25 Best Dude I Want That Alternatives 2023

Dude I Want That is an online curator for merchandise (usually the best) online. Dude I Want That brings you excellent products, unique gift ideas, the latest gear and gadgets, and everything else you can buy on the web.

The platform delves deeper into online retailers, fundraising sites, and independent marketplaces for artists. From there, Dude I Want That emerges with products to help you shop for gifts and make your life easier.

Dude I Want That was designed and coded to offer you a collection of hand-picked items that are useful and stylish to keep you up to date with the latest trends.

It is a to-go-to platform for gift inspiration as whatever the site presents to you is well filtered by category, price, and respective websites to buy from.

Since Dude I Want That does not sell items directly, they cannot guarantee correct prices or product variations.

Therefore, I’ve listed sites like Dude I Want That that you can also consider when looking for inspiration for gift ideas or more.

Best Dude I Want That Alternatives

1. Thinkgeek

ThinkGeek is a site like Dude I Want That, whose mission is to bring you the latest and most exceptional technology products.

ThinkGeek was initially launched as an eCommerce site for selling t-shirts and unusual gifts but has since grown to offer a range of products, including electronic gadgets, toys, food products, and costumes.

ThinkGeek is a great advocate for technology for all. As a result, the eCommerce shop came up with resources such as GeekLabs featuring DI projects to help you learn and experiment with new technologies.

Unlike Dude I Want That, you will not be redirected to other retailers; instead, you’ll be taken to ThinkGeek.com, where you can learn more about a product and make a purchase.

ThinkGeek is free to use. You can unlock more when you become a power pro member at $14.99 annually. ThinkGeek offers free shipping on orders over $49.

2. Awesome Stuff 365

Awesome Stuff 365 is an excellent alternative to Dude I Want That that sets you on a journey of creativity, innovation, and exploration.

Unlike Dude I Want That, Awesome Stuff 365 is more of a web magazine featuring creative inventions, unique gift ideas, and great design. Here, you can discover exciting things for your personal life or professional use.

What you’ll love about Awesome Stuff 365 is the infusion of humor as you search for the most incredible inventions, creative designs, and gift ideas. The platform also frequently updates listicles and gift guides so that you don’t run out of things to discover.

Awesome Stuff 365 website is free to use. Please browse through the website to discover their latest listings.

3. Dodo Burd

Like Dude I Want That, Dodo Burd curates a selection of unique gifts that suit many occasions. The website categorizes products into the perspective of the gift, product reviews, publishing listicles, buying guides, or in-depth descriptions to help you pick the right items.

The variety of gifts on this website includes gadgets, gift baskets, gift cards, and personalized gifts, among other unique gifts. The site focuses on user education and quality content at its core. Dodo Burd’s website is free to browse to discover exceptional gifts for all occasions.

4. The Awesomer

The Awesomer is a site that features incredible things like gadgets, technology, cars, food, art, furniture, travel, and more. The website is constantly updated with new, engaging, and valuable content.

It relies heavily on product photography to describe the products you read about. The high-quality photos make browsing through the platform enjoyable.

The Awesomer is a platform to consider if you have been looking for a site to find gift ideas for you or the people in your life. Unlike Dude I Want That, The Awesomer has more control over the products it sells, and its checkout supports PayPal Credit, which is a huge plus.

The platform has accumulated over 50 million users since 2008, making it a great alternative to Dude I Want That. The Awesomer is free to useso browse through it to discover awesome stuff.

5. Shut Up And Take My Money

Shut Up And Take My Money functions like an online mall with spiced-up characters. It has a simple, clean, and easy-to-use UI.

What you’ll find more interesting about this platform is that it offers a wide range of products that are not limited to one niche. Here you can find clothes, electronics, or even home goods. It also has a sale section that features discounts on specific items.

Like Dude I Want That, this affiliate marketing website navigates comprehensive eCommerce to bring you the best offers on clothing, toys, tech, or more.

Shut Up And Take My Money is a free-to-use platform. You can also get a 20% discount by subscribing to their email list. Keep browsing to enjoy special summer sale offers where you get free shipping on all items.

6. This Is Why I’m Broke

This is Why I’m Broke is another excellent alternative to Dude I Want That, which saves you the hassle of combing through Amazon, Overstock, and eBay, among other online retailers, to find the best prices on items.

The platform takes shopping to another level by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to find the best deals on products and sort them into peculiar and popular categories.

This is Why I’m Broke redirects you to the retailer’s page the minute you click on a product you’re interested in. It is ideal for finding unique gifts for your loved ones or yourself.

This is Why I’m Broke is free to useso keep browsing to discover gifts for all occasions.

7. Odditymall

You probably look to gift guides to find gifts for people who are challenging to shop for, whether you know the recipient well or not. Odditymall can save you from gifting the same generic gifts you can find at any store.

Like Dude I Want That, Odditymall hand-picks unique products and gifts from the web and brings them to a central place.

