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SnackCrate vs Universal Yums – Which is Better?

Snacks are the favorite of many people. The majority prefer to eat tiny portions of food throughout the day, and the variety of snack subscription boxes is a blessing. Each box has its distinct approach to snack selection.

Some subscription boxes specialize in keto diets, others search for the tastiest delicacies around, and others specialize in nutritious snacks. But Snackcrate and Universal Yums are somewhat different from other snack subscriptions.

Universal Yums and SnackCrate source global treats from across the globe. And each month, they send their subscribers a large box of goodies from a different country.

If you’re looking for a safe way to travel and try new snacks from different parts of the world, then these two subscriptions are ideal for you. So what kind of treats will you expect, what are the pricing options available, and which is better?

Let’s get started!

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums

These two snack subscriptions select international treats to send to their subscribers every month. SnackCrate handpicks and hand-packs snacks from all over the world to send to their clients, while Universal Yums aims to help subscribers “snack like a native.”

The two snack subscription models ensure you get surprising assortments of goodies and unique flavors that aren’t available in your local grocery shop.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: The Snacks

After subscribing to one of these memberships, what are some treats to expect? Here are some of the products previously included in these snack boxes.


SnackCrate is a subscription model that selects yummy treats across the world. Like Universal Yums, SnackCrate samples goodies from different parts of the world with a new place featured every month.

Therefore, you’ll need to be keen to ensure you notice the tiny details that make these subscriptions different and unique from each other. What makes SnackCrate unique is the customization factor.

You can customize how you would like the snacks packed. You can either choose savory treats, sweet snacks, or both. Most people would recommend signing up for a mix, but if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this customizing option is ideal for you.

If you prefer traveling the world eating and drinking, you can ask to have a beverage added to each box at an extra fee. Another bonus of using SnackCrate is their exciting “adventure ticket entries” bonus every month.

Then each month, one lucky subscriber receives a Golden Adventure Ticket in their box and wins a vacation to the highlighted country of the month.

So if you’re interested in winning, you can subscribe to either the original box (one entry) or the family size box (three entries).

Here are some of the countries that SnackCrate have recently included in shipments:

  • United Kingdom
  • Hawaii
  • India
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Japan

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Universal Yums

Like SnackCrate, Universal Yums also selects its treats worldwide to ship to subscribers. And since they get their treats from different parts of the world every month, you should expect a significant difference in the snack boxes depending on where the snacks are purchased.

You might find crackers, hard candy, chips, chocolate, and different types of delicacies and national specialties in the boxes. The Universal Yums boxes contain both savory and sweet treats. However, you’ll notice that some months have more sweet delicacies than other months.

Some Universal Yums’ subscribers claim that different treats from different countries are tastier compared to other countries. But you can tell that the Universal Yums snack boxes are a fun adventure to the subscribers each month.

The following are some of the countries featured in Universal Yums:

  • Thailand
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Brazil
  • “Everywhere”

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: What Do the Snack Boxes Contain?

Both boxes have a wide variety of treats from different parts of the globe. When you order from SnackCrate and Universal Yums, you’ll receive treat boxes from different countries every month. Therefore, the snacks and flavor will always differ.


SnackCrate allows members to pick treats depending on their preferences. If you are into savory or sweet when signing up, you can always specify your preference.

Universal Yums

Most Universal Yums boxes have a mix of savory snacks, candy, and chocolate. So, Universal Yums gives its members a taste of savory and sweet treats.

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SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: How Many Snacks Does Each Box Contain?


SnackCrate boxes come in three different box sizes that subscribers can pick from depending on their needs and the size of the family. They have an original box that has (10-12 snacks), the family size box which has (18-20+ snacks), and the mini box that has (5-6 snacks).

Universal Yums

Universal Yums boxes also come in three different box sizes. They have the largest package, the Super Yum Box, which contains 18-20 snacks every month. The medium-sized Yum Yum Box has at least 10-12 treats per month, and the smallest box contains at least 5-7 snacks every month.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Do Members Have the Option of Selecting Their Snacks?


SnackCrate and Universal Yums do not allow members to handpick their snacks. However, SnackCrate allows some customization depending on the flavor you prefer.

When signing up for a membership, you are allowed to choose which country to feature in your first box. Also, the subscription gives you a chance to specify your preference, whether you have a sweet tooth, prefer the savory test, or don’t mind having a combination of both types of snacks.

Universal Yums

Unlike SnackCrate, Universal Yums doesn’t give its members an option of selecting between savory and sweet snacks. Once you subscribe they will handpick and pack for you a mix of snacks both sweet and savory.

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SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Can Kids Enjoy The Snacks?

Universal Yums

Universal Yums boxes are kid-friendly as the products get purchased directly from the company with the help of a food and safety compliance team. However, not all the snacks in the boxes will be exciting to little kids.


SnackCrate offers a yummy variety of treats that are ideal for a whole family. So your kids will get something to snack on from these boxes.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Information About the Snacks

These two subscriptions have printed information that accompanies each box of treats. Here is some of the information that comes with the published materials.

