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40+ Japanese Names That Mean Fire

One of the popular cultures nowadays is the Japanese culture which is embraced mainly because of its uniqueness.

There are hundreds of Japanese names that you can give to your kids or pets. Each of these names has its unique meanings, but we are concerned about Japanese names that mean fire.

Fire warms and illuminates its surroundings; the fire energy is assigned properties such as joy, passion, dynamism, anger, and intellect.

People with fire energy are often true creators with special innovative abilities and they are driven by curiosity.

Without further ado, let’s reveal the names.

40+ Japanese Names that Mean Fire

1. Faia

Faia is one of those names that means fire in Japanese. It is a unique name that is usually assigned to girls in Italy and Australia. Right now, there is no personality associated with the name Faia because it is less popular.

Photo by sasint via Pixabay

2. Hijiri

Here is a Japanese name that means Fire and Saint. It is a name for a male child whose meaning does change according to the choice of Kanji Characters used.

Other variations of the name mean; Sun, Knowledge, and Fly in the Sky.

It is also important to note that Hijiri is associated with the Japanese religion where it is used to name a man with great spiritual power.

3. Kaen

Kaen is a name derived from Japan that translates to flame or blaze.

Some countries that have shown interest in this name include; Brazil, Turkey, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others.

4. Kazuya

Kazuya is a male Japanese name said that means fire. However, most sources claim that Kazuya represents peace, harmony, and calmness.

The first two syllables of the name mean harmony and peace, while the last syllable can be changed to form other nice combinations.

Photo by Tunglam89 via Pixabay

5. Homura

Homura is an uncommon Japanese name given to girls. It means ‘a flame’ or ‘to a blaze’.

The variations of this name could mean beauty, excellence, hamlet, village, and more.

6. Mika

Mika is a beautiful girl name that suits this list of 40+ Japanese names that means fire.

Yes, the meaning of Mika is closely related to fire as it means flames. Also, if you intend to use it for a male child, then you change the name to ‘Mikael’.

7. Hinote

The meanings of Hinote include; Firebomb, fire, flames, and blaze.

Therefore, if you are a parent looking for a Japanese name that mainly means fire, then Hinote is just perfect.

A notable person with the Last name Hinote is hockey player Dan Hinote whose career lasted from 1998 to 2010.

Photo by sasint via Pixabay

8. Akiho

Akiho is another Japanese girl name that is associated with fire.

The prefix ‘Aki’ means ‘Rising Sun’ while the suffix ‘Ho’ means to protect, safeguard or defend.

This name is not very popular as it is yet to be ranked among the top 1000 girls name in a popularity chart created by BabyNamesPedia.

However, it is a unique and beautiful name that you can give to your newborn baby girl.

9. Kasai

Based on suggestions from Names.org users, most people say that Kasai means fire of Japanese origin. Some other suggested meanings include; Bamboo hat and wall and bringing peace.

10. Hi

Hi does not only mean fire but also means light, sun, day, and light a flame. Therefore, its meaning depends on you.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that the word ‘Hi’ is mostly used in sentences which is where the variation in meanings comes in.

Photo by Victoria_Borodinova via Pixabay

11. Takibi

Takibi also originates from Japanese origin meaning fire or firelight. For context, fire-resistant hats in Japan are also called Takibi hats. For some variations, the meaning is burning Tail. Aside from Fire, Takibi can also mean independence and determination.

12. Asachi

Asachi is a name originating from Japan that means ‘morning sun’.

This name is not used to refer to humans alone but also cities, towns, villages, wards, companies, among others. The name is most common in Romania, Africa, and Iran.

13. Ichika

Ichika is a name of Japanese origin that means ‘pure light’. This name is mostly associated with beauty.

It could also mean ‘one thousand flowers’ which makes it suitable for a girl child. The name is embraced in other cultures including Italian culture.

Ichika can also be used to describe fruit, place, or people.

Photo by Clay Banks via Unsplash

14. Agni

According to history, Agni is a Vedic deity known as the god of fire and also among the 12 most important deities in Japan known as Katen.

