Roose Crate Review – March Box

Roost Crate is a monthly box that delivers farmer’s market items straight to your door!  Each item included in the box is from a vendor in upstate New York.  The creators of the box source each item to bring you the best farmer’s market experience and their creativity is outstanding!

Roost Crate is $39.99/month+shipping.  However, they do offer 3 and 6 month subscriptions for $109.00/3 months+ shipping, or $219/6 months+shipping.  They only ship within the United States via USPS at this time.

Roost Crate also partners with an organization called Capital Roots.  This organization gives back to the farmers and vendors in New York, and Roost Crate donates a portion of their proceeds to this organization.  I always love a box that gives back.  Knowing how Roost Crate helps their community made me love this box even more!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Each month, Roost Crate centers the box around a different theme.  March’s theme was “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”!  Since baseball season is upon us, I couldn’t wait to gear up for the season with Roost Crate.

Roost Crate shows up in a plain brown box with the logo stamped on the box.  I loved how rustic this simple packaging felt, and I couldn’t wait to dive right in.  Upon opening the box, you are greeted with festive tissue paper as well as a baseball sticker and the Roost Crate logo.  Everything looked carefully packaged, and I loved the care that went into it!

The stamp of the logo has such a rustic feel!

Once you rip through the tissue paper, you are greeted with a card that explains the theme for March.  I love how Roost Crate connected each item in the box to the baseball season.  The design of the box insert is adorable, and it portrayed the nostalgia of baseball perfectly!

On the back of the main card insert is a list of all of the items included in the box.  Each item has a retail value next to it, as well as a description as to why the item was chosen.  I loved reading the descriptions for each item.  Knowing why they were chosen made me feel closer to the creators of the box!  This made the box feel as though it were a gift that was sent personally to me.

The box also came with a card that tells you how to connect with Roost Crate online.  You can enter to win a free Roost Crate if you post a picture of your box on social media!

The first item included in the box is a Roost Crate baseball cap!  This item will be perfect to use this summer when seeing a baseball game, and the design is adorable.  The curation of this item fits the theme perfectly!

Also included in the box is a bag of Butter Toffee Cashew Caramel Popcorn by Kernel Cravings!  This popcorn is like a grown up version of Cracker Jacks, and it is DELICIOUS.  Popcorn is a big part of going to see a baseball game, and I would gladly take this bag with me!

Each piece of popcorn and each cashew was coated wonderfully in the toffee caramel mixture.

The next item is a small bag of Chili Lime Peanuts from Healthy Gourmet Kitchen!  These peanuts are to die for, and how can you go to a baseball game without peanuts and popcorn?  You just can’t!  These peanuts go well with the toffee caramel corn, and they had the best flavor to them.

Each peanut had the perfect amount of seasoning on it!

Also included in the box is a jar of Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub from T&J Handcrafted Soap! Cotton candy is something I would want to eat at a baseball game, and this scrub is a great substitute!  It smells delicious, and the color is gorgeous.

The scrub is nicely sealed in an insulated jar so that it won’t dry out!

Just look at how gorgeous that scrub is.

The last item included in the box is a bar of Ginger Ale Soap also from T&J Handcrafted Soaps! This bar smells exactly like ginger ale, and it reminds me of having a nice, cold glass in the summer time.  I am a big fan of ginger ale, so this soap will be put to great use!

I love the hand cut feel of the soap.  It makes the soap appear rustic!

Overall, March’s Roost Crate was a big win for me!  I loved every item included in this box and the thought that went behind them.  It is clear to me that the creators of Roost Crate carefully picks out items that will bring the theme to life.  I will gladly try this box again, and I highly suggest that you try them out!  If you don’t get to go to farmer’s markets very often, then this box is a great substitute.

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.*