Odditymall has everything for everyone, including home décor items, outdoor gear, gadgets, office supplies, pet supplies, toys, and more. The in-depth description and user reviews on items make it easy to find a perfect gift for any occasion.

You don’t have to pay to use the platform; here, you can get the best deals on unique gift items.

8. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is another great Dude I Want That alternative that specializes in providing a variety of home goods, kitchen items, bath products, bedding, and more.

It is a convenient way to shop in a somewhat saturated online market, and the website is easy to navigate, so you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Unlike Dude I Want That, an affiliate marketing platform, Bed Bath & Beyond is an independent retailer.

It offers free shipping on orders above $39 and in-store pick-up options. The retailer also offers various coupons and promo codes that you can use to earn more discounts on your purchases.

9. The Green Head

Another alternative to Dude I Want That is The Green Head. It is a one-stop-shop for the latest and trendiest products in the market to upgrade your home, office, or life. The Green Head is home to gadgets, gear, and the latest technology.

Like Dude I Want That, the website curates products across the web and organizes them into various categories to help you find what suits your needs and interests. You can use the search engine to filter through their database to find something specific.

This website also redirects you to another site with a more in-depth description of products. The platform also invests in quality photography and product descriptions to give you a better experience.

Product links to third-party retailers are frequently updated, so you don’t have to worry about dead links. The Green Head website is free to use, and purchasing through third-party links earns them affiliate commissions.

10. Canopy

Canopy is a massive online marketplace that houses almost everything you could ever want. It makes finding unique stuff on Amazon easier, from the latest gadgets and home essentials to anything in between.

The platform also aims to build a community of product enthusiasts who wish to share their discoveries with the world. Unlike Dude I Want That, an affiliate to different retailers, Canopy is an affiliate marketer to Amazon only. Using the Canopy platform is free.

11. Cool Things

Unlike Dude I Want That, Cool Things is an independent retailer that runs an online shop alongside a blog on one website. The shop and the blog are constantly updated with the latest gadgets, gear, gifts, and more.

The dedicated team at Cool Things has an excellent inventory of devices and gizmos that are not easy to curate. On this platform, you can find a range of unheard-of toys and antiques.

Browsing through Cool Things is free. You also get free shipping on orders above $35.

12. DiscoverGeek

DiscoverGeek focuses on geek merchandise and pop culture. The online search engine with a blog makes it easier to find geek merchandise from a central place. You will find toys, collectibles, clothes, home décor, music, technology, books and comics, and more.

The blog features various posts on topics related to pop culture, while the search engine helps you find geek merchandise that interests you. DiscoverGeek’s website is free to use.

13. Cool Tech Under

Each day new and innovative products are released to the online market. You may find it hard to keep up with the latest gizmos and gadgets unless you check platforms like Cool Tech Under.

Like Dude I Want That, Cool Tech Under navigates the web to bring fantastic tech products, innovative designs, gifts, nerdy gadgets, and hot deals. The platform also conducts robust price comparisons on unique gift items to offer you the best value.

If you are looking for something cool and tech-related, this is the platform. The blog section provides better guidance for your decision-making. You will not be charged to use Cool Tech Under.

14. ShopFor20

ShopFor20 is one of the leading online retailers in the market. Like Dude I Want That, ShopFor20 specializes in high-quality products at competitive prices.

You can shop for items like clothes, accessories, or shoes for as low as $20. The website is constantly updated with product images and descriptions, so you don’t have to worry about finished products.

ShopFor20 also redirects users to the affiliated retailer checkout page. What you may find interesting about ShopFor20 is its blog section that offers a range of exciting articles and roundups to guide you on ways to save money on your purchases.

ShopFor20 is free for use and the most powerful platform with the best gift ideas under $20.

15. GiftAdvisor

GiftAdvisor is a site like Dude I Want That whose objective is to help you find unique, uncommon, and high-quality gift items for any occasion and any relationship in your life.

GiftAdvisor scours the internet world, and with the help of dedicated editors, the platform hand-picks gift ideas and makes a great and uncommon mix of ideas for you. GiftAdvisor provides thoughtful gifts for men, teens, kids, women, or anyone.

GiftAdvisor is a free platform, so sign up to access unique gifts from the world’s most creative designers and trusted brands.

16. Awesome Stuff To Buy

Awesome Stuff To Buy is an affiliate marketing website like Dude I Want That, which falls under the category of home and family. Whether you are looking for gifts or awesome stuff for yourself, this site has an ultimate list of cool things to suit your needs.

Awesome Stuff To Buy has curated a list of over 1,000 unique gift ideas and other fantastic products for you. The website features impressive gadgets, clothes, something for kids, and other products from ThinkGeek, Amazon, and more.

Awesome Stuff To Buy is a free platform to search for and buy unique gift items, and in addition, it has a section for purchasing items under $25.

17. Gadget Flow


Gadget Flow is another exciting alternative to Dude I Want That. It is one of the platforms

dedicated to product discovery, which also keeps you updated on outstanding crowdfunding initiatives.


Like Dude I Want That, Gadget Flow scans through the internet to bring you the latest technology developments, gear, and crowdfunding campaigns.