The name Agni is not just of Japanese origin but from Hinduism. It’s a Sanskrit word which is the sacred language of Hinduism. You can find Agni’s drawings and symbols in the southeast corners of Hindu Temples.

15. Kaji

Kaji means fire in Japanese and could also mean damage, anthropomorphic spirit, and riches battle.

This name has also been found in other languages including Ladino, Malay, Indonesian, Yosonda, and Ido.

An example of the Kaji name bearer is Yuki Kaji, a notable person whose last name is Kaji. He is a Japanese singer and actor.

16. Haru

Haru is a unique name for girls in Japan that means “spring, sun “or” clear weather”. It is a unique name adopted for female children that are born during spring. The name variations are Haruno, Haruna, and Haruyo.

Photo by Michelle_Raponi via Pixabay

17. Kiku

Kiku is a name associated with November that means “chrysanthemum”. In essence, the chrysanthemum flower connotes sunshine.

However, Kiku is a very popular name and has up to 27 different variations of meanings. Aside from Japan, the name is popular in Indonesia, Poland, Germany, and Romania.

18. Akari

Akari means “light” or “brightness” and it is of Japanese origin. It’s a combination of Aka which means “bright” or “vermilion red” and Ri which means “village” or “white jasmine”. Hence, it has other meanings for different Kanjis. This name is most popular for girls

19. Akira

Akira is another Japanese name that means “brightness”. It can also mean “sunlight” or “clear”. Although most Japanese males bears this name, Akira is a unisex name. Presently, the name is very popular in the United States and other countries as a female name.

Photo by fujikama via Pixabay

20. Himari

This is a Japanese name that is suitable for a female child. It simply means “sun” or more literally “sunflower”. In recent times, it has become one of the most popular Japanese names. Himari is derived from Hi, which means “sun” and Mawari which means “rotation”.

21. Hina

Here we have another female-popular name. Hina is a name that was derived from Henna and even though it is popular as a Japanese name, it originally originated from India. Hence, Hina is popular not just in Japan but in Southern Asia.

22. Kasai

This Japanese name means a fire that causes significant damage to property or land.

23. Asahi

This name is primarily given to boys and it means ‘the morning sun’. It also means “dawn of the new day”. Many cities, towns, villages, and even Japanese companies bear the name Asahi. Japanese actor, Asahi Kurizuka, is one of the popular people that bear this name.

Photo by Leandra Rieger via Unsplash

24. Kaguya

Kaguya is a name that originates from a Japanese story titled ‘Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.’ The name means ‘Radiant Night’.

In the tale, a bamboo cutter adopts Kaguya, a girl he found in a bamboo stalk. The girl would grow to be very beautiful with five princes and an emperor seeking her hand in marriage. At the end of the tale, she went back to the moon and became a princess.

25. Ai

Ai is one of the rare Japanese names that means “burning love”. Ai is also popular as a Chinese name and it’s most popular as a girl’s name. Many Japanese celebrities including singers, athletes, and voice actresses bear this name.

26. Aki

This Japanese name means “bright” or “autumn” and is mainly the name of females born in autumn. Aki is also popular as a nickname, especially in the United States. It’s used as the short form for other Japanese names that start with Aki such as Akiyama, Akio, and Akira.

Photo by Ryoji Hayasaka via Unsplash

27. Aya

This beautiful Japanese feminine name means “brightly colored flower” or “brightly colored summer”. The name variations include Ayako and Ayaka.

28. Ayame

Ayame is a Japanese name for girls that means “bright”. Its name variation is also known as Ayameko. However, this is just one of the variations of meaning of the name based on the Kanji. A more popular meaning of the name Ayame is “Iris” or “Flower”.

29. Rekka

This Japanese name for girls means “raging fire”. It is the perfect name for an energetic female. Rekka is also popular for its non-Japanese origin as a variant form of the name Rekka.

30. Kaaru

This unisex Japanese name means “fire”. The other variation of this name is Kaoru.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev via Pexels

31. Tsukihi

This unisex name of Japanese origin means “light or fire”.

