5 Best Protein and Nutrition Subscription Boxes

Ask any fitness junkie about their workout routine, and they’ll tell you how important it is to have one daily, though their daily schedules and responsibilities keep getting in the way.

Sometimes, it may be that they’re ready to go to the gym having made time for it, but it just so happens they may have forgotten to stock up on protein powder or don’t have clean socks, which are necessities really, so they get inconvenienced.

The good thing is there are tons of subscription boxes for the fitness junkie that are on the market today, most – if not all – tailored to fitness goals and healthy eating.

A subscription box is more like a distribution or delivery of niche products that is done on a recurring basis, and uses subscription-based ecommerce, targeting a variety of customers while catering to their specific needs, and interests.

The fitness and health category have their own subscription boxes with a myriad of health products and fitness basics like headphones, socks, protein powder, nutritional supplements, and much more.

Among the advantages subscription boxes come with include discounts, discovery of new products that customers try risk free, and they’re convenient such that customers don’t have to visit a physical store to replenish their supplies.

They simply place an initial order online, and get the products delivered directly to them on a recurring basis.

The downside is one may not like every item that comes in the box, and you have to complete the subscription period if you want out, or pay early termination fees.

If you don’t want to spend your lunch break looking for the perfect healthy treat or snack, then subscription boxes will do the trick for you.

Take a look at our top five picks for the best protein and nutrition subscription boxes.

1. Prtnbox

With this protein and nutrition subscription box, you get carefully curated protein snacks from across the world, sampled by protein lovers, so you can have only the best products.

Inside the pack is a mix of sample and full-size protein bars, chips, protein powders, RTD drinks, jerky, nut bars, butters, gym gear, nutritional supplements and much more. In total, you get up to 10 goodies to enjoy.

The box is delivered to your door every month, you are charged immediately after your order, and then again on the 15th of each month for all subsequent boxes and subscriptions.

Its benefits to customers include saving time and money, pause or cancel the subscription whenever you want, superior customer service, and you can avoid buying in bulk with heavy shipping costs of something you haven’t tried before.

2. Super Gains Pack

This box delivers just what its name suggests – super gains. Each month, you get a dose of everything you need for a proper and rewarding workout.

Inside the box is a mix of protein powders, bars, nutritional supplements, shaker bottles, socks and other apparel from different premium brands.

This ensures you get a pack full of nutritional goodies, plus fitness gear, so you can stay motivated and inspired to achieve your fitness goals, and get you moving in the direction you want your body to transform to.

To get started, decide what works for you and your goals, purchase your membership, then your package will be delivered to your door and you can start making all kinds of super gains.

3. The Barbell Box

If you want to elevate your training sessions, then this subscription box is your best bet.

Barbell Box is a fitness-inspired protein and nutrition subscription box delivered monthly to your doorstep.

It contains the latest, coolest and most effective products such as protein powders, nutritional supplements, clothing, and fitness gear for epic workout and training sessions.

To subscribe, you just need to select your plan, gender and clothing sizes, then the Barbell Box team will go out and find the best products on the market to create an epic experience for you.

Once this is done, you get your box delivered to your door.

It is a premium box with a monthly dose of nutritional goodness and premium apparel to take your fitness training to the next level.

4. Fitty London

This is a vegan protein and nutrition subscription box, but it is still packed with powerful and nutritional products for your fitness regimen.

In the box are full-size fitness foods and products for your workout, including protein powders, nutritional superfoods, and muscle rubs – a mix of top brands and lesser-known ones, all coming together to improve your fitness game.

You also get workout videos and an exclusive view of London’s fitness scene from its healthy eateries and boutiques, interviews, super recipes, plus much more for your healthy pleasure.

5. Barbella Box

This is the only functional, fitness, protein and nutrition subscription box made specially and exclusively for women – more like the ultimate girl power fitness box for female fitness lovers.

With this pack, you will receive a mix of protein powders, nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, workout accessories, deodorants, sunglasses, and premium apparel gear, as well as accessories like socks and sports bras, workout tips and much more.

Once you choose your subscription and preferred sizes, you can discover the best products on the market for women and by women, then get up to 7 items delivered to your door monthly.

You also get the option to skip or cancel anytime, hassle-free.


While health means different things to different people, it is important to consider what matters to you when selecting or looking for a protein and nutrition subscription box.

For fitness junkies or regular gym goers, you will appreciate the high performance products packed into these five best box options, which will ensure you make good snacking and fitness decisions.

You can also gift them to a friend or loved one while you’re at it.

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