15 Best Male Versions of Margaret

Best Male Versions of Margaret

Unarguably, Margaret is one of the most popular female names on earth. If a list of evergreen female names is released, it is almost impossible to not spot the name, Margaret.

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150 Futuristic Boy Names (with meanings)

Futuristic Boy Names

Are you eager to give your son a name that he’ll love even in his old age? Then futuristic names are the way to go.

These names are unique, modern, and extremely versatile. They not only let your son stand out, but are evergreen as it just never gets old.

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10 Best Female Versions Of William

Best Female Versions Of William

Maybe “William” is the name of your favorite role model and you planned to give this name to one of your kids. But as fate would have it, you had a baby girl and now you’re wondering if there are female versions of William you can use instead.

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