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11 Best Junk Food Subscription Boxes

The season for giving and receiving gifts beckons, and usually, sweet treats make for the best gift when you don’t know just what to get for a friend or loved one.

Instead of having it as a one-time gift, why not bestow on them the gift that keeps giving every month, sent right to their doorsteps?

Thanks to subscription boxes, you get to gift yourself or a loved one something most, if not all, people love to do – snack.

It’s hard to wait for lunch in between those long morning hours, so snacks are a great way of refueling your energy tank.

There are nutritious snacks, and there are junk food ones, the latter of which shouldn’t be the norm, but taken once in a while – in moderation.

If you have a sweet tooth, and you want something different every other month, then junk food subscription boxes are the perfect thing for you.

With junk food subscription boxes, you get anything from eight up to about 25 snacks, depending on the box you select, from a specially curated mix of sweet treats.

If the idea of junk food and sweet treats being delivered to your doorstep every month excites you, then you’ll love our list of the 11 best junk food subscription boxes.

Check out our favorites.

1. Match Made Coffee

Price: $19.95

As its name suggests, Match Made Coffee is a junk food subscription box with curated treats that include a flight of freshly roasted international craft coffees delivered to your doorstep.

These come with two unique, and perfectly flavor-paired gourmet cookies – a real match made in heaven.

Other benefits of this box include free shipping, a pairing guide with each box, and delicious, high quality treats every month.

2. MexiCrate

Price: From $5.99 per month

This is the perfect gift to give to a friend, loved one, or even yourself if you’re looking for a taste of Mexico.

Each month, MexiCrate delivers a hand selected and wide range of Mexican snacks and candies delivered right to your doorstep.

It has more than 150 different snacks and candies in stock, so you are sure to get a wide variety of junk food each month.

Each MexiCrate box is unique, with authentic Mexican treats, and you also benefit from fast shipping.

3. The Best Box Ever Bakery

Price: $18

This junk food subscription box delivers the best in from-scratch sweets every month, with sugar cookies that taste as great as they look.

The treats are specially prepared and packed from the Best Box Ever Bakery located in Huntsville, Texas, with several options for boxes including non-food items that bakers need.

Enjoy delicious junk food treats that are hand decorated and created from scratch, with different treats each month, and a surprise inside each box. They also include two premium cookies and a cookie cutter.

4. Clubjerky.com

Price: From $20 per month

Club Jerky is a delicious, handcrafted junk food subscription box that delivers the best tasting jerky.

Each month, you get great tasting jerky filling up your mailbox, with trading cards and toothpicks.

It also offers you new flavors each month with high quality, small batch (4 bags) jerky delivered from different makers, which makes for a great gift.

It only ships within the US on the 20th-25th of each month.

5. Great One Cookie Company

Price: $24.95

Cookie lovers will enjoy this junk food subscription box. In fact, it can be your new favorite cookie box!

Great One Cookie Company claims that their cookie box will make your cookie dreams come true, so much so, they deliver a box of gourmet, handmade cookies every month to your door.

The box allows you to try out new flavors as each month you get 2 exclusive cookies (subscribers only), 2 cookies of the month, and 2 of its traditional cookies, all made from scratch.

The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and delivers an awesome lot of cookies to your doorstep.

6. Korean Snack Box

Price: From $16.95 per month

This is a box of delicious, premium Korean candy and snacks packed within a beautiful silk bag, known as the Bokjumeoni, each month.

You can choose either the medium box, with about seven to 10 premium items, or the large box that contains up to 20 premium items.

The best part is you get to taste snacks that your Kpop and Kdrama idols love eating, shipped to you directly from Korea.

Select from either the medium or large sizes that serve 1-2 people and 2-3 people, respectively.

7. Jackie’s Chocolate

Price: From $9.95 per month

Jackie’s Chocolate junk food subscription box offers great handmade, artisan chocolates exclusively crafted for chocolate lovers.

You get to indulge in chewy caramels, creamy truffles, and crunchy nuts enrobed in dark, milk, and white chocolate.

There are a variety of subscriptions to choose from like ‘Let’s Indulge’, ‘A little taste’, and ‘Enough to share’.

All boxes are carefully packaged so as to arrive fresh and cool at your doorstep.

However, it only ships within the US at the beginning of the week.

8. Treats

Price: From $13.95

These treats enable you to discover the world through food, as it holds a box of delicious snacks from different countries.

The best part is you get to experience new cultures through these delicious snacks.

Each box has a variety of treats from a different country each month, thus you experience new flavors following a single theme around one country.

This junk food subscription box ships worldwide from the US on the 8th of every month.

9. Nostalgic Candy Club

Price: From $19.99 per month

With this junk food subscription box, you get a curated mix of candy from the past 10 decades, with about six to eight different candies.

The candies are hand-picked by the brand’s in-house sweet tooths, are from your childhood, and include the candies’ history.

It also comes with monthly surprises, free shipping (US only), and no commitment on your part.

10. Boxney

Price: From $30

This box delivers authentic snacks and goodies from Disney World, to you.

Inside the boxes are a variety of treats from Goofy candy bags, to Main Street Popcorn, Cake Pops, Mickey Rice Krispy Treats, and decorated candy apples, plus so much more.

Disney fans will love this box!

It also comes in three different sizes, each carefully packed with colorful material, and ships in two days.

Occasionally, you’ll get a special seasonal item from Disney like brochures, park buttons, and maps, among other items.

11. My Bakers Box

Price: $18.95

My Bakers Box is every baker’s dream.

It comes packed with non-edible and edible products and treats to elevate your baking each month, including recipes so you can get creative every time.

It is a great investment with fun baking supplies, from cookie cutters, to cupcake supplies, and edible sugar, images, and much more.


Junk food is best consumed in moderation, so once a month is an ideal way to do it. With these best junk food subscription boxes, you’re sure to find something that allows you to indulge, while experiencing new flavors from around the world.