The Lady of Light – Isis

The Lady of light is a monthly & seasonal subscription box that is a blend of rare new age, metaphysical, handmade items and rituals from around the world.

Magical Items for the Goddess in You!
A metaphysical box full of hand-blended exclusive perfumes, candles, smudges, handmade bath products, sparkly adornment Jewelry, as well as monthly rituals, affirmations & prayers for the Goddess of the Month. Each box comes with explanations for the materials included and 1-3 surprise gifts inspired by the energies of the season.

There are two options:

The Mini Goddess Box- $35/month

The Deluxe Seasonal Goddess Box – $70/season

I believe I received the Deluxe Seasonal Goddess Box judging by the number of items included.

First, I have to apologize as this was supposed to be a video review and it is quite late being posted. The Universe apparently did not want me to video this box. I recorded it 4 times (along with other boxes during the same sessions) and NONE of the videos of this box came out with clear audio. I know how to take a hint, haha

It comes in a plain white box with this smaller brown box inside. It appears that she is recycling the boxes she gets her products in, which is fine by me. Using a recycled box does not take away from the items it contains.

Two items included were made by The Lady of Light:

A perfume oil “Dark Auset”- It smelled quite nice with a nice combination of fruity & flowery

And, a hand-poured “Angel Arms” soap in the shape of an Egyptian cat. It’s a beautiful soap and the frankincense & myrrh scent is wonderful.

Next up was a bag of incense resin of Frankincense & Myrrh along with charcoal tablets to assist in burning the incense. I like using resin incense once in awhile to ‘mix things up’ a bit. Sometimes the incense sticks put off too much smoke and can become overwhelming. With resin incense, you can use as little or as much as you like.

Two pieces of jewelry were added and they went perfectly with the theme.

A pretty pair of earrings representing Isis. They are quite shiny and a good quality fashion jewelry. Being made in china is only a slight drawback as I prefer items made in the USA or that are sourced ethically.

A beautiful Ankh pendant with the chakra stones embedded. Its quite sturdy and my mother-in-law fell in love with it immediately so, she got to take it home with her. It would have been a nice bonus to receive a chain to put the pendant on but, I had an extra laying around so it didn’t bother me at all.

Two crystal were also included: a Lapis Lazuli (which is one of my favorites)

and, as a BONUS, a small chunk of Amethyst


This gorgeous greeting card & envelope will be used asap. I have several friends who would love to receive a short “I’m thinking about you” note on this card.


Finally, this beautiful black scarf with white stars was a nice surprise. It is so silky soft and the perfect size to wear many different ways.

Final Thoughts: This is a box I hadn’t heard of before and, being a former Mystical subscription box owner, I was thrilled to get the chance to review what someone else does. All in all, a nice box. All the items are useful and of good to great quality. I’m curious to see how this box evolves over time.

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.*