44 Most Embarrassing Names In English

Most Embarrassing Names In English

Our name is an important part of our identity and its meaning should make enough sense for people to want to associate with us.

However, some parents tilt to dark humor and give their kids names that will cause people to laugh, snigger, or mock their precious gift.

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25 Worst Guy Names To Date

Worst guy names to date

Before settling with my current partner, I was a very social bird. I have been on several dating sites, met countless men, and even dated several.

It was a rollercoaster ride, with many of these men possessing some of the weirdest traits ever. Although I now think of them with a feeling of nostalgia, I couldn’t help thinking about their names and how they might have played a role in our relationships.

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40 Japanese Names Meaning Star

japanese names meaning star

If you want a unique name for your child that means star and don’t want to go for the generic English options, Japanese names are a great choice.

Japanese names are becoming the new rave among parents due to their uniqueness and distinct meanings. These names usually revolve around nature and are laced with the country’s cultural heritage.

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16 Best Female Versions of David

Best Female Versions of David

David is an evergreen name with religious roots. It is of Hebrew origin, and it means “Beloved” or “Favorite.”

With such special meaning, it is little wonder why it is one of the most popular names in the world. David is a masculine name, so it is inappropriate for a girl, regardless of how much you love it.

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40+ Illegal Baby Names In The US & Elsewhere

Illegal Baby Names In The US

Choosing a baby name for your child is one of the most fulfilling parts of parenthood. This is especially true if you wish to express a uniqueness through the name.

As heartwarming as this exercise sounds, it can get you in trouble if you choose the wrong name.

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