the wise are underfunded, the brave are overbooked, and the cruel are unconcerned, can the world be saved from destruction?”

What is even better about this selection is that the author provided us with a pin of the novel’s cover, and a playlist to go along with the book (which is something that I do with my own book box as well).  The link to the playlist on spotify is on the information card that came in the book.

Overall, I was very impressed by how carefully curated this box was, and I am so happy to have gotten to try it out!  It is a great box for any Science Fiction/Fantasy nerds, or for people who love to read in the bath.

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