Dollar Jimmy Hat Club January Review

Dollar Jimmy Hat Club is a monthly condom subscription.

I bet you’re asking yourself.. “They do what?” Yeah that’s right, we said it. Jimmies, Naughty bags, Rubbermans, bullet proof vests…… However you call them, they have’em and so could you for as little as a $1 a month shipped right to your door.

They have several package to choose from:

We ordered the Players Club Package which includes 3 condoms and a sample of lube. The package is priced at $1 with shipping being $1.20, making it $2.20 per shipment.

It came about 3 weeks later in a discreet white envelope with no branding.

Inside is a folded paper with the condoms attached to the paper via glue dots.

They send out only name brand condoms, so you can trist the condoms being sent.

You get to choose 5 diffetent styles and can get a mix to try them all.

I choose Lifestyle Xl KYNG condoms. Comfort fit Larger than standard condoms – extra long and extra wide in our most popular flared shape Specially-lubricated for maximum pleasure Reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort Low latex scent Big-time comfort to the bigger guy Extra long and extra wide Specially lubricated for maximum glide.

The package was suppose to come with a lube sample, but it didn’t.

They expire in 8/20 so there is plenty of time to use them.

Would I buy this service? If I was someone who used condoms on a regular basis, then yes absolutly! Fresh non expired condoms sent out every month,so you don’t have to remember to pick them up, sounds great!

Prevents STD’s and unwanted pregnancies is easy as pie now with The Jimmy Hat Club.

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