32. Hiro

The Japanese name meaning “son of fire” is perfect for a kind-hearted male child. Its other name variations include Hiromi, Hiroe, and Hiroha.

33. Hinagiku

This name means chrysanthemum or fire. Its popular variation Hina is one of the popular names in Japan that means “light”.

34. Kaki

This name of Japanese origin means “fire” or “light”. It is usually given to a female child born at dawn.

35. Hibana

Hibana is a Japanese name meaning “sparks” or “fireball”. It is the ideal name for naming a male child born during Japanese festive seasons.

36. Keina

Keina is a nice Japanese name that means “beautify firefly”. Its name variation Kana means powerful.

37. Sakura

Sakura is a Japanese name that means “cherry blossom”. Conversely, the cherry blossom is usually applied for starting a morning fire. Another variation of the name is Sakurako.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck via Unsplash

38. Akio

This Japanese name for boys means “luminous” or “bright”. The connotes a man child with a firm, dependable character who can take anything. Variations of the name include Akhiko and Akiow.

39. Kayo

Kiyo is the name of a girl in Japanese culture which means “fire” or “night fire”.

40. Ryoka

Here’s a name originating from Japan that means “cool fire”. In a different variation, it means “cool summer” and is used to refer to the season. Depending on the Kanji (Japanese writing style of using Chinese letters), Ryoka may imply other meanings. It is a unique Japanese name that is ideal for both males and females. In fact, parents can formulate the name as either Haruka or Ryouka.

41. Hotaru

Hotaru is a unisex Japanese name meaning “firefly”. In essence, fireflies invoke amidst darkness as they bloom in harsh climates. It is a unique name for depicting a child born during harsh times or resistance.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

42. Ryu

Ryu is literally the Japanese word for “dragon” or “fire dragon”, a mythical creature that emits fire from its mouth. This is a unique name for naming your child that denotes power. From its meaning, Ryu is often used as a male name and it’s very popular. The name Ryu is also very popular in Japanese fiction.

43. Kojin

Kojin is a name of Japanese origin that is often used for boys. The name means “Lord of fire, Kitchen, and earth”. It derives its meaning from the Japanese Buddhist God of Fire, the Hearth, and the Kitchen who is also named Kojin or Sambō-Kōjin. Kojin is said to conjure his fire for good purpose, to destroy all impurity.

44. Hiaya

Hiaya, a short sweet Japanese name that means “lit flame” from the Japanese word Hi. Hiaya is a female name and is also used as an alternative spelling of the Hindu name Hiya. The name is, however, not a very popular one as Hiya is more popular.

45. Bo-Hiya

Bo-Hiya is a unique Japanese name meaning “fire arrow”. They were used by Samurai in ancient Japanese feuds. It is a suitable name for a male child.

Photo by Komaoumaru via Pixabay

46. Yaketsuki

Here is another Japanese name that means fire, burst, light, or flare. It is a lovely name for men in Japanese. The name means “fire that devours evil”.

47. Yakeru

Yakeru is the Japanese name for the male child that is driven and passionate. The beautiful name means “light” or “consume”. Yakeru is also used as an alternative spelling to Takeru. Takeru is the Japanese moon sign associated with Leo and it has the Fire element with the sun as the ruling planet.

48. Yoko

Yoko is a name that implies sunshine or sunny child. This Japanese name implies “true happiness”. It can also be written as Yohko and Youko. Yoko is a female name and in some contexts, it simply means “child”. The male version of Yoko has the same English spelling but is different in Japanese.

49. Takibi

This is a popular Japanese name meaning “bonfire” “open-air fire”. The name is popular as a boy’s name and can also mean “determination” and “independence”. A girl can answer Takibi too.

50. Mosu

Mosu is an adorable name that originates from Japan which means “bursting light”.


There you have it! 40+ Japanese names that mean fire.

With any of the names above, you can give your child an inner fire that allows them to exploit their innate abilities and also increase their self-confidence.