SnackCrate Card Information

The SnackCrate box comes with a large card that helps to outline the treats included in your package. Each snack picture has a description of the ingredients of each item. When you bite on your goodies, you can decide if you recognize the flavors of every snack.

Universal Yums Information

The Universal Yums box includes an illustrated map highlighting where the “Yums” originate. Also, members can look forward to receiving a comprehensive pamphlet with the traditional recipes, nutritional information, activities, and tidbits about each food included in the box.

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SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Pricing

SnackCrate Pricing

What’s the cost of this snack subscription?

The prices for this subscription differ across the three types of packaging.

  • The mini box package will cost members $14.99 per month + free shipping in the United States (5-6 snacks in the package).
  • The original box package has 10-12 snacks in the package, and it will cost subscribers around $26.99 per month, inclusive of the free shipping if you’re in the United States.
  • The family size package costs around $49.99 every month for every 18-20+ snacks in the box and free shipping to members in the United States.
  • If you would love to have a drink included in any of your subscription models, then you will have to add an extra $5 each month.

If you’re looking to save money, you should consider trying the longer and pre-paid subscriptions.

Your snack box can be delivered to the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Malta, Canada, Zealand, and Australia.

Universal Yums Pricing

Like the SnackCrate subscriptions, Universal Yum’s prices also differ from each packaging box because of the number of snacks in each box.

  • You can subscribe to the Yum Box for as little as $15 every month, inclusive of free shipping to all the members in the United States.
  • The Yum Yum Box starts from as low as $25 a month and includes free shipping to the United States only.
  • And finally, the Super Yum Box costs its subscribers at least $38 per box every month, inclusive of free shipping to individuals in the United States.

Please, it’s not only beneficial to you, but you will save some money if you subscribe for longer and pre-paid subscriptions.

You can ship these yummy treats from Universal Yums box to Israel, Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Is There an Option of Gifting Family and Friends?

Universal Yums

If you have an active gift subscription on Universal Yums, you can always extend a gift to a friend or family member. But if your subscription has expired, you will need to submit a new order to gift a loved one.

Log in to “my account” portal click the “manage subscriptions” for you to extend an active gift to a loved one. Go to your active gift subscription and click on the “Extend Gift” button.

Universal Yums gives its members an option to include the number of months in your gift (1, 4, 7, or 12). Verify if the information you’ve keyed in is correct, accept the terms and conditions, and then click on “Place Order.”


Like Universal Yums, SnackCrate not only delivers their hand-picked and hand-packed treats from all over the world to you but also gives you the option to share them with your family and friends every month.

You need to log in to my account, go to the menu button, and select “Give a Gift Option.” You’ll decide which snack size you would like to send to your loved one. But the gifting option for SnackCrate is eligible to the United States’ members only.

Accessing SnackCrate Website, purchasing any of their products, and using the services are guided by the website’s terms and conditions alongside their privacy policy.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Cancellation

Canceling from these two subscriptions is like a walk in the park.

Universal Yums Cancellation

You need to log in to your account, and then next to your active subscription, click the “Cancel” option. Note that if you had earlier paid for boxes that you have not yet received, you would receive your snack boxes as usual.

Please note that gift subscriptions in Universal Yums are pre-paid; therefore, one cannot cancel the subscriptions.

SnackCrate Cancellation

You can use the same process as the Universal Yums cancellation. Please note according to SnackCrate policy, if you have an unshipped order, they will send it to you even after you’ve cancelled your subscription.

However, SnackCrate gives you the option of cancelling an order before it gets shipped. You can reach out to their customer service team (@happysnackcrate.com) to assist with your cancellation.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Pros and Cons

All these snack subscriptions have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the notable pros and cons of the Universal Yums and SnackCrate that you can look out for before deciding to subscribe to their monthly subscription.

SnackCrate Pros

  • Once you’re an active subscriber, you enjoy visiting different countries every month.
  • SnackCrate offers a balanced selection of snack varieties, including savory and sweet snacks. For instance, you’ll find your box having sweets and chocolates as well as salty and savory treats.
  • SnackCrate includes adventure tickets in most of their boxes, and they select one lucky winner to visit a country that’ll be featured that month.

SnackCrate Cons

  • If you have allergies and special dietary SnackCrate will not be an ideal snack subscription for you.
  • SnackCrate doesn’t give members the option to select their preferred country or snacks.
  • It is close to impossible to repeat your favorite countries. You’ll have to wait at least a year for you to enjoy treats from your favorite countries.

Universal Yums Pros

  • Like SnackCrate, Universal Yums takes you on a journey to different countries every month.
  • Their packages feature a mix of both savory and sweet treats.
  • Universal Yums have three box sizes to pick from.

Universal Yums Cons

  • Members can’t select their preferred countries or snacks
  • This monthly snack subscription is unfavorable to individuals with allergies and special dietary requirements.

SnackCrate vs Universal Yums: Final Thoughts

Universal Yums is a bit affordable compared to a SnackCrate subscription. Depending on your budget, you can consider subscribing to Universal Yums.

However, we would settle for SnackCrate as it’s unique and different from Universal Yums; it lets members customize their packages according to their tastes. So, if you’re a sweet tooth or have a liking for salty and savory treats, SnackCrate would be an ideal selection.