You can also sell products on Gadget Flow. The platform reaches up to 31M users per month and gives you a chance to submit your product and make sales conversions.

The platform gives your brand and product exposure by listing your products live and promoting them on social media, mobile apps, and newsletters. You can also measure project success on the platform using indicators such as total clicks, ROI, or revenue.

Their marketing plan guarantees 100% satisfaction within 30 days, and you can choose a one-time payment plan from as low as $2499.

All marketing plans come with 24/7 customer support, relaunch guarantee and satisfaction, and lifetime access to the Gadget Flow marketing vault.

In addition, Gadget Flow has iOS and Android apps that allow for augmented and virtual reality for high-degree product discoveries.

18. Mental Floss Store

Another alternative to Dude I Want That is Mental Floss Store. This site has a clean and organized interface, making it easier to browse things on the site.

The business was founded in 2011 to create a tech-based digital football community. The platform has since grown into a global media initiative serving communities across multiple genres, including US sports, lifestyle, esports, and more.

Mental Floss Store features decent product ideas such as home supplies, original t-shirts, books, games, logo products, and more.

You will not be charged to use the platform. In addition, Mental Floss Store offers free shipping to all orders above $50.

19. Think Gizmos

Think Gizmos is a leading site for gifts, toys, and gadgets. While the business is based in the UK, it conducts its trading internationally.

Think Gizmos is an excellent website to help you find unique items to gift your loved ones. Its user interface is not as modern and minimalist as Dude I Want That, but the platform is still easy to use and order your preferred product.

Think Gizmos is also updated regularly, so you can be sure of not missing out on new ideas. Think Gizmos promises you free shipping and secure checkout. So sign up and order that unique gift for a friend.

20. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is another good-looking website similar to Dude I Want That. For the past 25 years, the website has been a premier online destination for the latest and greatest toys, most incredible gifts, and collectibles in pop culture.

The website is updated with new products daily, and in addition, it also offers you television shows, movies, comics, memes, and celebrity news.

Entertainment Earth curates its unique selection, so you don’t miss out. Browse through to access exclusive releases or unlimited products that run on a pre-order basis. You can also reserve hard-to-find items even before they arrive.

Entertainment Earth offers free shipping for orders amounting to $39 or more with deals to save up to 80%.

21. Firebox

If you are one of the people looking for platforms to fulfill their imagination, then Firebox is the right choice for you. Firebox is full of gift items that you cannot find elsewhere.

Firebox offers cool gifts for everyone and any occasion, gadgets, games and fun, food and drinks, among other unusual stuff. Browse the platform to explore thousands of options available.

Firebox offers free deliveries on orders above €50, plus you get a 10% discount on your next purchase when you sign up for the Firebox newsletter.

22. Xoxide

Xoxide is similar to Dude I Want That, which specializes in serving individuals interested in buying custom computer accessories, cables, PC cases, gaming gears, and mods, among other unique things

Unlike Dude I Want That, which serves a variety of users, Xoxide is mainly built to serve the tech geeks who love computers. Therefore, Xoxide helps you connect with the latest technology plus well-categorized items so you can easily choose.

Shipping within the US will cost you as little as $3. Shipping fees are calculated based on the product size, weight, and destination in your cart.

23. Geek Store

Geek Store is an online store like Dude I Want That, which promises to take care of most of your needs. The website is frequently updated, so keep an eye on the page or their social media platforms to avoid missing out.

This platform offers a range of computers, home and living, phone and tablet accessories, sports and outdoor, pet supplies, and car accessories.

Geek Store is on a mission to provide quality products at the lowest prices, and for the past seven years, the platform has undergone a tremendous transformation. Browse through to discover over 300,000 good deals on unique and quality gift items you’ve been looking for.

Discover things under $5 and grab a discount of up to 70%.

24. Sharper Image

Sharper Image is an affiliate marketing platform that offers consumers an engaging way to find the latest items like home electronics and air purifiers, among other lifestyle products.

The UI is designed to give you an ultimate shopping experience. You will also find informative video clips, product ratings, and reviews to guide your decision-making process better.

Discover massive discounts and super savings sales on selected items, and enjoy a coupon for up to 20% cash back on orders above $99.

25. Best Buy

Last, on our list is Best Buy. Best Buy was created to enrich people’s lives through technology, and the platform continually fulfills that by leveraging its unique combination of tech expertise and a human touch to meet your everyday needs.

Find top deals on laptops and computers, major appliances, PC gaming, cell phones, games consoles, outdoor living, and fun, among other unique gift items.

Best Buy promises you safe and confident shopping. You can also shop with an expert from the comfort of your home via call, video chat, or in-home consultation.

Discover top deals like getting a TV from as low as $79.99 or the deal of the day which is updated daily.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an online retailer or affiliate marketing platform, try out any of the above platforms. The above websites offer unique products and good descriptive content to help you make informed decisions.

But if you are looking for an online retailer with a mix of creativity and innovation, Awesome Stuff 365 is your go-to website.