Paper Street Books and Comics – November/December Box

Yay!  It is time for my review of the December box from Paper Street Books and Comics!

December’s theme was Ladies of Sci-Fi 

(Which I am super excited about!)

For those who don’t know, Paper Street Books and Comics is a bi-monthly book box that has three different options, the Book Addict ($27+shipping – includes only books and accessories), the Comic Addict ($27 + shipping – includes only comics/graphic novels and accessories), or the Book Warrior ($43 + shipping – includes both books and comics/graphic novels plus accessories).

My review is for the Book Warrior December box.  Since this box does ship bi – monthly (every two months) this box counts for December and January.  This breaks down to about $22 a month if you order the Book Warrior box, so it is very cost effective!

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The book warrior comes in a paper box with a logo sticker on it.  I love how simplistic the design is, and the pink with the white is just adorable and edgy all at once.


The contents of the box are wrapped in tissue paper, and once opened you are presented with this brochure for the box.  It explains the theme of the month through a letter from the creators, Jenn and Marty, and it also includes a small bio of one of the authors featured this month (who happens to be an indie author!).  There are also item lists for the different subscriptions to let you know what you have received, and where the items came from.  I love the design of the brochure because it is artistic and flashy.  It also helps to know what is included in the box.


The first item included is a soap bar made by Milk + Jelly, a brand that Jenn and Marty also own!  They created this bar themselves to be based on the character Leeloo from The Fifth Element.  It smells delicious, and the key scents are very vanilla, dragon’s blood, and orange.  The soap bar is also made with goat’s milk, which makes it extremely luxurious.  This soap is also box exclusive, so it cannot be bought anywhere else.


The next item is a small tin of tea based on Amy Pond from Doctor Who!  The tea is a fandom blend from Adagio Teas, and these teas are seen often in book boxes and fandom boxes simply because they are adorable and curated after different characters.

This particular tea was created by Cara McGee, and it is blended with: black tea, rooibos tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, orange peels, cloves, cardamom, raspberry leaves, natural cranberry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, cranberries, natural orange flavor.  The caffeine level is also moderate.

I am a huge tea buff, so I am super excited to add this one to my collection.  There is nothing better than a hot mug of tea to go along with reading!

Purchase Adagio Teas Here


The next item is an exclusive soft enamel pin designed and created by Paper Street Books and Comics inspired by Izabel of Saga.  This pin is a limited edition of only 100 and I adore it!  I already put it on my book bag with my other pins, and it just looks so cute.  The pin is box exclusive and cannot be bought anywhere else!


And now for the main attraction!  This month’s book and graphic novel were wrapped up carefully in brown paper and twine, along with author letters and promotional material.  I love the care that goes into wrapping the books, and they are always a joy to open because of this!


The graphic novel included this month was Astrid: Cult of the Volcanic Moon by Kim. W. Andersson.  The synopsis is as follows:

She was the Galactic Coalition’s top recruit until an incident on her final exam had her drummed out of the service. Now, down and out and looking for another shot at her dream, Astrid receives a special mission from her former commander. Alongside her old classmate Ulf, Astrid will have to survive giant insecs, brutal sects, and the ancient evil of an uncharted volcanic moon if she wants to prove herself worthy of another chance at becoming a Galactic Peacekeeper!

Swedish comics creator Kim W. Andersson (The Complete Love Hurts, Alena) weaves a comedic sci-fi epic for fans of Firefly and Mass Effect! Hold on to your butts!

  I had not heard of this graphic novel before, but after starting it I am already in love!  The female is edgy and fun, and the art is gorgeous.  The author letter was also a joy to read, and I am so excited to find a graphic novel I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.  Paper Street tries to stray away from the classic Marvel and DC graphic novels to bring us other works, and since I am someone who is not always up to date on the graphic novel world, I find this box to be an invaluable resource.


The book included this month was Husks by Randal P. Fitzgerald, which happens to be an indie novel!  The synopsis is as follows:

Puck’s a scavenger in the husk of what used to be Los Angeles.

There’s work there. Not much of it honest. She’s been there long enough to know what trouble looks like and how to avoid it. And she knows better than to trust any evergreen who comes making stupid promises. Living comes first.

She’s pragmatic, but that has its own sort of problems. Especially when money outweighs the reasons to say no.

This book sounds great, and even though I haven’t started it yet, I will be reviewing it here on the blog in the near future!  I always love a strong heroine, and this book looks like it won’t disappoint.


The book also came with a promotional art print and a couple of bookmarks.  I love the artwork, so I will definitely be hanging up the art print in my room!  These are nice little additions that you can’t get elsewhere, so it was nice to receive them in the box.

Overall, this box was a winner for me.  It was well worth the price and the curation was spot on!  Each item seemed to connect to one another, and I adored how much thought went into packing the box.  It also amazes me that Jenn and Marty make most of the items for the box themselves, meaning you wouldn’t be able to buy the items elsewhere.  I highly suggest Paper Street Books and Comics for those who are looking for new graphic novels or books under the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres!  You will not be disappointed!